Mori 7.69: In Homage to Vocaloids


After playing up to sim-Thursday afternoon, the Detective career caused my game to get stuck at the World Map. My two latest save files got corrupted, so I thought my legacy was over.
I re-installed my game without the Mods and Tray folders, and was finally able to load a third save file. (Then I added my Mods and Tray folders back in, no problemo.)

Replacing cc on the household sims took time but wasn’t so bad. What’s worse is that former household members are now walking around bald and half-dressed. If you see fewer shots of former household sims, that’s the reason. Sorry!

•   Since I lost my save file, I had to replay Tuesday from the morning. (Some screenshots are recycled…)
•   This legacy will be skipping the Detective career, so career-related points will be adjusted accordingly.

Week 35/Tuesday

Conan: I really had my heart set on the Detective career, but it almost destroyed the Mori Legacy!
I phone in to switch to the Politician career instead, choosing to promote the Speak for the Trees cause. Work begins tomorrow.

Ze: I’ve stayed in Public Relations to see if my career’s Represent feature really “Can help promote the Career of anyone met.”
Jin: Please represent me, Dad! I work longer hours than Conan will.
Ze: Let’s both monitor the progress of your job performance to see if the Represent feature is worthwhile.

Conan: Right! Painting’s so much easier without those long sleeves. And thanks for mentoring, Mama.
Tami: Did you hear the news about Yuta and his girlfriend, Mallory Damico?
Conan: She gave birth to a little girl yesterday, didn’t she? Her name’s Lilliana.
Tami: Yes, but that’s not all. Mallory aged up to an elder that same evening. What timing!

Tami: Oh yes, Hinata. Your slightly green skintone is definitely a first in the Mori Legacy. It must be your mother’s contribution to our gene pool.
Hinata: When I grow up, Grandma, you will kneel in supplication to my mysterious power and incredible beauty.

Tami: Yeah, yeah, Hinata. I’ll be waiting for you to impress me when you age up Thursday afternoon.
Hinata: Pffft!

Jin: I bring home a Level 6 promotion but I don’t feel the least bit tired.
Yuki: Hey there, hot stuff. Would you like to go on a date with me before my husband gets home from work?
Jin: Very funny. But we better hurry. I hear you husband is rather possessive and unbelievably strong.
Yuki: Oooh, I like you when you wear your secret agent suit, Jin!  Rawwrrr.

Yuki: I do believe this will be your final gold-medal date for Soulmate. Let me kiss you passionately, lover boy.
Jin: Gah, I feel like I’m being objectified. Are you objectifying me, dearest?
Do you love me for my brilliant mind and sparkling personality, or for the perky red heart on my pink briefs?
Yuki: You’re asking me to choose?

Jin: Surely you jest, darling, about having the Unflirty trait!
Yuki: As long as you and I are all alone, my Unflirty trait doesn’t trigger at all except I still have those weird unflirty socials.

Yuki: And as we achieve our third gold-medal date…
Jin: I complete Soulmate, at last! But I’d be more than happy to accompany you when you do Soulmate later.
Yuki: If only we could have twin girls!

Hinata: Tonight, I make my first good friend—it’s Grandpa Ze.
My future siblings can have Mama and Papa, cuz I’m claiming Grandpa Ze for my own. He’s miiiinnnne!
Not only does he have a very sexy beauty mark below his right eye, but he also holds me very gently and he always smells nice.


Jin: I’m not sure what’s going on with Mama lately. Today’s not the first time that she’s stopped giving a massage before she’s finished. What a pain!
There’s no time to restart the massage before work, so today I quickly take a bath soak instead.
She did the same thing to Conan earlier this morning, but there’s no bath soak to boost Confident mood.

Conan: No thanks to Mama but thanks to two unnamed cowplants, I bring home a Level 5 promotion.
I choose the Charity Organizer branch of the Politician career so my main task involves collecting donations.
Would it be a good idea to hit up the relatives first? Do household members also count?

Also I hate being forced to wear contact lenses to work, since my work outfit won’t allow me to wear glasses.
I think my glasses give me a more mature and intelligent look, don’t you agree?
And where do they dig up these frumpy suits?  Sheesh!

Conan: I need $50 in donations for my next promotion. Nope, no “Collect donation ($25)” option with household members.
Ranma: No worries, Conan. I’m happy to give you your first $25 donation.
Conan: Sorry about your hair, Great-Uncle Conan. But Dad’s still at work, so no closet for you!

Conan: I resist inviting over my brother Yuta to ask for a donation.
At higher career levels, I’ll need more donors giving bigger donations, so I need new friends.
My second donation comes from Masato Murakami, a detective and former high school classmate. Thanks!
He’s an Outgoing, Goofball Art Lover and not bad-looking. Too bad he’s too old for my niece(s).

Conan: Thanks again for the donation today, Great-Uncle Ranma! I’ve missed you!
Ranma: Don’t mention it! The $25 donation was a small price for getting my hair back!

W: So, how are you two doing? Hanging in there, okay?
Yuki: I just need to finish my “Achieve Level 8 in 6 skills” goal. So far, I’m L8 in Logic and Handiness, L7 in Painting, and L5 in Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Violin.

Tami: I’m basically mentoring Yuki all day, every day. Hurry and finish, you slowpoke!
Watchette won’t include shots of us in her updates when we do the same boring thing all the time.


Hinata: Heyo, I age up in the afternoon but can’t plan my outfits until Papa gets home or you-know-what happens!
Here I am over by the glowfruit trees. Great-Great-Uncle Ranma lives in the house behind me, with his three daughters.

Hinata: What? You want to see a close-up? Well, okay.
Oh and I forgot to tell you! I’m Neat with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. No ninja training for me, sadly.


Hinata: Oh, oh, oh! I leave for my first day of school in a half hour. Time to drink a Focused potion.
Tami: *discusses Cognitive Focusing Methods
Hinata: I’m feeling skeptical about the efficacy of this potion.
If I want to bring home a B grade today, shouldn’t I be drinking an Essence instead?

Yuki: The exact moment I cook the meal that lets me complete Renaissance Sim at last, I go into labor.
I’m sure it won’t make any difference but I pause to insta-complete Fab Wealthy and Mansion Baron.
Then, I buy the Fertile trait before waddling over to the two bassinets. (Optimism!)

Jin is off work today so we enjoy the benefits of his expectedly unhelpful pre-natal panic.

Yuki: Hello and welcome to the simverse, Miku. Nice to meet you. I’m your Mommy. Well, gotta run, little one. Chat later!
Miku: Wuuuuttt!?!?

Tami: Sorry about that, baby girl. Your parents have dashed downstairs to try for another baby.
It’s like this: you are the second child and your parents want to have three children.
I’m your Grandma Tami, your mother’s mother. Behind me, you can see Grandpa Ze teaching your older sister Hinata to play the violin. Any questions?
Miku: Um…got milk?

Tami: Ah, there you go! I get a tingly sense that your mother is already Eating for Two!

Yuki: Okay, now that we’re settled, let me tell you about Miku’s name.
In a nutshell, Hatsune Miku is the name of an android diva designed by Crypton Future Media, bundled with Yamaha’s voice synthesis software.
Each synthesized voice corresponds to a unique vocaloid, with Miku (her family name is Hatsune) being the first one released in 2007.

She’s not Japan’s first virtual idol (cf. Kyoko Date, 1996), but she’s the first to gain widespread popularity.
It’s hard to describe Miku in a single paragraph so please google if you want to know more!

Author’s Note

For the eighth generation, I am simply naming the three daughters after virtual characters with distinctly different looks—Hinata (a blue-haired ninja from  the manga Naruto), Miku (a vocaloid with long turquoise pigtails), and Rukia (a black-haired soul reaper from the manga Bleach).

I will be using the same hair colors and possibly their color themes for clothing, but I have no intention of attempting to recreate how they look in their original media.
Just wanted to say this up front in case anyone’s getting their hopes up, hehe.

Other news:
-In two days (Sunday), Miku ages up to a child.
-In three days (Monday), Rukia the third child is born then ages up 2-3 days later.

Thanks for reading!

Mori 7.70: Rock n’ Roll n’ Rukia

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