Mori 7.70: Rock n’ Roll n’ Rukia

Week 35/Friday

Conan: I get promoted to Level 6 Fundraising Specialist, but there’s no time to rest on my laurels.
I’ve earned the Collection donation ($100) social but also need to collect $500 for my next promotion.
As you can see, besides Masato, I caved and invited brother Yuta while also inviting someone new.

Incidentally, we all tired of Yuta hanging around yesterday half-dressed and bald, so Mama restored his hair and wardrobe. (he’s second from the left)

Conan: This is Artharv Trivedi, whom I befriended in grade school for my Social Butterfly aspiration.
Artharv: Don’t forget to mention that I’m the younger brother of Kyra, who died here from unknown circumstances.
Conan: Dude, go ahead and help yourself to clam chowder from the fridge! *collects $25 then $100 in donations
Artharv: Thanks for the grub, bro. It’s so cool that we’re friends again!
Conan: Yeah, you’ll have to come over again soon! (Nice, I have $450 in donations and the weekend off.)

After a few hours, I receive another $100 donation from my new buddy Arthav. I need more friends!

Conan: You may have heard that, in “another life,” I worked 3 days at the Police Station as a detective.
I met lots of co-workers there as well as the (Level 10) Chief of Police, the young adult Shaurya Joyson.
In “this life,” I recently ran into him around town, and briefly considered asking him to move in as my Cadet Spouse.

Just to, you know, complete the Detective career before Jin’s last daughter was conceived.
But nah, Detective’s been excluded from the legacy’s career requirements and we’re also done with death types.
He’s not bad-looking despite his pear-shaped bod. Hmmmm, too bad he’ll be too old for Jin’s daughters.

Ze: My age bar is bubbling but Watchette won’t let me cake up.
Tami: It’s because she wants to postpone your adult birthday as long as possible, love.
Ze: When I have the Sad moodlet after everyone forgets my birthday, I’ll just drink a moodlet solver, I guess. *shrugs

W: *secretly considers giving him and Tami a second Potion of Youth before they move out…
Oh right, although they can’t contribute anymore to the legacy’s score, their staying young would allow them to serve as mentors longer. So, no dice.
So, I’ll just have to watch them grow old. *grabs several boxes of tissues


Hinata: It’s 9:30 am on a Saturday morning and my birthday was two days ago.
I’m wondering why I’m skilling so slowly, then realize that everybody forgot to add me to the Legacy Club.
W: Really sorry about that! You should level quicker now with the childhood skill boosts! *feels ashamed
Hinata: No worries, Watchette. I’ll think of some way you can make it up to me. (Mwahahaha…)

Miku: Remember me? I’m the second daughter. Can you keep a secret?
Just between you and me, I plan to steal Grandpa Ze away from my older sister Hinata.
Grandpa’s way too good for her and her tired blue hair. Guuuurl, just you wait until I have my hair…snap!

W: What’s with your daughters’ unhealthy obsession with Ze?
Tami: I imagine they must get that from you? *blinks eyes innocently

Week 36/Sunday

Yuki: Jin works from 2 pm today so we all visit the Willow Creek Art Museum for a few hours in the morning.
For Painter Extraordinaire, I need to view three paintings.

Hinata: I’m almost done with Rambunctious Scamp, so I switch to Social Butterfly and meet new sims.
Behind the museum, I meet my cousin Lillian Damico. What does she think she’s wearing?
You know, I don’t mean to brag but check out my tastefully color-coordinated outfit.

Hinata: Next, look at Lilliana. I’d like to invite her over and introduce her to our closet. After all, she’s so pretty! But her outfit… *shudders

Hinata: When we get home, I notice that Social Butterfly requires me to have a BFF.
That would have to be none other than Grandpa Ze, natch.  Who else could it possibly be?
Yes, I know, I know. Our photo is really off-balance!
Everyone else is jealously photo-bombing us so this is the only angle that works.

Yuki: We seem to have miscalculated Miku’s birthday, and she ages up soon after Jin leaves for work.
Of course, this timing means she’s stuck with her default look until Papa comes home at 10 pm.
Miku: Oh no, I’m dying of shame here! Mama says Hinata also aged up with this horrid brownish-red hair color.
Hinata: For now, she’s only willing to show you the back of her head, haha.
Miku: I’m playing chess with Hinata because I’m an Outgoing Whiz Kid. *sighs

Jin: A new suit and new responsibilities. With my L8 promotion, I assume the title of Spy Captain. Only two more promotions to go…

Ze: Before anyone reaches a dresser to plan Miku’s wardrobe, we suddenly hear that eerie music.
Conan: Look, there goes Mama! I never realized we could get abducted from our inner courtyard!
Jin: Me, neither. I’d always assumed that we need to run to the outside of the house.
Ze: Well, Tami’s safe since the Pollinator Technician isn’t interested in female sims. And we guys are safe for now, too, because the household is full.

Tami: *returns in a daze after having been Zapped & Jolted

Miku: Fiiinallly, Papa’s home and Grandma’s back, so I can plan outfits and change my hair!
Yuki: Do you think we’ve gone overboard with the turquoise tones to match your hair?
Miku: I don’t think one can ever wear too much turquoise.

Yuki: I would have preferred to mix it with greys and white, but I’m not going on another cc hunt.
Miku: My hair is so awesome, Mama, that it mostly overshadows what I wear… Here’s my everyday outfit.

W: In fact, Miku is not as pretty as Hinata, but she totally rocks that turquoise hair. Below is her party outfit.

When we get closer to the Gen8 Heir vote, I’ll do a collage showing the girls without makeup and with the same hair so we can distinguish the natural from the cosmetic.

Jin: I complete my daily task for Diamond Agent by romancing my gorgeous wife. Such a hardship!
Miku: Papa, are you free now? Will you read to me?
Jin: Oh yes, we can read together for your Whiz Kid and my Big Happy Family aspirations. I pick the children’s book Mori Style, authored by your grandpa Ze.

Miku: I hate to spoil everyone’s immersion, Papa, but I notice that your counter is bugged.
After you read to me for an hour, the counter says: “Read to a child for 2 total hours   -88/2.”
Jin: *reads to Miku for one more hour then uses the aspirations.complete cheat
W: The glitches seem to be accumulating…just let me play for two more generations, please!


Tami: Watchette, would you mind taking one last screenshot of me in the garden while I’m still a young adult? I age up to an adult this afternoon.
Ze:  Always the loveliest flower in the garden!

Yuki: I go into labor for the last time around 3 pm. I feel like I’ve been constantly pregnant for weeks.
Jin: Actually, you have been. C’mon, girl, you can do it. One final round of your adorable in-labor pouts.

Tami: Oh! Ze and I just completed our Big Happy Family aspiration! That must mean…

Yuki: Meet our third and last daughter, Rukia Mori.

Rukia: I explode into the simverse with a burst of dazzling sparkles,  a testimony to how special I am and always will be.
Yuki: And modest, too, Rukia. You mustn’t forget how modest you are…

Tami: Rukia is named after Rukia Kuchiki, initially Lieutenant of Division 13 in the Soul Society’s Imperial Guard. The Soul Society is a spirit world which is home to soul reapers and pre-reincarnated souls.

A soul reaper with supernatural powers who slays evil spirits, Rukia meets Ichigo Kurosaki while visiting the Human World. She becomes friends with Ichigo, who is the protagonist of the long-running manga Bleach.
Phew, that’s a long explanation.

TL;DR: Rukia is a loner; she’s a very short soul reaper and a fierce, determined fighter. She’s obsessed with rabbits and rabbit-related themes. And she has purple eyes.

The collage shows her in her Soul Reaper uniform (left), with Ichigo Kurosaki (center), and her transformed self when using her special sword power (right).
The circular inset show Rukia in schoolgirl disguise while visiting the Human World.

Rukia: I age up to a child several days from now so you’ll want to come back to see me in all my glory, right? Right!?

Mori 7.71: Geek Girlz, Unite!

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