Mori 7.71: Geek Girlz, Unite!

Sadly, this chapter is all about the girls working on their aspirations…

Week 36/Tuesday

Miku: It’s 8:36 am and I am leaving for school, fashionably late.
I’ve done all I can for Whiz Kid, except earn an A, so I’ve been leveling Motor on the ‘puter behind the house.

Conan: I only work Friday through Sunday this week, so I’m trying to make new friends.
So far, I’ve earned three types of “Collect donations” socials for $25, $100, and $250 each.

I’ve already collected the $1500 in donations that the Level 8 promotion requires.
But my “donations collected” total accumulates, so I continue asking for donations.
Thankfully, I can meet a few sims around our hood, since I can’t leave our lot until school’s out.
If only I had a way to see how much I’ve collected so far.

Conan: I’ve been making a special effort to befriend young adult and adult sims.
My donors need to stay alive, amirite? At least until I’ve maxed my career, anyway.

Initially, I wasn’t too jazzed about this career—it’s a tad repetitious.
Also, I don’t really like the idea of politics and dislike asking for donations or for votes.
But who knows? Maybe I’ll meet that special someone while I’m out and about. Uh no, not her.

Conan: Three hours later, I find Erika Ikeda at the house so I do all three Collect socials for another $375.
Yes, that’s right. After a cooldown period, I can ask the same sim for donations again.

I wonder how much I’ll need in donations for my L10 promotion? *checks Carl’s guide
At Level 8, I’ll get a new Collection donation ($1,000) social.
I’ll need it because Levels 9 and 10 require $5,000 and $20,000 in donations, respectively.

Miku: Thanks for helping me with homework and extra credit, Grandpa, but I’m taking forever to finish Whiz Kid!
Today, I brought home a B grade after two days of school. Tomorrow morning, I want the works!
Lavender aromatherapy massage with incense, Citrus Soak with incense, and a Focused essence.
It’s time me and Whiz Kid parted ways, you know what I mean?

Miku: I can’t even start Rambunctious Scamp yet, but I’m already L6 Motor.
I practice typing until L4, then Keyboard Commander becomes available so I switch to playing that game.

Hey Hinata, I’m pretty sure I’ve already beat your high score for that game…
Hinata: Uh huh, dream on, little sis. Your lowly eyes are gazing upon the Keyboard Commander Queen!

Jin: Since I’m off today, I suggest we all visit the Luxe Health Club in Newcrest.
I hope the sight of the Grim Reaper doing push-ups in front doesn’t forebode misfortune.

Jin: It seems that a yoga class gives the Wellness skill a faster boost, so I take my first class with Yuki and Conan.
Yuki has zero Wellness, so she’ll probably feel sore later.
Conan: Do you recognize our yoga instructor, Audrina Bateman? She’s our Great-Uncle Ranma’s oldest daughter.

Hinata: Because Miku and I have both maxed our Mental skill already, we can start to level Fishing.
Miku: Except I came home from school in a Playful mood today, so I’m having trouble focusing.

Grim Reaper: Though I don’t miss all the overtime your family’s caused me over the years, I applaud you for achieving all 12 types of death.

Tami: You need to talk to my son, Jin. Completing Party Animal was my main feat as the Gen6 Heir.
Jin, the Gen7 Heir, orchestrated the death by pufferfish with the help of his brother, Conan.


Rukia: I age up around 4 pm, becoming a Geek and a Social Butterfly.
Miku: Since I completed Whiz Kid today (yep, I earned an A in one day), I switch to Social Butterfly.
Rukia’s a Social Butterfly, so we can collaborate for the aspiration’s friend-making goals.
Miku: It’s pretty handy that Uncle Conan is socializing with his many donors.
Introducing ourselves to five sims is a walk in the park!

Rukia: I don’t age up with any Good Friends, so I chat with Grandma until she agrees to be my BFF.
Tami: Poor thing! Rukia doesn’t want to show you her face until she can plan outfits.

Rukia: Once Dad comes home from work, I get a makeover at last.
Yuki: Here’s a collage of all three girls together, along with portraits of Jin as a child and me as a teen.
From left to right in order of birth: Hinata, Miku, and Rukia.

Jin: This collage might interest you, too. The bottom row shows the girls as you’ll see them in game.
The top row, however, shows them in braids without make-up (that is, no eyelashes nor lip gloss).
W: Some of you have stated a preference for Hinata (which I unabashedly share). Hinata has Jin’s sultry double-lidded eyes and Yuki’s rosebud lips.
Meanwhile, Miku and Rukia—who look almost like twins—have Yuki’s single-lidded eyes and Jin’s lips.

Rukia: After making the collages, Watchette decides to give me violet eyes. You wanna know why?
Because (1) the original Rukia has violet eyes, (2) my hair’s comparatively plain, and (3) CAS lacks rabbit-themed apparel.

Tonight, Miku and I make two adult friends by a little socializing and lots of mentoring.
We invite over Great-Great-Auntie Dulce and Uncle Yuta to mentor us in logic and piano, respectively.
Here, I’m looking up at GGA Dulce while she mentors me.

Miku: When we’re done befriending them, I drink a moodlet solver and start working on my Social skill.  That’s when it happens…

Right in front of the chess table where she’d been mentoring us.
W: And yes, Dulce was another victim of the cc fallout resulting from the Detective career glitch.

Grim Reaper: Ahhh, the lovely Dulce Mori! I almost didn’t recognize her without her blue hair!
She has stayed in remarkable shape for an elder. Ahem, not that I’m checking her out or anything. *coughs

Tami: Oh, it’s you again, Grim. Fancy seeing you again so soon.
GR: To tell you the truth, this is a historical first for me. I’ve never reaped a member of the Mori family in this very house.


Miku: I discover something new about Rambunctious Scamp today.
Remember how I practiced typing to L4 Motor while I was still stuck on my first aspiration, Whiz Kid?
Today, when I complete the goal for playing on the space gym while playful, I skip Tier II and go directly to Tier III.
The hours I spent practicing typing counted, even though I didn’t have Rambunctious Scamp selected. Cool, huh?

W: I give up. I can no longer tell anymore what’s a bug and what isn’t.

Rukia: Nobody blink! I want a perfect shot of our leave-taking for my first day of grade school!

Yuki: This afternoon, Ze paints another portrait of me. In his last portrait, I was gigantically pregnant!
W: I wish there were a better way to display these portraits. Yuki’s makes the fourteenth painting.

Tami: Yuki, I must say that your slowness at learning skills never ceases to amaze me.
Yuki: Well, that’s because I never did any childhood aspirations, so I don’t have those “gifted” boosts.
Tami: You’d mentioned that before. But come to think of it, Ze doesn’t have those either and he never skills at a snail’s pace like you.
I wonder if you have a hidden “Slow Learner” trait or something.
Yuki: Oooh, that’s a mean thing to say, mother-in-law!

Rukia: Ayaka Ikeda and I gaze at the stars in front of our house. She’s an Active sim who I’d like to stay friends with.

Rukia: Oh yeah, I’m looking all smug because, thanks to my new friend Asa Crabtree, I just completed Social Butterfly.
Behind me, you can see Papa just came home. He’s also looking smug cuz he’s now a Level 9 Shadow Agent!

Jin: This is me looking wildly ecstatic because I just successfully negotiated a bonus and I only need one more promotion!

Rukia: In the hour before bedtime, I switch to Whiz Kid and play chess with Uncle Yuta.
Meanwhile, Miku still struggles to befriend Ayaka (which surprises me since Miku has the Outgoing trait).
And Hinata, who maxed Logic earlier tonight, plays the violin while Grandpa Ze mentors her.
W: While I presently favor Hinata, I also harbor a soft spot for Rukia. I’m not sure why yet.

Sims who passed away this chapter

Dulce Mori, the sister of Takumi Mori (Gen6 Heir) and the aunt of Tami Mori (Gen7 Heir). Dulce is survived by her four sons and her older brother Ranma.
Rest in peace, Dulce. You were a supportive sister and aunt, a devoted mother, and a frequent donor to Conan’s Speak for the Trees cause.

Sorry for all the “skill-speak” this chapter. We’re just trying to get all four aspirations done so the girls can free range.

Mori 7.72: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

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