Mori 7.72: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Week 36/Friday

Hinata: I celebrate my teen birthday next Wednesday, so today’s my last day of grade-school. On second thought, I have 4 vacation days,.
I’m going to stay home today to level my Charisma. Wheeee, five days without school!

Hinata: Before going back into the house, I see Asa Crabtree strolling by. He’s a genius, it seems. I’ve never spoken to him but he’s in our Kidz Club.
I just wanted to point out the color of his eyes. So vividly green!

Rukia: Speaking of eye color, I’m so glad I have purple eyes like the original Rukia!

Conan: I haven’t worked for four days, so I want to prepare for work carefully this morning.
Yuki: You want a Lotus Blossom aromatherapy massage to boost your Confidence, Conan?
Sure, my pleasure. And you don’t work for another three hours, so we have plenty of time.

Conan: Watchette keeps an eye on Mama and we seem to be right on schedule.
But then, we hear that ominous music…it’s our unforgettable, unremarkable gardener, Whatzhisname.

Tami: I’m just minutes away from finishing up with Conan’s pre-work massage, but never mind that.
Naturally, it’s my moral imperative to abandon Conan and go witness the death of that stranger on our porch.

Conan: When Mama finally returns, it’s too late to restart the massage. So frustrating.
Tami: Instead, Watchette has me “recommend self-esteem exercises” to Conan.
Conan: After drinking my essences and successfully negotiating a bonus (Yay!), I check the progress of my cause on the computer.

Nice! At $11,275, I’m just over halfway to my donations goal for the final promotion ($20,000). Strange…why I only have 1 registered supporter?
W: Is the number of registered supporters for the Politician/Politician career?

Grim Reaper: Hmmm, a second death by old age in two days. I should have just napped in an extra bed here last night.
Yo, Yuta! Why are you bawling your eyes out like that? You don’t even know this sim!

Ze: Nice work, son! You get promoted to Non-Profit Director (L8) and earn a new double-breasted suit.
Conan: Even better, I have a new “Collect Donation ($1000)” social! Is Yuta still visiting? I want to try out my new social, hehe.
Ze: Yep, he’s in the living room with your mother.

Conan: You know, we really need a few new places for taking screenshots.
We always end up on the porch!


Jin: And now I’ve released my third bestseller novel into the world cuz this is how we roll.
I wrote my three bestsellers in just two days while working full-time, yet the Perfectionist Yuta took almost 2 weeks to write his three bestsellers. I wonder why?

Hinata: Ho hum, I’ve just been telling stories in front of the mirror all morning.
Dad, Uncle Conan, and Grandpa Ze all have today off, so I hope that means we’ll do something fun.
I’d like to enjoy some memorable days out on the town during my childhood…we never go anywyere.  :(

Miku: I’m closer to Uncle Yuta than to anyone else in the family.
That’s because Papa’s been working and writing his novels, while Mama is trying to learn adult skills to teach us.

My sisters and I are all good friends with Uncle Yuta’s daughter, our cousin Lilliana. We should invite her over to play more often or go visit them on the island.

Rukia: My sisters have finished all four aspirations already, but I’m only done with Social Butterfly.
I need to play the violin for 3 more hours for Artistic Prodigy and I need an A for Whiz Kid.
Rambunctious Scamp is one I haven’t even started yet, but how hard can it be? I’m a Geek, remember?

Hey, Watchette! Since I’m named after a Soul Reaper, I want a black freezer bunny on a chain like the Grim Reaper wears. Can you make that happen?
W: You know, I’ve spent hours looking for fitting clothes and accessories for you but came up with nada. What do you say I redecorate a bedroom just for you?

Jin: With Rukia’s birth, our parents gained the Matriarch/Patriarch traits from the Big Happy Family aspiration.
Conan and I need to remember to keep one of them close by whenever we’re skilling, like now.

Hinata: After several hours of hard work this morning, Grandpa Ze takes us to Chompy’s Monsta Ice Cream in Newcrest.
W: Where to take the girls to reward them for all their diligent skilling? After much consideration (should I build my own or not?), I downloaded this lot from the Gallery.

This cute ice cream parlor is designed by Drutrubuilder. I only changed the menu a little and changed the dress code from swimwear to everyday.

Miku: Can you spot Grandpa and me way in the back? This ice cream parlor needs at least one table that seats an eight-sim party!
Today, we can order as a group (I’m shocked that Papa let Hinata order for us), but we don’t get to sit together.
Even so, ice cream is yummy and it’s fun to spend time together as family for a change! Also, not-skilling is the best!

Hinata: It’s so much more fun to build Charisma by actually socializing with other sims, you know?

Rukia: Mama, why do you keep standing up then sitting back down again?
Yuki: Well, I got a +1 Uncomfortable moodlet after witnessing the crass PDA of that couple at the next table.
But whenever I stand up to go tell them to stop, Watchette cancels my action!

Tami: Stop being a pill, Yuki. You already stood up to “See what’s happening” 5-6 times before our meal arrived.

YukI: Now that we’re done eating, I think I’ll go reprimand that couple at the next table.
Tami: Give it a rest, Yuki! “That couple” is sitting there with your daughters’ good friend Asa Crabtree. They’re not doing anything inappropriate in front of their son.
Just sit down and stop being so nosy.
W: Annoying unflirty trait! Can’t take Yuki anywhere, lol.

Rukia: After Chompy’s Monsta, we spend a few hours playing music at the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno’s Art Quarters. It’s like skilling disguised as a family outing…
Jin: We take advantage of the Casbah Gallery’s Great Acoustics lot trait to mentor the girls in music.
Conan: As for me, I see that Great-Uncle Ranma and Uncle Yuta are also here so I naturally go hit them up for donations.

Tami: When cousin Kenta starts playing on the keyboard (upper right), I realize Great Acoustics doesn’t work for children.
See how Kenta has light bulbs and plus signs swirling around his head, while the girls do not? Oh well.

Rukia: I return home to find a new bedroom with everything that a bunny-loving girl named after a Soul Reaper could desire!
Grim bunny wallpaper, a reaper gnome, bunny wall decals, and even a bunny bookend on the dresser!

Rukia: But that’s not all, my new room has a huge purple bunny, a bagpack with a skull motif, and even a skull throw rug! It’s every girl’s dream!
Jin: Well, not every girl’s dream, Rukia, but we’re very happy that it’s yours.

Week 37/Sunday

Conan: While Papa is mentoring Hinata in violin, Jin and I practice guitar close by to benefit from his Patriarch trait.
Ze: Checking their leveling progress, I see that Jin and Conan learn guitar faster than Hinata learns violin with mentoring.
Conan: But Jin and I also have the Savant trait, so there’s that, too.

Jin: Last night, I tried speeding up my Wellness skilling by staying close to Mama.
I found her Matriarch trait worked when I practice yoga but not meditation. Odd distinction, eh?

Jin: At 11 pm, I bring home my final promotion and become a Double Diamond Agent.
I’m not sure I like my new black double-breasted suit better than my blue tux. Whatever, I like my own wardrobe the best, in fact.
Now, including Conan’s career, our legacy has only four more careers to complete!

Current Status of the Mori Legacy

Ze (12 days to elder): Maxed Social Media/Public Relations career.
Tami (15 days to elder): Maxed Critic/Food Critic career then quit job.
Jin (3 days to adult): Maxed Secret Agent/Diamond Agent then will quit job.
Conan (7 days to adult): Politician/Charity Organizer (L8); Has raised $20,275 toward L10 promotion.
Yuki (13 days to adult): Unemployed.
Hinata (3 days to teen): Maxed all 4 aspirations plus Logic and Violin; Charisma L9.
Miku (6 days to teen):   Maxed all 4 aspirations; L9 Logic, L7 Piano, and L1 Charisma.
Rukia (9 days to teen): Maxed 3 aspirations but needs A for Whiz Kid; L8 Violin, L2 Charisma, and L1 Logic.

Mori 7.73: Every Day I Haz the Blues

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