Mori 7.73: Every Day I Haz the Blues

Week 37/Sunday

Ze: I finish capturing the epic sage of Rukia in a Book of Life, just as I’d done for her sisters, Hinata and Miku.
Next, it’s my son Jin’s turn to write the last set of Books of Life for the ninth generation.


Hinata: Hmmph, I thought I’d get the day off for maxing Charisma this morning…
Tami: I’m so proud of you, Hinata! Keep skilling, doll! You want to become the Gen8 heir, don’t you?

Hinata: I guess. By the way, while you and I are hard at work, what are Grandpa and Papa doing?
Tami: They said they’d be exerting nontrivial psychomotor efforts in virtual reality…
Hinata: Grandpa’s playing video games again and now Papa’s started, too?
Tami: Yep.

Jin: Papa, since I’m no longer working, let’s do a multi-player co-op session of the recently-released Final Fantasy XV.
Ze: Yeah, Watchette’s been playing it so avidly, she’s neglected us for a week, but it’s not hard to understand why.
W: In reality, FFXV is a single-player game at this time.

Ze: The main character, Noctis, is a dispossessed prince. After his father’s killed, Noctis travels with three allies to save the world.
Jin: I read a review that called Final Fantasy XV “JPop gone wild” cuz Noctis and crew look like a boy band.

Ze: Tell me you wouldn’t want Noctis as a groom for the Gen8 Heir, eh? Look at that face and that great hair!
Jin: No kidding! And his royal suit is dope! I read the devs hired a designer from fashion brand Roen for the main outfits.

Jin: Oh, how I love traveling around the open world on those chocobo birds.
Ze: Where’s the lady who sells the chocobo feed? I hear she lets us rename and recolor our chocobos.

Ze: Aren’t you done exploring the new city yet? Let’s hop in our car and go adventuring already!
How do you expect to platinum this game unless we prioritize dungeon crawling?
Jin: Oh please, all you want to do is farm EXP and ability points! Don’t you grind enough in this legacy?

Ze: You know, I think we should do this sort of father-son bonding session every morning!
Jin: I’m so up for that! I never realized that higher Gaming skill unlocks more games on the gaming console.
Ze: And you know what else? Read my lips! *whispers: “Patriarch trait”
W: As you can see, ffxv is a visually fantastic game! *finds some Noctis-lookalike hair cc…

Conan: After bringing home my L9 promotion, I jog down to the Shrieking Llama Bar to complete my daily task.
Detective Akito Ikeda is more than happy to make a donation to my Speak for the Trees cause.
Now if only there were a way to get rid of this camper tent and its nooboo tent.


Miku: Today’s my very last day of grade school! Rukia, I won’t be attending that school with you after today!
Rukia: No fair! From tomorrow, everyone will be staying home this week, except me! *pouts

Hinata: Glancing across the street, I notice an unfamiliar boy walking by and run out to introduce myself.
Byron Gratz is Outgoing. He has a unique first trait so far, like the redheaded Genius, Asa Crabtree.
He’s pretty cute, so our family should keep my eye on him!

Hinata: Byron, now that we’re buddies, let’s take a photo to commemorate our friendship, hey?
Byron: Whoa, you look super cute in our photos, but are my cheekbones really that pointy?

Ze: Hey, Conan! Since you’re off work today, you wanna play a racing car game with Jin and me?
Jin: It’s great, bro! Dad’s Patriarch trait will help us power-level the Gaming skill.

Conan: Wicked! Once we max Video Gaming, we can go and own GeekCon’s  gaming tournament.
This is a great incentive to hurry and max my career! Um, yeah, and of course to spend more time bonding with you and Papa, too.

Yuki: Darling, I can’t believe this is the last day we’ll gaze at all three daughters as little girls like this.
Jin: You’re right! By this time next week, they’ll all be teenagers!
Incidentally, have I told you lately how breathtakingly lovely you are, sweetheart?
Yuki: Flattery will get you everywhere, dear husband.

Yuki: As our eldest daughter, the neat Hinata is supremely diligent about homework, aspirations, and skilling.
But she is also a joyful sim who can often be seen smiling and laughing.
Jin: No doubt, Hinata is the prettiest of our daughters in the children stage.

Yuki: The outgoing Miku surprisingly does not make friends as easily as her sisters do.
In general, she’s a little slower at skilling than her sisters but has still done very well as a child.
Jin: Dat hair, though! Also, Miku has a great walk—as if she slightly pushes her chest out and her shoulders back.
Yuki: Did you notice, Jin? Miku went home by herself just now. She’s not very outgoing at all.
Without even socializing with her friend Asa Crabtree, she just went home without telling anyone.

Yuki: I’d say the Rukia, despite being a geek, exhibits the liveliest personality among our girls. She’s a little kooky but also very clever.
Jin: What Rukia lacks in fancy hair color, she makes up for with her expressive face. She seems to have such a wide variety of facial expressions.
Yuki: Miku and Rukia resemble each other lot now. I wonder if that will change when they’re teens?

Conan: Remember Shaurya Joyson, the Chief of Police I met during my brief, failed foray into the Detective career?
While we’re all at the park, I invite him here to get to know him better. He shows up in his, uh…athletic outfit?
Jin: Conan calls me over to help figure out his traits. On introducing myself, I learn he’s Clumsy, Vegetarian, and Family-Oriented.
So…Watchette hasn’t entirely given up on the Detective career yet?
Conan: Apparently not, but Shaurya’s an adult now and too old for your girls, Jin.
W: Maybe the next Chief of Police…

Ze: I know, I know. You’re probably thinking: “What?! Another shot of the Mori’s playing video games?” Wait a minute, folks, there’s a legit reason for this.
You see, Hinata has maxed all possible skills except Mischief, Fishing (L2), and Video Gaming (L1).
Jin: And since I’m trying to max Video Gaming via Dad’s Patriarch trait, we decide to play a few sessions with Hinata.

Hinata: This is excellent! I was afraid I’d get sent off in the dark to that fishing pond uphill from our house.
W: What I love about TVs and gaming consoles is that, unlike most other sims activities, watching TV or gaming offers an unobstructed front view of all the sims involved.


Rukia: Today and tomorrow, I’m the only one of us who has to attend grade school, but I’m taking Friday off!

Hinata: As soon as I finally get my birthday notice, I skip a birthday party and simply cake up into a teen.
I decide against bright navy-blue hair and choose a greyish hue instead. My outfits also combine shades of greys and muted blues.

Besides my initial Neat trait, I add Outgoing and the Mansion Baron aspiration (which I insta-complete).

Our legacy’s last remaining careers are Politician/Politician, Writer/Journalist, and Business/Management. However, nothing can be decided until the Gen8 heir is chosen.
Consequently, you’ll be meeting my sisters as teens very, very soon!

Sorry for so many video gaming session screenshots this chapter, but video gaming was the last skill that Hinata leveled on the night before her birthday.
In addition, I’ve found really fascinating the various discussions about the Final Fantasy franchise’s new look for their characters.
Some gamers don’t want their characters to travel the world and go into battle dressed like boy-band fashionistas, lol.
Me, I think it’s a delightful change.

In case you’re wondering, Miku’s birthday is three sim-days later (Saturday) and Rukia’s birthday is three  sim-days after that (Tuesday).

Mori 7.74: Miku, Say Cheese!


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