Mori 7.74: Miku, Say Cheese!

Week 37/Wednesday

Jin: My adult birthday falls on the same day as Hinata’s teen birthday.
With all the fuss over her birthday, I don’t remember receiving my own birthday notice.
But I do notice my age bar is bubbling, so drink a Potion of Youth and restart my young adult stage. Yay!

Conan: When Watchette takes Hinata outdoors to take her birthday pictures, I head for the Shrieking Llama Bar.
I’ll be maxing my Charity Organizer career after my next work shift on Friday.

Realizing that I’m now asking for a donation for the very last time, I wax a wee bit nostalgic.
And in case you didn’t get a good look the other day, check out my snazzy career outfit!


Miku: Both Hinata and Rukia left for school this morning, with Hinata going to high school for the first time.
After spending a few hours on epic storytelling in front of the mirror, I head out for some interpersonal socializing.

Hello, sir! My name is Miku Mori and I love in that house right over there.
Ranma: Good morning, young lady. My name’s Ranma Mori. I’m the twin of your Great-Grandpa Takumi.
I was born in the Mori Mansion, like you, little Miku. I’m your Great-Great Uncle, but call me Uncle Ranma, okay?

Miku: I’m a Gen8 Mori, so that means you’re a Gen5 Mori. Wow, just wow!!!
Great-Grandpa Takumi passed away 18 days ago, before I was born, so I never got to meet him.
Considering he’s your twin brother, you’ve seriously outlived him, haven’t you?
Ranma: Yes, we both drank a Potion of Youth and earned the Long-Lived trait.
The only difference is that I moved out on my elder birthday, but Takumi waited until close to the end of his elder phase.

Miki: I guess Grandma Tami and Grandpa Ze will be okay then. They’ll be moving out as adults, not elders.
W: Ranma has always been such a handsome sim.

Miku: Uncle Ranma, did you know that I’m already Level 2 at Video Gaming? *debates video game strategy
Ranma: That’s very clever, Miku.

Ranma (internally): Does she not realize I’m a Geek? She looks so proud of herself but I’m hardly impressed. *looks pained

Ze: Speaking of Video Gaming, the boys and I are working on the Computer Whiz aspiration.
Conan: Papa, when did you finish Successful Lineage and earn the Vicarious trait?

Jin: That’s crazy! We skill faster near Papa due to Patriarch, but he levels up whatever skills we work on nearby due to Vicarious.
Ze: Why didn’t we think of this sooner? I’ve had the Vicarious trait since Jin maxed his career.
Conan: Well yeah, because we’ve all been busy working until recently.

Tami: I commend you for asking me to mentor you in in Piano, really I do.
But Hinata and Miku already maxed Piano, while Rukia skills up much faster than you do.
Yuki: Thank you, Mama Tami. And yes, I realize that Rukia levels faster than me.
Still, I’ve maxed four mentor-able skills so far and I want to learn Piano to mentor my grandsons.

Tami: Did you say “grandsons”? As in my great-grandsons?
Yuki: The last child-bearing heir of this legacy—the Gen9 heir—must be a male sim.
So yes, your great-grandsons. *reaches Level 7 Piano

Miku: Uncle Ranma, I should go home and keep leveling. My Charisma has barely increased here.
I think it’s because the elements placed near the fishing spot keep me in Focused mood.
Ranma: Well, okay. See you around, Miku. I’ve enjoyed our time together this morning.

Miku: Take a photo together to remember this day?
Ranma: You betcha, baby girl!

Ranma: You know, I wouldn’t mind mentoring you in Violin…
Miku: Let’s go back together, Uncle Ranma! *clicks “Sit and chat here” on one of the kitchen bar stools
W: Well, that worked like a charm. Why didn’t I figure this out sooner? *facepalms

Ranma: Thanks for bringing me here, Miku. The place brings back such memories! *sighs deeply
Miku: I’m grateful that you’ll mentor me. Everyone else is too busy to mentor me! And by the way, I love you, Uncle Ranma!
Ranma: You know I love you even more, my little darling!

Rukia: For the advancement of Sim Sciences, I invite Byron Gatz over after school.
We play a session of MySims Racing to test if playing together raises Video Gaming plus Social/Charisma.
Sadly, it doesn’t.  Oh heck, back to the mirror!

Rukia: I should be skilling Charisma or Piano, but let’s see what the Battle Station does for Charisma.
Byron: Take that, stupid rare L1 Void/Veild! My rare Fire/Canis pwns your butt!
Rukia: Oh no you di’int!

Rukia: Hahaha, my Veild easily evaded the attack by your Canis! *looks smug as heck
Byron: Gosh darn it! *continues cursing his loss, using other family-friendly vernacular

Rukia: Okay, time to get serious! I challenge you again, Byron, this time with a rare L1 Water/Articorn card.
Byron: I pull out a common Earth/Nymphaea card, thinking you would choose a Wind card. Wrong choice!

Rukia: I guess my sisters and I should have been training our cards, at least the Rare ones. But where’s the Batlle Station been all this time?

Rukia: Way to go, Articorn! Smack that Nymphaea critter with your ice bomb! *claps gleefully
Byron: Grrrrr!
W: Dear readers, I haven’t really had my child sims play on the Battle Station much, mostly because I don’t know how it contributes to skilling. Do any of you know?


Jin: Hey, Conan, aren’t you late for work? And why hit up Dulce’s son, Lamar Mori, for a donation?
Conan: When I got the work alarm earlier, I hit the “Paid Time Off” option by mistake, instead of “Go to work.”
So I have to collect another donation as my daily task for my next work shift on Monday.
Ze: Awww, I feel for you, son. You are so very close to your last promotion, too!
W: Totally my fault…*slinks away in shame

Miku: In the morning, I invite Uncle Mori over again and after a couple hours of mentoring, it happens!
Uncle Mori raises his hand then falls to the floor. Uncle Ranma, noooooooo!!!

Tami: Oh Uncle Ranma, I am so Very Sad to see you go that I get, not just one, but two two-day Sad +2 moodlets.
One for mourning the death of a loved one (you’re my father’s twin) and another for the death of a friend (we’re good friends).
W: Not to trivialize the gravity of Ranma’s demise, but is it usual to get two moodlets like this? And do they stack?

Grim Reaper: Well, Ranma Mori, you were indeed one very long-lived sim.
Based on my records, you were born on Thursday of Week 21 and today’s Friday of Week 38.
That gave a lifespan of…let’s see, 17 weeks + 2 days…114 121 days. Wait, that can’t possibly be correct.

The average lifespan is:
2 (infancy) + 13 (child) + 13 (teen) + 40 (YA with Potion of Youth) + 20 (adult) + elder (10 for now) equals 98 days.
Hmmm, Ranma managed to extend his lifespan by 16 23 days after his second death notification—I’m impressed!

On the other hand, Tami, your grandfather Takumi lived for 14 weeks and 3 days…that’s 101 days.
W: Sorry for the math, but I needed to check Ranma’s longevity which seemed abnormally long.


Hinata: Thanks for mentoring me in Painting and now in Handiness since my birthday, Grandma Tami. You certainly seem to be doing the lion’s share of my mentoring!
Tami: Well, your mom needs to max Wellness and the boys…well, the boys are unavailable these days.

Jin: I’m so glad Watchette finally broke out the gaming rigs that Great-Great Grandpa Yuki (Gen4) earned as his eSport Gamer career reward.
Can you believe that she’s hid four of those rigs in family inventory for four generations?!
Conan: Apparently, she’s finally figured out that the GeekCon’s gaming tournament is based on the gaming rig’s games.
Jin: Yeah, I’d been wondering how I could play Maniac Matchums!

Conan: It’s great that Watchette loves Final Fantasy XV so much—she’s gotten more lenient about us playing video games, too.
W: Ain’t it the truth? But mostly, I’m just looking for new activities that the Mori’s can enjoy.

Miku: Ever since Grandma completed Party Animal, our legacy is so over parties! When I get my “celebrate birthday” notice around 3 pm, I just cake up.

Here I am before my makeover. Talk about pouty lips!
Oh right, besides being Outgoing, I’m now Squeamish with the Musical Genius aspiration.

Miku: Yay, I got my hair and make-up back!
Watchette tries to make me smile by saying we’re taking my pictures by the fishing spot cuz I’m squeamish. Is that supposed to be funny?
W: Hey, just because you have the pouty lips and happening hair, that don’t mean you can get away with not smiling, girlfriend!

Mori 7.75: Save a Horse (& G8 Heir Vote)

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