Mori 7.75: Save a Horse (& G8 Heir Vote)

Week 38/Sunday

Yuki: I wake up early in the morning to greet the sun and practice yoga.
After all this time, I finally max the Wellness skill and can Share detox secrets with the kids.

Hinata: I’ve started the Nerd Brain aspiration because it’s easy and the Handy trait is so, well, handy.
For “Read 3 Books,” I’m reading skill books on Cooking, Writing, and Rocket Science.
I’ll probably end up doing the Journalist career. Do you think I’m being overly optimistic?
Only two of us remain after the Gen8 Heir is chosen. I’m pretty sure the one moving out won’t be me!

Jin: While mentoring Hinata, I consider how much easier the Big Happy Family aspiration would be with even one son.
If one of our girls moved out pregnant, however, Yuki and I could actually complete Big Happy Family.
Then again, is it really necessary so late in our legacy? Well, Gen9 does need to complete one career…

Miku: Hinata is so lucky to have started out with the Mansion Baron aspiration!
I have the Musical Genius aspiration and, while I love the Piper trait, writing 4 songs will take forever.
This morning, I license my first song for violin!

Rukia: This morning is so full of win! At long last, I max Charisma and escape the confines of the Mirror Room!
I notice I can “Listen and learn” while Mama plays the piano. I wonder what that does?

Jin: What did you want to talk with me about, kiddo?
Rukia: Papa, since I’m a Geek, will you buy me a slablet? To be honest, I’d rather play video games than piano.

Jin: It’s fine with me, Rukia. But if your mother asks, say we got them from Uncle Ranma, okay?
Rukia: Why do we have to lie about the slablet, Papa? Is gaming bad?
Jin: No, of course not, baby girl, but non-gamers just don’t understand so we’ll  play it safe…

Hinata: The Nerd Brain aspiration is surprisingly fun! I love the rocket ship missions!
I hear The Founder invented an Electroflux Wormhole Generator with all the  upgrades.
Once Rukia ages up, maybe we can all travel to Sixam as a family!

Rukia: Oh yeah! Hinata and Miku have already maxed Piano, so I’ll max Video Gaming instead!
Piano is so not how I roll.

Hinata: It’s really rare for you to be mentoring me, Grandpa Ze. What’s the occasion?
Ze: Very funny, Hinata. Would you really like to know?
Your grandma lacked the right skill combo  for Matriarch and Vicarious to work with your father and Uncle Conan.

Conan: Today’s my adult birthday and Watchette gives me a Potion of Youth as a birthday gift.
Looks like I’m restarting my young adult stage, just like brother Jin!
I can’t wait to help mentor the ninth-generation boys!

Jin: Well, here we are, boys and girls, at the Skye Fitness Center in San Myshuno’s Uptown District!

Rukia: I don’t get it, Mr. Grim Reaper, sir. How do you run on a treadmill when you have no feet?

Hinata: It’s always so nice to get out for a change. School doesn’t count, you know!
Ze: This is an especially good gym because of its lot trait. *whispers: which isn’t working for Grim…
Hinata: After Rukia ages up, I hope we can visit different places more often, including this gym.
Rukia: *continues staring suspiciously at the Grim Reaper

Miku: I’m not that into the whole fitness thing, so I bring along my violin to start writing another song.

Conan: I challenge brother Yuta and the Grimster to a hoops competition.
Grim Reaper: Awww, c’mon, you guys. I’m dribbling, I’m dribbling. Aren’t you going to try for a block?
Conan: Seriously? Nope, you’ll never make that shot. *ignores GR smugly
GR: You guys are no fun at all. I’m taking my ball and going home! *pouts

Jin: Well, my two favorite ladies in the world, what can I get you to drink this evening?
Tami: All kidding aside, I think you and Yuki have done a terrific job raising the kids so far.
Even if I did most of the mentoring myself. *coughs
Yuki: Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought it was okay for me to level my mentor-able skills…

Jin: If my memory serves me correctly, Mama, I do believe that’s how it works.
As children and teens, my brothers and I were mainly mentored by Grandpa Takumi and Great-Uncle Ranma, not you and Papa.
Mama, Yuki and I really, really appreciate all you and Papa have done for our daughters.

Ze: It’s always great to sit down and share a meal together after a hard workout, innit?

Yuki: You’re such an angel for autonomously picking up the dishes, Hinata.
You’re not one of those useless Neat sims who simply complain and get uncomfortable when things get dirty!
Jin: Right, Hinata gets up and does something about that filth! You go, girl!
Conan: From this angle, you can really see the resemblance between Hinata and her mother Yuki.

Rukia: Daaa-aad, please stop sniffing my empty plate. What do you think you are, a food critic?
Ze: Most adorable Rukia, I truly hope that you will continue to entertain us with your charming faces as a teen!

Jin: Speaking of entertaining, let’s all go dancing together after Rukia’s teen birthday on Tuesday!
Rukia: Would someone please teach me some dance moves between now and then?


Miku: Today’s my first day of high school. I  wonder if I’ll like it…
Hinata: Stop lagging behind, sis! You’re going to make both of us late for the first class.
W: The lovely Hinata looks a bit gangly in a way that Miku does not. Are her ribboned sandals to blame?

Conan: I was a bit scared this morning. I didn’t get the “Time for Work” notice until 37 minutes after my shift started.
I started worrying that I wouldn’t be able to go to work…again.
But this evening, I’m promoted to Level 10 Charity Icon and max the Charity Organizer career.
W:  You’re such a lovable sim, Conan, you know that? *whispers: And I’m so sorry about last Friday…


Rukia: My teen birthday comes and goes after I blow out the candles on my birthday cake.
Besides being a Geek, I’m also Outgoing with the Freelance Botanist aspiration.
Watchette tells me she’s learned a special strategy for finishing that aspiration in two days!

W: Rukia is too adorable. Here she is in her formal outfit because she rocks the Japanese-style obi dress.

Ze: As promised, we’re all going out for a night on the town for a little dancing and a lot of carousing!
All right then, let’s do this! *travels with the family to the Pan Europa Discoteca
Random sim: Who are those guys swaggering down the stairs in cowboy hats?
Another random: What, you don’t recognize them? They’re notoriously ridiculous. Ridiculously notorious, even. They are…drumroll…The Dancers!

W: Today, I’m giddily pleased to introduce The Dancers in their newest incarnation. Sorry for the sparse costumes.
We couldn’t find fringed leather vests to wear bare-chested, which left just the bare chests.

Yuki: Oh no, that’s my Jin in front center. On the very right, there’s Ze dancing in front of Conan.
Hinata: Wow, Uncle Conan looks really cute! *coughs
Rukia: There’s Uncle Yuta in the very back of the middle row.
Miku: Hey, the blond guy I met at the gym—Masato—is dancing right behind Papa!
Tami: The remaining three sims are the triplets of my Auntie Dulce. Gahhh!

Rukia: Whoa, Uncle Conan’s dancing in front now.
Hinata: Why are they wearing those shorts? Why not regular jeans? Don’t those little shorts make the dancers look a little trashy?
Tami: Um, grand-daughter, I think that’s the point. When you get older, you’ll understand. Ahem…
Miku: Why am I suddenly getting text messages from all my female classmates!?

Tami: You have to admit, girls, that my Ze—he’s front center–has the sultry look down with a capital “S.” All the rest are just cheap imitations!
Yuki: Excuse me? I know you didn’t just include my Jin among those cheap imitations! *points while doing the “Oh no you di’int” head-bob

And one last shot for the road, because it’s so hilarious that The Dancers seem to take themselves so seriously. Ouch, his eye!
Incidentally, the happy pear-shaped ghost in two of the images is Frank Biello (blue, childish, dance machine Criminal/Boss).

The Dancers always return! I just need a good pretext for dragging them out again, hehe.

And now on a slightly more serious note…

Your thoughts on choosing the Gen8 Heir and Cadet would be greatly appreciated!

Only two of the daughters will remain in the house, so please vote for the Gen8 Heir and her Cadet.
The daughter with the fewest votes will move out before the chosen Gen8 Heir becomes a young adult.
The Heir and Cadet will complete one career each, with the Politician career left for the Gen9 Heir.
Their third traits are parenthesized because they have already been rolled for each sim, but won’t be assigned until the girls become young adults.

Here are the girls with and without makeup. From left to right: Hinata, Miku, and Rukia.

And here they are again in their everyday outfits.

And finally, here are their stats:

Traits: Neat, Outgoing (Genius)
Maxed all 4 childhood skills & aspirations? Yes
Aspiration: Mansion Baron
Maxed: Logic, Violin, Charisma, and Piano; L3 Fishing and L3 Video Gaming
Possible career: Writer/Journalist or Business/Management

Traits: Outgoing, Squeamish (Good)
Maxed all 4 childhood skills & aspirations? Yes
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Maxed: Logic, Piano; L9 Charisma and Violin; L2 Fishing and L2 Video Gaming
Possible career: Writer/Journalist or Business/Management

Traits: Geek, Outgoing (Family-Oriented)
Maxed all 4 childhood skills & aspirations? Yes
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Maxed: Logic, Violin, Charisma, and Piano; L7 Video Gaming sand L2d Fishing
Possible career: Writer/Journalist or Business/Management

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