Mori 7.78:  It’s Your Move, Miku

Week 39/Monday

Rukia: Hello, everyone, it’s past midnight and I have an important announcement. Ahem!
Thanks to my supporters, I’ve been chosen the Gen8 Heir. *takes small bow
As you know, I don’t assume leadership of the Mori Legacy until my young adult birthday.
Hinata: Hmmph, she only won by one vote! Anyway, I’ll be staying here as Cadet.
W: Yeah, that was a really close vote!

W: Must be nice to be done with maxing careers, aspirations, and skills, huh?
Jin: Yuki and the girls don’t need any mentoring at the moment.
Ze: Tam and I were just here waiting for the results of the vote!
Tami: And to answer Rukia’s question, my hair’s still pink cuz I’m still an adult! My three sons were born separately, remember?

The next morning…
W: What are you up to, Rukia? Playing a video game before school?
Isn’t that Noctis Lucis Caelum, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV?

Rukia: Yes, that’s him. As Gen8 Heir, I’ll bring in the Gen9 boys so I’m deciding…

W: Deciding on what?
Rukia: I’ve decided on a set of three boy’s names in the case I marry Noctis.
Now, I’m deciding on another three names in case I don’t manage to marry him.
Hinata: Haha, fat chance!

Miku: Well, things turned out well for you and Rukia, Hinata, but what about me?
Hinata (whispers): What’s going on with Asa? He’s looking very fine post-closet.

Asa: Wow, your grandparents help with homework without you even having to ask!
Miku: Asa, please don’t blow kisses while I’m studying! I’ll be done soon.

Rukia: Hey, Asa, can we go visit your crib after we’re done with homework?
Asa: Naturally, you’re all welcome to come over.

Hinata: Um, Asa, are we standing in front of the right house?
Miku: I never knew you lived in such a fabulous house, Asa!
Asa: Hehe, I needed to ensure you loved me for my irresistible charm and brilliant mind.
This lovely Gallery download is “Bahama Breeze” by Kulthero777.

Miku: This is such a beautiful house. Both its exterior and its interior are amazing!
Hinata: Seriously. And I’ve never noticed before, but the Mori House doesn’t have any curtains, like, at all.

Rukia: Look at the way that Asa always has his eye on you, Miku.
Anyone could tell he’s really crazy about you. His family’s very warm, too.
Hinata: I think you could be really happy here, Miku. You better reel Asa in, girl!

Week 39/Tuesday

W: Who’s the cute little policeman with the blond and pink hair?
Jin: Conan told me Sunday that Chief of Police Shaurya Joyson aged up to an elder recently.
So I’ve come to the Police Station to meet the new chief, but Shaurya hasn’t retired yet.

Watchette, why do I have to stand by the Police Station’s sign? Stop being such a tourist!
W: Too bad Detective is so bugged for this legacy. You’d look great in that shirt-and-holster uniform, Jin!

Hinata: Welcome home, Dad. Wow, you sure left work early!
Jin (changes subject): How’s your Bestselling Author aspiration going?
Hinata: Only one more bestseller to write, but I still lack publishing income.
Jin: Excellent progress! By the way, we’re throwing you a birthday party this evening.
Hinata: Really? This household has only thrown one party since Grandma maxed Party Animal…
Jin (whispers): Actually, it’s like this…

Rukia: This is great fun! I hope the family throws me a birthday party, too!

Conan: I finally met someone who’s not my relative—that blonde sim in purple.
Her name’s Ayaka Ikeda and she’s been friends with the girls since grade school.

Stranger: Allow me to introduce myself, young lady. My name’s Shaurya Joynson.
Hinata: A pleasure to meet you, sir. I’m the birthday girl, Hinata Mori.
Shaurya: And I’m the Chief of Police. Hinata, how’d you like to join the police force?
Hinata: Thank you for the kind offer, sir, but I just joined the Writer career.

Shaurya: Why do you repeatedly ask to see my Party outfit, Hinata? You’re looking at it.
Hinata: Oh…
Conan: Duuuuurrrr.

Rukia: A moment of silence to appreciate how adorable Uncle Conan’s party look is!

Hinata: I ask Whatz-his-name to move in, then he becomes my Cadet Spouse and dies?
Jin: Oh darling, the 75-day-old Shaurya was a Level 10 Chief of Police.
Watchette feels infinitely grateful to you for helping this legacy max Detective.
Conan: Yeah, Watchette had given up because of the glitches but couldn’t let it go.

Hinata: And after making this unthinkable sacrifice, what’s in it for me?
Jin: Well, I’ll round up a number of potential spouses for Rukia and you to meet.
You can marry someone else, someone young and handsome, but he can’t move in.
W: And yes, every sim lately gets singed after blowing out the birthday candles.


Hinata: Hey, Mr. Reaper, why are you stalking me this fine morning?
Grim Reaper: Oh puhleeze! I’m just minding my merry business when you sprint past me.
Hinata: Haha, just pulling your leg…oh wait, you don’t have any legs?

GR: So, how’s tricks? You back fishing again? Did you finish Bestselling Author?
Hinata: Almost, I just need to earn a little more publishing income.
GR: What about your career? Why aren’t you working today?
Hinata: I joined the Writer career but don’t start until tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

Miku: I wish my birthday would arrive already but it’s not until Friday.
Rukia: My birthday’s next Monday, but I’ve stopped attending high school, too!

Miku: As soon as I blow out the candles, I’m going to propose and marry Asa!
Rukia: Do you two want a child, Miku? Are you hoping for a daughter or a son?
Miku: Asa and I only hope that our baby will be healthy and adorable and smart.

Jin: Mama aged up to an elder right after last night’s party.
When she and Papa come for dinner today, I recolor her hair after dinner.
W: So, when a sim turns elder, even cc hair turning grey is definitely a thing.


Yuki: Jin darling, our oldest daughter leaves for her first day of work this morning.
Jin: Time certainly flies, doesn’t it? One of our babies will be getting married soon, too!
Hinata: I’m so hyped that I get up early enough for both a massage and a yoga routine before work.

Rukia: Wow, Papa, your strategy totally worked!
Jin: Yeah, up to now, we’ve all skilled Fitness to Level 10 then worked on maximizing body potential.
Rukia: But right after I hit L9 Fitness, you had me eat a Protein Plate and switch to an Epic Workout.
Jin: And you simultaneously maxed Fitness, your body potential, and the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Rukia: Let’s try this again with my future sons to check if I was just lucky or not!
W: Conan tried this again with Miku the same day and she also maxed her body potential just as she reached L10 Fitness.


Miku: When my birthday notice arrives, I invite over Asa who’s already a young adult.
I ask him out on two dates while I work up my courage to propose.
Of course, I’d rather he propose to me, but I don’t have the luxury of time.

Asa: Yes, of course. I’ve wanted to marry you since we were in grade school, Miku.
Miku: Exactly how do you have eyes the same color as my hair, you adorable man!

Miku:  After we marry at the wedding arch at the Mori House, one thing leads to another…
Asa: A pregnancy test confirms the news Miku and I have been waiting for.
Miku: Wow, someone’s certainly being stingy with the “Eating for Two” confetti!
Asa: And that very evening, I help Miku move out to my home in Newcrest.


Jin: When Conan and I go to South Square Coffee for a late brunch, we run into a bit of luck.
We make the acquaintance of five young adults who have recently moved to our simverse.
Conan: To be exact, they moved here together and live in a large house in Oasis Springs.

Jin: We meet the first four of the roommates as we stand in line to order. They’re the four fellows on the right.
Conan: Each one makes a fine spouse candidate!

Conan: The counter somehow turned filthy at incredible speed.
Two of the fellas seem perturbed by the filth—might they be Neat sims?
The third fella is hamming it up for the camera. He must be Self-Assured and not Neat.

Jin: I notice the fifth fellow is sitting outdoors so I go introduce myself.
I give him the same spiel that I gave his roommates: Join us Sunday at the Shrieking Lllama Bar for Guys’ Night. That’s tomorrow night!

Conan: Is this AGB (Attention-Getting Behavior)? Is this guy sitting outside alone so that he gets a screenshot by himself?

All five sims are individual Gallery sims who are tagged #legacyloves.
In the next update, Hinata and Rukia will learn all about them…their names, their traits, and their hobbies. And they will make choices.
At that time, I’ll also give the Gallery titles of these five sims as well as their creator’s names.

Mori 8.79: A New Year, A New Heir

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