Rivals 3.33: A Grotto Unforgettable

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Zanna, Part II)



• Jung Storey successfully resurrects and wants sunlight resistance asap;
• Founder Serena completes all her requirements except maxing the Scientist career;
• Caleb installs a wormhole generator onto the rocket ship
• G2 Heir Massimo gets an A in school, completes the Bodybuilder aspiration, and becomes the first interstellar vampire only to find Sixam’s been picked clean;
• After many attempts, Penny Pizzazz paints two museum-worthy portraits of Massimo; and
• Massimo’s sister Lia ages up to a child with the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Week 3/Tuesday

Massimo: Why am I reading a Fishing skill book instead of actually fishing, Papa?
Caleb: For one thing, you have no sunlight resistance.
But more importantly, we’re staying home to ensure your mother gets her final promotion.

M: I still need another maxed skill, two enemies, and a collection.
I can’t wait to be done with my requirements so I can move out!
C: Your rival heirs moved out on Friday and Saturday, so you’re still waaaay ahead of them.
M: Okay, but we’re going fishing as soon as Mama comes home!

Jung: Penny, I want to thank you for preparing the ambrosia for me.
Penny: Hey, no worries. Just keep an eye out for my Paola, you hear?
After Massimo moves, I’m sure he’ll be asking you and Paola to move in with him.

Jung: I can do that, Penny. And you’ll always be welcome to visit.
Penny: Hey, how come I’m not in this screenshot?

Lia: I’m an Artistic Prodigy and Music Lover.
I’m still not sure what I want to “be” when I grow up?
Papa says I need to choose an activity that doesn’t require reward traits. Maybe music?

Frankly, I’m a little worried about having to live on the sidelines like Auntie Lilith.
And what if I don’t want to be a vampire?

Caleb: Don’t breathe a word to Massimo but that Moss has been lurking around all day.
Lilith: I know! I saw him walking around behind our house this morning.

Caleb: This afternoon, he’s been playing sappy Italian love songs in that grill area closest to our home.
Lilith: Wasn’t Massimo supposed to max Violin as his second skill?
Caleb: It was a thought but Fitness and Violin don’t produce museum items, so…

Serena: At last, I earn my final promotion to Level 10 Scientist!
But I’m not quitting until I make the last three breakthroughs!

Serena: You’re looking pretty proud of yourself, darling.
Caleb: Of course, dear. I just procured my fifth magic bean!
Only the uncomfortable bean left!

Massimo: We arrive at Desert Bloom Park a little after 8 p.m.
Papa starts breaking open the closed off cave entrance then goes inside.

Caleb: Hmmmph, and people say I’m just a pretty face!

Lia: This is the first time I get to talk with Mama since my birthday this morning.
Mama agrees that I look a lot like Papa.

Unfortunately, yes. I was hoping for more of a mini-Serena.
Since Massimo looks more like Serena, maybe the siblings should swap genders…

Massimo: I would be hard pressed to choose which place I prefer, here or Sixam.
For me, the appeal of Sixam would be the alien flora and other rare collectibles.

In terms of sheer beauty, however, I’d rather be here at the Forgotten Grotto.
I mean, look, they have bats! I wonder if I could fish here even during daytime…


Serena: Lia is quite the Daddy’s girl and Caleb is always happy to make time for her.
Whenever I look at Lia, I think she looks like Caleb.
But when I actually see the two of them together, her resemblance to him isn’t that strong.
Is it? I do believe she has his eyes.

Penny: After a short break from painting portraits, I finally finish Caleb’s.
He has such a great smile, but I couldn’t quite capture it!

Serena: I’m done upgrading our wormhole generator!
Massimo hasn’t found all the alien flora yet, so he can use this for his next visit.


Jung: I’ve been asking Serena, Caleb, or Lilith for vampiric training whenever I can.
With three Grand Masters in the house, Massimo and I have been progressing quickly.
I more than Massimo, however, since he has many more duties as the heir.

Jung: Becoming a Master Vampire enables me to buy two tiers of Sunlight Resistance.
Just two more points until I become a full daywalker! Sweet!


Massimo: Very early this morning, I go fishing at the Forgotten Grotto with Papa and Jung.
I max Fishing and, though I know I could do better, my museum items are ready.
As you can see, I’ve submitted 3 sturgeons and 4 anglerfish for a total of $10,270.

Since I’ve run out of vacation days, I’m off to school today.
Only need two enemies now. You think I’ll be able to move out tonight?

Serena: Why are you making me pick up then drop bags of trash?
Uh, Caleb needs some trash piles.
Serena: You know this isn’t your Murkland save, right?

Caleb: Curses! I successfully lure her to a locked room and make her uncomfortable.
But she changes out of her Plantsim form before I can ask for a bean!

Caleb: Fine! I stand by the sidewalk with my trash piles, waiting for a plantsim to come along.

You’ll notice Daichi walking away in the background.
These days, Daichi never cleans anymore unless I use my vampiric Command power.
But, of course, he makes a beeline to my trash piles, so I dismissed him for the day.

I do meet an uncomfortable plantsim.
Was he already uncomfortable or do we have the trash piles to thank?

Serena: Once Caleb obtains his sixth magic bean, he and the plantsim seem to reverse roles!?
Doesn’t it look as if the plantsim is begging Caleb? But for what, exactly?

Anything Caleb’s got to share belongs exclusively to me, you legume lackey!

Caleb: Not sure what that plantsim was asking me for, but I now have six magic beans!
And soon, we will have our very own totes-useless-to-vampires magical tree!

Quite frankly, I’m so impressed at how useful Caleb turned out to be!
He fully upgraded the rocketship, broke the entrance to the Forbidden Grotto, and gathered all the magic beans.
All without the help of reward traits or aspiration-based bonus traits. You rock, Caleb!


Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration
Portraits (2): yes/$14,546 total
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Mist Form
Garden: complete
Careeer: Scientist (Level 10)
*Incomplete requirements: None.

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements
Toddler skills:  Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Teen career: Manual Labor (Level 3)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Daichi Yoshida, Paolo Rocca, Imane Al Fassi
Aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
“A” in high school: yes
Portraits (2): yes/$16,959 total (normal: $7,692/dark: $9,307)
Skills (2): Fitness and Fishing (both Level 10)
Collection: $10, 270
(Sturgeon: $2544, $2177, $1680; Anglerfish: $1496, $1189, $681, $503)

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Enemies: (Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma)

Rivals 3.34: Yukio’s Swimwear

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