Mori 7.76: The Mori Household Downsizes

Week 38/Tuesday

Tami: First, let’s go back in time a bit to soon after Rukia aged up but before we all left for Pan Europa.
Do you notice that Rukia looks singed?
Ze: This also happened to Jin and Miku. After ageing up, they came back singed from planning outfits.

W: I just checked EA Answers HQ and apparently I need to “Repair game.” I’ll see if that works.

Ze: To stave off the boredom, the boys and I have been working on the Computer Whiz aspiration lately.
Because Conan maxed his career yesterday, we all join the Tech Guru career this afternoon.
Jin: Then, all three of us managed to successfully negotiate a bonus.  Huzzah!

Ze: Rukia, I’ve placed three rows of 15 seeds each for you to plant: elderberry, chamomile, and muckleberry.
Rukia: Why those three types of seeds?
Ze: They’re among the fastest growers plus we have lots on hand.
Rukia: Um, how do I prevent the gardener from messing with my plants? Fencing?
Ze: Good question! Let’s cancel the gardening service until you’re nearly done with Freelance Botanist.
Conan: I’ll take care of that, Papa.

Rukia: Is there anything else I should know for today about gardening?
Ze: No, I only want to discuss cognitive techniques with you. Also, don’t forget we’re going clubbing tonight at 8.
Rukia: Thanks, Grandpa! I’ll try to plant as many as possible before then.


Jin: I can’t believe we let Papa talk us into joining the Tech Guru career, then he leaves for work without us.
Conan: Exactly! It would have been nice if the three of us could have left for work together.
Jin: By the way, what did you think of our cowboy outfits last night?
Conan (groans): They have to be the worst costumes The Dancers have worn so far. Still, it was pretty funny.

Conan: Hey, what’s going on with our other special project?
Jin: That one’s still a secret, bro.

Jin: What’s the gardener doing here? I thought you dismissed him so he wouldn’t get in Rukia’s way.
Conan: I could have sworn I canceled our gardening service last night. I’ll have Mama get rid of him. Right now, we need to get to work.

Rukia: Grandma, thanks for writing me an excuse note this morning, so I could skip my first day of high school.
The thought of all these plants that need watering really bothers me.
Tami: No worries, Rukia. Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you. Why’s that chair in the corner?

Rukia: Oh, that chair? It keeps me from walking back into the house whenever I drink a Focused potion.
Watchette’s such a slave-driver, you know? But I’ll need a wastebasket, too, or I’ll walk back to wash my glass.

Miku: Today, I invite Jayden Whitehead home after school. I think he might be one of those living statues. Sometimes he appears in my relationship panel in gold paint.

Hinata: One of those immortal weirdos, eh? Does that mean if we invited him to move in, he’d never die? And would he always be a teenager? Ewww, creepy!
Tami: A living statue would be fatal for an immortal dynasty! *shudders

Jin: Well, that was really too easy! We earn our Level 5 promotion on our first day of work. *phones to quit job
Conan: Hey, I’m not complaining. Now we only need to complete the 100 Hours on the Computer goal. *phones to quit job
Ze: Why don’t we get to wear cool career uniforms? *phones to quit job

Hinata: I don’t mind having to eat this atrocious Protein Plate, if you say so, Papa. But why?
Jin: You’ve already maxed Fitness but you need to maximize your body potential to earn the Long-Lived trait.
Finish up the Protein Plate then go do an epic workout on the weightlifting machine.
Hinata: If I get really muscular thighs, Papa, I will hate you forever!

Ze: Wow, I take it you missed me while I was at work today?
Tami: Yes, darling, I missed you so much while stuck at home mentoring Yuki in her last mentor-able skill.
Ze: Did you see how she glared at you when you invited me into the closet? Pffft, unflirty sims be like PDA Police!
Tami: Hey, focus on me, please! I’m trying to entice you into this closet filled with smelly sneakers.

Tami: Whew, Ze, I can’t believe how energetic you are! The Dancers must recharge your batteries.
Ze: Sweetheart, my elder birthday comes up in two days. I’m thinking of moving out tomorrow. Will you come with me?
Tami: Of course, I’d follow you anywhere and everywhere you go, my beloved Ze. We belong together.

Ze: You know, Grim actually miscalculated Ranma’s age. At 17 weeks and 2 days, Ranma lived for 121 days.
That’s 23 days past his second notice—three extra weeks! I’m hoping that moving out before my elder birthday will give us more time.
Tami: Yes, let’s think together about where we want to live! I’m really going to miss living with all these kids, though.
The PDA Policewoman, not so much. Um, can you walk, darling?


Jin: Awww, Dad, I wish you and Mama didn’t have to move out today!
Ze: Same here, but we’re hoping to be around longer this way.
Conan: Well, it’s only appropriate that we spend our last morning together playing video games.
Jin: And don’t think we won’t be inviting you over, like, all the time!
Ze: Tami and I are counting on that! And don’t either of you even try beating my high score after I move out!
JIn and Conan (in unison):Hhehehe…

Miku: Grandpa, all my Musical Genius aspiration requires is that I mentor a sim for 3 hours.
But our entire family has already maxed Piano and Violin, so I’m stuck. What should I do?
Ze:  You have two options. One, you can click on the violin or piano, then “Hire staff” for $100.
Two, you can create a club, invite a sim to join, then set the club activity to play violin.

Miku: You’re a genius, Grandpa! I invite Asa Crabtree into my new club and start a club gathering. After he arrives, he immediately picks up a violin.
Ze: Nice! In a few more hours, you’ll be done with Musical Genius. Hang in there, sweetie.

Ze: So much has happened since you found me lying wounded in the park, Tami. I’m so lucky you found me.
Tami: It’s been a great life so far, eh? And we have three handsome sons and three gorgeous grand-daughters!

Tami: It’s so hard to leave but we’re just moving to the Munch Haus.
Ze: So why are we waiting for a taxi? The Munch Haus is just a hop, skip, and jump up that hill.
Tami: You don’t expect me to drag these heavy suitcases all the way to our new home, do you?

Tami: Isn’t that Carlos Mori?
Yuki: Who’s Carlos Mori?
Tami: He’s the redheaded twin brother of Naoki Mori, the Gen3 Heir who had all the kids. What’s he doing here?
Miku: Oops, I clicked on a violin to hire a violinist as Grandpa Ze had suggested, but every available violinist was a ghostly Mori descendant.
And um, I might have clicked on Carlos Mori by mistake.

Tami: Oooh, that’s a swift way to get a family ghost in the house on demand, without having to deal with gravestones!

Hinata: After a second epic workout session, it happens! I maximize my body potential, complete Bodybuilder, and earn the Long-Lived trait.
Jin: Excellent work! You were so lucky to roll Mansion Baron, Hinata! You’ve sped through multiple aspirations.
Hinata: Yes, I’m really grateful. It’s allowed me to purchase lots of useful reward traits.

Rukia: Okay, I’ve reached Level 5 Gardening on Tier III of Freelance Botanist. Once I get serious about grafting, I’m going to slay this aspiration, fo’ shizzle!

Miku: Although my sisters are hard at work and grinding, I’d rather spend my time getting to know you better, Asa. We’ve been good friends since grade school.
Asa: Thanks. I hadn’t realized our friendship bars were completely full. And now we’re BFFs!
Miku: Have I already told you that you’re looking mighty fine?
Asa: Um, thanks for getting me a closet makeover, Miku. I appreciate it.

Miku: So, are you a not-in-the-world sim, Asa? (to herself): I’ve looked at the voting. I’m pretty sure I won’t be chosen as the Gen8 Heir or Cadet.
Asa: No, in fact, I live with my parents in a house located in Newcrest. You should come over sometime.

Miku: Asa, I’m so glad you agree to spend the night!
Asa: Well, we did share a first kiss earlier yet still have so much to learn about each other, you know?
Miku: I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, Asa, but would you want to go steady?
Asa: Awww, Miku, I thought you’d never ask. I’ve wanted to ask you but I’m just a random townie so I couldn’t.
Miku: So, that’s a yes? *squees
W: Hands-down the cutest facial expression that Miku has made so far.


Rukia: It’s great heading out for school together again, right? Wow, Miku, you’re cheerful this morning.
Miku: …
Hinata: Hey, why is Asa Crabtree standing on our porch this early in the morning?! Miku, you didn’t!
Miku: Of course not…well, maybe…um, yes? Asa and I are going steady now. *grins
Rukia: Don’t you think that’s pretty thoughtless of you, Miku? The Gen8 Heir vote is still going on.
Miku: Uh, no! Asa has the Active trait, which isn’t a legacy-unique trait, so I believe Asa is fair game.

Asa: How could Miku not expect that I’ve read all about the Mori Gen8 Heir Vote on the forum? I know exactly what her situation is and what’s on her mind about the future.
You know, she’s never even realized that I’ve had a crush on her since grade school.

W: So, Asa, you harbor long-term intentions for your relationship with MIku?
Asa: I’ll say. I’m hoping to marry her and have her move into our house in Newcrest.

I realize that space in the Mori household is at a premium, but I’m hoping that Miku can stay here until she’s married and pregnant.
W: You talk as if the vote’s already over and done with.
Asa: For Hinata and Rukia, not yet. But for Miku, probably yes.

W: What are you up to out here all alone?
Hinata: I’m fishing so I’ve obviously started the Angling Ace aspiration. Part of me wants to start Bestselling Author aspiration.
But since the Gen8 Heir hasn’t been decided, though, I think that would be tempting fate. I don’t want to jinx myself.

W: Well, a fan of yours previously remarked that there are fewer shots of you than the others.
That’s why we’re concluding this chapter with you in the moonlight.

Current Status of the Gen8 Heir Vote

Hinata:  3 votes for Heir, 1 vote for Cadet
Miku:     0 votes for Heir, 0 vote for Cadet, 4 indirect votes for Sim-to-Be-Moved-Out
Rukia:    2 votes for Heir, 2 votes for Cadet

Scoring: 2 points for an Heir vote and 1 point for a Cadet point. Current score: Hinata/7, Rukia/6, and Miku/0.

NOTE: One voter only specified “not-Miku.”

Current Age of the Mori Household

Jin       :  11 days to adult birthday
Conan  :  15 days to adult birthday
Yuki     :  1 day to adult birthday (will drink a Potion of Youth and restart her young adult phase)
Hinata  :  4 days to young adult birthday
Miku    :   7 days to young adult birthday
Rukia   :  10 days to young adult birthday

Thanks for reading!

Mori 7.77:  The Gardening Geeks

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