Mori 7.77:  The Gardening Geeks

Current Status of the Gen8 Heir Vote

I’ve tallied scores by giving 2 points for each Heir vote and 1 point for each Cadet vote.
Rukia has a one-point lead (10 points) over Hinata (9 points).

Hinata:  3 votes for Heir, 3 votes for Cadet
Miku:     0 votes for Heir, 2 vote for Cadet, 6 indirect votes for Sim-to-Be-Moved-Out
Rukia:    4 votes for Heir, 2 votes for Cadet

Although I realize this is the worst timing to hold an heir vote, I’ll be closing the vote tomorrow night (Jan 1), so I can move ahead with the challenge.


Week 38/Friday

Hinata: Although I start leaving for school with my sisters this morning, I realize that I needn’t go anymore.
Since my young adult birthday’s in four days on Tuesday, I just take a vacation day instead.
My teen years seem to be slipping by so quickly!
Maybe I’ll start the Bestselling Author aspiration today. I’m pretty certain of staying in the legacy house.

Grim Reaper: Well, hello, Miss Hinata. Are the fish biting this morning?
Hinata: I’ve been lucky and made two great catches in the last two hours.
GR: That’s really great! By the way, I see that you’ve recently earned the Long-Lived trait. Good for you!
Hinata: How did you learn that? Did Papa tell you?
GR: Erm, no. I can tell from looking at your legs. And no, I wasn’t staring—just a quick glance…

Hinata: My legs are so muscular they are announcing: “I’ve maxed my body potential”? I’m going to strangle Papa.
GR:  Don’t be so hard on your father, Hinata. He’s only thinking about what’s good for you.
Although maybe getting that trait’s just become an irrelevant custom for your family.

The Mori Legacy’s challenge ends when the Gen10 heir is born, correct?
Hinata (internally, ignoring GR): Maybe I’ll switch to slacks instead of a skirt, or maybe have Watchette cheat my buffness away…

Hinata: Before I forget, my sister Rukia asked me for a favor if I ran into you before she did.
GR: Yes?
Hinata: She’d like to know where you acquired the reaper bunny that hangs on a chain from your waist.
GR: I’m afraid I can tell you—secrets of the trade and all. Anyway, only the Grim Reaper can own this.
Hinata: Awww, that’s too bad. Rukia will be heart-broken when I tell her. Have you ever seen her room?

GR: I have a question for you. I know there’s a vote going on for the Gen8 Heir these days.
When the new heir comes of age, your family’s not planning another Primary/Secondary Spouse bait-and-switch thingy, are you?
Hinata: I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’d have to consult Papa about our family’s plans.
As for my muscular thighs and me, we are going home to learn the Writing skill.

Hinata: Thanks for mentoring me, Papa. I’ve decided to join the Journalist career whether I’m chosen as heir or not.
Jin: It’s an excellent idea to do this aspiration now, Hinata. Once you start working, you’ll get busy writing articles instead of novels.
Hinata: It’s nice of Mama to switch places with me. This is a nicer place for writing than indoors.

Jin: It’s hard to believe that you’re going to become a young adult next Tuesday, Hinata.
Hinata: To be honest, I’m so relieved that I don’t have to return to high school.
Jin: Oh? I’d always thought you enjoyed high school.
Hinata: I did. But ever since The Dancers’ “Save a Horse Revue,” my female classmates have been acting crazy.
Do you have any idea how photos of you are floating around in cyberspace these days?
Jin: Hehe… *slips Hinata $50 to not tell his wife Yuki

Hinata: I come home to find that my cow plant grew up while I was at school. She’s humongous! Awww, you like to be petted, do you?

Hinata: My cowplant is also very playful! But I must, regretfully, store you in our family inventory.
Don’t worry, you won’t be lonely. You can chill out with five of your kin there.
I’m sorry I can’t take care of you, but I’m in a life-or-death struggle for the leadership of the Mori Legacy.

Hinata: After doing my homework, I return to my plants to continue grafting. Now I understand Grandpa Ze’s logic in placing the seeds in three rows.
Instead of grafting a pair of plants to each other, I first take cuttings from a set of three plants then graft them to each other.
Later, I can take cuttings again but graft in the opposite direction.
First day: Elderberry cutting to Chamomile, Chamomile cutting to Muckleberry, and Muckleberry cutting to Elderberry
The next day: Muckleberry cutting to Chamomile, Chamomile cutting to Elderberry, and Elderberry cutting to Muckleberry


Hinata: I hope you don’t find all this talk and gardening images too boring.
But I get so excited about figuring out an easier way to level up.

Conan: I agree that grafting is the way to go. I’ve been spraying bugs in the sunken garden and up here, while you’ve been grafting.
And you’ve gone up 2.5 levels while I’m still stuck on Level 9.

Hinata: And, naturally, the second I turn my back, I max Gardening and finish Freelance Botanist.
On the plus side for you, no more discussion or images of gardening.
On the plus side for me, I can proceed to other aspirations and am no longer tied to the house! Wheee!

Miku: While Hinata writes and Rukia gardens, I’ve been learning to paint.
My progress is only moderately fast—Mama wanders off as soon as I’m done with one painting.
As you can see both of us are super excited about our day. *yawns

But not everyone suffers from boredom today…
Rukia: Nope, I did not just successfully ask someone to be my boyfriend.
I’m a geek, remember? I do this little victory dance whenever I find a collectible!

Yuki: Thank you for giving me this Potion of Youth on my birthday, Watchette.
W: Well, thank you for walking all the way to the opposite end of the house to drink it.

Yuki: Sorry, I just had to get away from Hinata for a minute. I’m really struggling not to feel jealous.
Apart from maxing Wellness and Guitar, Hinata has already achieved everything that I have while merely a 10-day-old teen.
And she’s already surpassed me in the Bestselling Author aspiration, because she’s somehow able to write novels faster.

W: Don’t be that way, Yuki. Be proud that you’ve raised such a brilliant daughter.
And anyway, not every sim turns out to be a super sim. Your gift is your heart-breaking beauty.

Jin: Everyone’s been home working hard this past week, so I suggest we go out for a while.
Yuki: We make a brief stop at the gym so that Miku and Rukia can start the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Conan: I introduce myself to the only young adult female I’ve seen for days.
Just my luck that she turns out to be Cayla Bateman, Great-Uncle Ranma’s daughter and so my mother’s cousin.
The game considers her my “acquaintance,” but I know better. Once I hear her family name, I don’t bother to learn her traits.

Jin: Next stop is a yoga class for the girls at the Perfect Balance Spa in Newcrest.
Conan: We invite Papa along and I’m shocked to see he has grey hair, because cc hair doesn’t usually turn grey.
W: I have to resist the urge to immediately place a closet in the spa to change Ze’s hair color.

Rukia: No, that’s not Grandpa Ze giving the death salute.
He showed up a bit late to the yoga class, so he’s waving his arm to protest the lack of vacant yoga mats.
I wonder why Grandma Tami still has pink hair but Grandpa Ze’s hair turned grey?

Yuki: Not everyone in the family is practicing yoga. I invite my cowboy to relax in the sauna.

Conan: I take a quick look around the spa to check the local talent, but resign myself to a foot massage.
And when I check my relationship panel, I see that all the attractive women are related to my family. Sheesh.

Jin: I invite Papa and Mama home with us then immediately take Papa to the closet.
I mean, no big deal over some botox along with a little nip & tuck among family, right?
Conan: Wow, Papa, you must enjoy pride of place as one of Watchette’s absolutely favorite sims! Too bad you can’t get rid of the ole geezer slouch, though.
Ze: She even did a little cosmetic surgery on my suddenly expansive waist and hips. *looks hawt again

Week 39/Sunday

Hinata: Bestselling Author is really a grueling aspiration—so many hours typing away on the computer.
That aspiration is bad for the eyes and bad for the lower back.
I’d say writing novels is great for the pocketbook but we’re so filthy rich now, it hardly matters.

I’ve been really lucky with this aspiration, you know.
In Tier I, I wrote a Good-quality second book, which counted as my first Good Book in Tier II.
Next, my fifth Good Book for Tier II was Excellent quality, so it counted as my first Excellent Book for Tier III.
Does all that make sense? Anyway, these boosts let me to make faster progress with the aspiration.

Jin: Once we all reach a good stopping point in our various activities, we prepare to go out and celebrate the New Year.
Yuki: We can’t prepare traditional Japanese New Year’s foods since our simverse lacks an Asian grocery store.
Jin: We can, however, dine at the Iyashi Restaurant. We phone Mama and Papa to invite them along.

Hinata: It’s so cool to get dressed up like this! Dad and Uncle Conrad look so handsome in their kimono and hakama!
But why does Grandma Tami get the ritzy formal brocade kimono while the rest of us girls are in summer cotton kimonos?
W: Some glitch that I couldn’t figure out. *shrugs

Tami: Ze darling, do you remember the doctor who delivered Jin and his twin Yuta for us at the hospital?
Ze: How could I forget? She was wearing her surgeon’s scrubs with a Japanese-style cosplay wig she’d bought online. It looked so wrong!

Tami: When I see Yuki in her kimono with a similar hairstyle, I understand better why I was so upset with that doctor.
That traditional hairstyle looks stunning on you, Yuki darling, in your understated kimono.
Yuki: Thanks, Mama. I’m so glad you like it. *blushes

Rukia: You look like a different person in that indigo-dyed kimono and your updo, Mama.
But, honestly? Your obi sash looks like it was made using “bingata” (Okinawan bingata resist-dyed stenciling) but its colors clash with your kimono.
Yuki: That’s uncharacteristically mean of you, Rukia!
Rukia: Sorry, Mama. Watchette put those words in my mouth…

Miku: So what’s happening with the vote, ladies?
Hinata: Well, I was in the lead for a while, then Rukia recently got two votes for Heir and now she’s one point ahead.
Rukia: I wonder when Watchette’s going to close the vote?
Miku: Probably really soon. You know how impatient she is about forging ahead with the challenge.
Hinata: Yeah, I agree. And my young adult birthday is tomorrow, so I bet Watchette closes the vote at midnight then starts the new year by announcing the next heir.

Rukia: Hey, I think the three of us need to go visit the home of Asa Crabtree in Newcrest. Agreed?
Miku: Haha, I’d been wanting to go check it out as well, but didn’t want to go by myself. I’d love to make it an outing of the sisterhood!

Best wishes to everyone for a joyful, healthy, and satisfying 2017!

(originally posted on January 1, 2017)

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