Mori 8.79: A New Year, A New Heir

Week 40/Sunday

Conan: Hey, bro! Why the sad face?
Jin: To pass the time, I’m trying to complete the plushie collection.
So I just opened 75 holiday crackers—that’s 25 of each type—but where’s my eighth plushie?

Jin: So now I’ve opened 120 holiday crackers and still can’t find the last one!
Conan: Awww, that’s too bad, bro. Maybe you need to step away for a while, eh?
Yuki: Why use the foundation, sweetheart?

Jin: This is what Great-Grandpa Takumi did for the Voidcritter collection, I hear.
I place everything on this foundation. When I’m done, I keep one of each plushie then delete the foundation which takes everything with it.

Jin: Just for good luck, I try the adopt-then-cancel ploy, even though it’s not been working lately.
Conan: Yeah, seems like the simverse keeps filling with single-sim households from City Living.
W: I could always import a #legacyloves household of children, but I’d rather not.

W: Well, good afternoon, Miz-Thang-Who-Always-Drops-Writing.
Yuki: Um, yeah, Hinata wrote her third bestseller last Wednesday, but I’m still…

W: I’ve been wanting to talk with you about the household size, Yuki.
When Rukia’s spouse moves in, this becomes a six-sim household, leaving room for only two kids.

Yuki: Are you thinking of having me move out? But I’ve worked so hard at skilling.

W: You’ve undeniably worked hard, but Conan and Hinata still make better mentors.
And look at you! Instead of mentoring your daughters, you’re stuck on an aspiration.

Yuki: Well, at least let me finish so I can write Books of Life for Rukia’s kids.

W: No need, Yuki. Hinata has, in fact, already written three Books of Life for Gen9. And we have enough moodlet solvers and other potions to last until Gen10 is born.
Don’t be sad, Yuki. You’ll be living right up the street.

Conan: I invite over my fiancée Ayaka Ikeda to see how she’s doing.
Ayaka: I’ve missed you so much, Conan! Do you want to feel the baby?

Conan: What, Jin?! I didn’t tell you I proposed to Ayaka last week?
Jin: Let’s have Ayaka live in the Munch Haus with Mama and Papa.

Conan: This should help with your nausea, Ayaka.
Ayaka: Ahhhh, this feels heavenly!
W: Conan, you wily dawg! Are you giving Ayaka a fertility massage?
Conan: Hehehe. I got nothing to lose, right?

Hinata: I can’t believe Papa tells us to go fish on the day like today.
Rukia: I know, right? I’ll be a young adult tomorrow! I should be looking for love, not fish!
Hinata: Even our former classmate Ayaka has hooked up with Uncle Conan. Sheesh!
Ze: Be patient, girls. Jin and Conan have been quite busy on your behalf lately.

Rukia: I really can’t wait until Guys’ Night at Shrieking Llama Bar this evening.
So, I invite Papa along for a quick trip to Sixam to look for a rare MySims.
Jin: Oh, that’s right! Our MySims collection still lacks two rare ones!

Rukia: I’m in charge of digging up stones, while Papa collects crystals.
Jin: Don’t forget to tell Watchette that the aliens are wearing are our new, yet-unused cc! The nerve!

Rukia: Tada! I open a capsule containing Violet, one of our missing rare MySims!

Jin: When I open the Return Home menu to leave Sixam, what a surprise!
I find that—among many others—my deceased Primary Spouse Kyra’s brother and Conan’s fiancée’s mother are aliens!
Rukia: Does that mean Conan’s child will be a hybrid?

Jin: Evening finally rolls around so we stroll over to the Shrieking Llama Bar.
Conan: The first one to arrive is Adrien Layne.
Hinata: He’s cute but isn’t his everyday outfit a little too much?
Jin: Nothing a closet can’t fix. What’s important is that he has three unique traits.
Conan: Are you listening, Rukia?

Jin: She’s over there, chatting with Jackson Miller in the glasses.
Rukia: *debates best captains
Jackson: *gossips about video game pros
Conan: Yeah, they seem to really click because they’re both Geeks, but Great-Grandpa Yuki was a Geek, too, so…

Conan: Constantine Rayes arrives next. The silver hair and violet eyes give him a unique look.
Jin: Sadly for the spouse hunt, he also Loves the Outdoors which isn’t a unique trait.
Conan: Too bad, because Rukia has violet eyes, too.

Hinata: That’s the moment when my gaze is drawn to an angel who’s fallen to Earth!
Rukia: No, she’s not referring to you, Masato Watanable, worst barista ever!

Hinata: All I’ve learned so far is that he’s a Writer and he’s a Creative Art Lover.
Jin: Your Great-Great-Grandfather Yuki was also Creative, Hinata.
Hinata: Hmmmm, so that means…

Conan: Of course, there are several fellas at Guys’ Night whose traits we don’t even bother to ask.
Standing sim: Did you take a screenshot from above just to showcase my bald spot? Sheesh! Why do you think I go to the trouble of wearing platform shoes?!
Masato: Can you believe how mean they are, whoever you are?

Rukia: Hey, don’t leave yet! I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself. My name’s Rukia Mori.
My father tells me that your name is Taisuke Finch and you recently moved to Oasis Springs.
Taisuke: *nods
Rukia: How much time do you spend every morning getting your hair to spike like that?
Taisuke: *shrugs

Jin: Psssst, Hinata. I know you did not just beguile one of the spouse prospects.
Hinata: Hush, Dad. He’s off the table with his Creative trait. Andrew’s mine now. Miiiinnnne!
Andrew: What is this strange feeling, Jackson? It’s like I’m hot all over yet I have goose bumps.
Jackson: Don’t fight it, bro. Oh wait, looks like you’re already a goner!

Rukia: I’ve always sworn never to get with a guy who spends more time on his hair than I do.
But I’m feeling generous and am willing to make an exception for you.
Taisuke: *grins
Rukia: You’re such a cutie pie! Are you unable to vocalize or are you just acting cool?
Taisuke: *winks

Rukia: I bet I can make you laugh. Check out these vine compilations of cosplay epic fails…
Taisuke: Oh no, that bearded dude dressed up like Sailor Moon! Hahaha
Rukia: Behold, he speaks! (Was he just playing hard to get? It kinda worked…)

Jin: Here’s a collage of the candidates we rounded up for this meet & greet.
The boys on the top row have 3 unique traits: Adrien (left) and Taisuke (right).
Those on the lower row don’t:  Andrew (left), Jackson, and Constantine (right).
•   Adrien Layne: Self-Assured, Art Lover, Ambitious
•   Taisuke Finch: Romantic, Bookworm, Neat
•   Andrew Williams: Creative, Art Lover, Loves the Outdoors
•   Jackson Miller: Genius, Ambitious, Geek
•   Constantine Rayes: Creative, Bookworm, Loner

Jin: Conan, my bro, our work is done here.
Conan: Agreed, I think we’ve made some magic happen tonight. Let’s call it a wrap.

Andrew: Thanks for inviting me over. I know it sounds corny, but I believe fate has brought us together.
We’re even co-workers at Walrus Books because we’re both in the Writer career.
Hinata: Are those your default clothes? Because look how color-coordinated we are!

W: Those are surprising coincidences, since that’s the everyday outfit he came with.
And I’d chosen Hinata’s colors to match her manga namesake before I’d discovered Andrew.
Also, Andrew’s other four roommates were unemployed as of tonight.

Andrew: I am yours to command, my lovely Hinata.
Hinata: Oh Andrew, how could you be any cuter! *sighs happily

Hinata: OMG, even our jammies match!
Andrew: We must have been married in a previous life!
W: I didn’t plan this, I swear! *dies laughing


Rukia: Since there’s no question in my mind who I want to marry, I skip a birthday party.
I invite Taisuke over and befriend him so, as soon as I age up, I can invite him to move in.

Besides being a Geek and Outgoing, I’m now also Family-Oriented.
Taisuke has the Romantic, Bookworm, and Neat traits with the Master Mixologist aspiration.
W: A neat sim with the Master Mixologist aspiration? I’m sold!

Jin: First things first, Rukia. I’m going to paint your portrait then you can paint Taisuke’s portrait.
Rukia: Both portraits turn out to be masterpieces!

Rukia: And now that I’m a young adult, I’ve officially assumed the title of the Mori Legacy’s Gen08 Heir.
I’ve moved in Taisuke as my Primary Spouse, he has three unique traits, and we’ve both been memorialized in portraits.
This brings our legacy’s total score to 95/101.

Love me, love my purple bunny!


All five spouse candidates appearing in the previous and current updates are Gallery downloaded sims with the hashtag #legacyloves

•   Adrien Layne: “HOT GUY ADRIEN” by Jennifer924
•   Taisuke Finch: “FINCH” by samxvn
•   Andrew Williams: “LEGACY” by Khaylana
•   Jackson Miller: “GEEK SQUAD” by FireproM2K
•   Constantine Rayes: “RAYES” by zuzuesque


The original Ty Finch by samxvn looks entirely different. When I imported this sim into CAS, due to all of the cc used, I had to add hair and provide much of his wardrobe.
Then, I thought to myself, “What the heck?” and enabled the CAS cheat to tweak his body, skintone, and facial features.
In terms of his traits and initial aspiration, however, he’s still the “same” Ty Finch.
Oh yeah, I also changed his first name to Taisuke, hehe. (“Tai” as in tie, “suke” as in sketch without the tch).

Digression (Highly optional reading, lol)

Taiskuke’s named after Taisuke Fujigaya, the lead vocalist in the Jpop band Kis-My-Ft2. He wears the leopard-skin jacket in this 2013 video of Shake It Up.
In case you’re wondering, my fave member is Yuta (who wears a red ring and blue/yellow scarf in this video), but I already used his name in this legacy, hehe.

As you can see, Jpop is a little scruffier, more casual, and more cutesy than Kpop. And it precedes Kpop by about two decades. I enjoy them both.
Sorry for the non-sims digression. Anyway, catchy song!

Mori 8.80: News About Nooboos!

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