Mori 8.80: News About Nooboos!

Week 40/Monday

Hinata: Not long after Rukia ages up, I come home with my L6 promotion.
When I branch to the Journalist career, I get a new work uniform.
Jin: Wow, I must have only met male journalists so far, Hinata. That outfit’s dope!
Hinata: Considering how awful the Author’s outfits are, I was quite worried myself. But this, I can live with.

Rukia: I join the Business career, then finish the other portrait.
Conan: What’s that you’re painting, my darling niece?
Rukia: This is my first portrait of Taisuke, where I placed my easel right in front of him.
For the second portrait, which will hang in the legacy gallery, I painted him from the side. *whispers: He’s positively smoking in both!

Rukia: Taisuke joins the Culinary career and finishes his daily task.
While he works on his Master Mixologist aspiration, I fill reports for my daily task. Then I’m going to pounce on Taisuke. Baby boy doesn’t stand a chance…

Jin: So I take it he meets with your approval, dear?
Rukia: Very much so. I know Watchette tried to recreate Noctis of Final Fantasy XV. And he resembles Noctis somewhat, but Taisuke has his own brand of sizzle going on.

Rukia: He’s also surprisingly classy! His favorite drink is Granite Falls Grappo Blanco.
Jin: Nice! It kills me when a L10 Mixologist’s fave drink is root beer float or something like that.

Hinata: I understand know why Watchette’s left Journalist until the end. Interviews and articles take time, even though I’m totes adorbs in this outfit!
I need to hurry and write my required articles—four?—so I can get with my man!

Lamar: That’s right, young lady. I’m your Grandma Tami’s cousin.
Hinata: Oh, I saw you perform with The Dancers on my birthday last week! I didn’t recognize you without your hot pants and cowboy hat!
Lamar: *cringes with embarrassment

Hinata: Gah, this is going to take forever! Maybe just interview the family, eh?

Taisuke: Oho! She’s got one of those little Beguile cupid bows! Doesn’t she realize I’m Romantic? Romance is what I live and breathe!

Taisuke: Carl help me, but she’s bewitching!
Rukia: Dat hair, though!

Taisuke (internally): Hmmph, she thinks I didn’t hear her say she’s gonna pounce on me? Amateurs! You totally underestimate me, baby girl.
Rukia: *gasps

Hinata: I’m smiling on the outside but crying on the inside. When I finish writing two articles, I see that my daily task is only 25% done. *weeps
Conan: That can’t be right!

Rukia: Whoa, I was planning to hunt this boy down but I’m way outta my depth. Ain’t gonna lie, though. I don’t mind being pursued, not one teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy bit!
Taisuke: After tonight, I’m never letting Rukia go.

Hinata: After a third article, my daily task is still only 75% done. Feeling desperate, I look across the street and spy a familiar face.
Grim Reaper: Oh, it’s you! I hear you met a young man lately…
Hinata: But your life is so much more fascinating! *interviews about life

(This job sucks! I get home at 4 pm, spend 6.5 hours on 4 interviews and 3 articles, then wake up early to write up the fourth article!)


Rukia: I leave for my first day of work an hour after sister Hinata does.
Jin: You look somehow different this morning, dear daughter of mine.
Rukia (internally): Can he tell that Taisuke kept me up all night? *coughs
Papa, you’ll never guess! I took a pregnancy test this morning and I’m eating for two!

Jin: Doesn’t a pregnancy test mean that the basssinet-burrito stage lasts a day longer?
Rukia: Yes, but my pregnancy also shortens by one day so I can try for baby sooner in case of a single birth.
Jin: Smart thinking, sweetheart. Best wishes on your first day of work!

Yuki: Jin, who’s that hunk sitting at our kitchen counter?
Jin: Oh right, you didn’t come with us to the Shrieking Lllama Bar Sunday evening. That’s Andrew. Hinata must have invited him to spend the night yesterday.
Yuki: And just exactly who is Andrew to our daughter?
Jin: Her relationship panel says that Andrew’s her lover, best friend, co-worker, and boyfriend.

Yuki: So she invites him to spend the night, then leaves him here and goes off to work?
Jin: I just checked his work schedule and he’s off today. He must be a Level 1 or 2 Writer.

Yuki: Well, I’m ready to move out as soon as Rukia gets home for work today at 5.
I have no regrets! I’ll be making room for one more grandchild and I also have a little surprise of my own.
Jin: You’re just moving up the street, sweetheart. You can spend all the time you want here, you know that.
Yuki: Yes, I know. I feel at peace about leaving. And you’ll be joining me someday soon.

Andrew: You’re finally home, honeybun! I’ve been so lonely here without you! *pouts
Hinata: Awww, Andrew my love! I missed you, too. Come here, you handsome man. *autonomous kiss
Andrew: I didn’t work today, so I stayed here all day and waited for you. *acts clingy
Hinata: *interviews Andrew and Yuki about their lives

Conan: Wow, little niece, I never realized you’re so “well-endowed”! Because you’ve matured?
Rukia: No, Uncle Conan. I’m sticking my chest out in pride cuz I got promoted! *rolls eyes
Jin: …derp.

Taisuke: What a relief to see you in monochrome again, doll. That pink suit was soooo not you!

Jin: Hey, Andrew! Wanna go sit with me outside and chat? *asks to see swimwear
Uh huh, just as I’d suspected. I thought you’ve been acting uncharacteristically moody lately.
Andrew: *blushes
Taisuke: o.O *quickly looks away and starts whistling innocently


Hinata: Hey, Andrew! Thanks for waiting for me to finish my articles.
Andrew: It’s past midnight already. I’m on way home to get some sleep.
Hinata: This isn’t a romantic setting at all, Andrew, but I want to make an honest sim out of you and our baby bump.
Will you marry me?
Andrew: You finally ask me! And just when I’d given up on a proposal tonight.
Of course, I will, Hinata. Destined from a previous lifetime or two, remember?

Conan: It’s late but let’s throw a dinner party with just the Legacy Club and Andrew.
Taisuke needs to mix three drinks at a social event. He also needs Entrepreneurial asap.
Rukia: Isn’t Taisuke going to roll cooking whims to earn satisfaction points?
Jin: Nah, he only needs the L6 promotion to complete Master Mixologist.

Rukia: Checking our schedules, Taisuke, our work schedules don’t overlap much.
I know there’s a lot going on at the moment, but what say we elope right now?
Taisuke: Yes, let’s do it. I’d also like us to be married when our children are born.


Jin:  Welcome home, Rukia and your third-trimester baby bump. Nice work on your L06 promotion.
Rukia: Ugh, my back is killing me and I need to drink some medicine. What’s been going on?

Jin: So much has been happening lately! Wednesday morning, Miku gave birth to a son, Roland.
Conan: Taisuke earned enough satisfaction points to buy the Entrepreneurial trait before work today.

Hinata: Just a half hour ago, Andrew phoned to say he had twin girls: Rainn and Lorena.
Rukia: And I’ll be giving birth tomorrow morning around 6 am.


Rukia: After two last-minute fertility massages by Papa, I give birth at home to twins! I’m holding our firstborn son, Ignis.
Taisuke: And I’m holding our second-born son, Shota.

Taisuke: They are so beautiful, Rukia!
Rukia: Of course, they are, sweets. They’re our babies!
Taisuke: Doesn’t your family have a nursery? You know, like normal sims?
Rukia: Nah, we place bassinets in this part of the house, where we spend the most time.

Jin: Look at you handsome fellows! And just think, once I become good friends with both of you, I’ll complete Big Happy Family!

If only the Vicarious trait would work with Taisuke… Speaking of Taisuke, why did your parents vanish so quickly?

Rukia: Hurry! Hurry and get your fiery romantic self in here. I have to work in 90 minutes.
Taisuke: But I dislike closet woohoo. It’s crude, unsanitary, and lacks romantic ambience.
Rukia: Whatever. I don’t have time to go all the way downstairs before work today.

Taisuke: I hate being rushed!
Rukia: Good job, sport! And I still have time to take a pregnancy test and drink some cowplant essences!

Rukia: I’m baaaack and eating for two!

And thus, we herald the birth of two out of three ninth-generation nooboos/potential heirs.
They will be the last sims to be raised in the Mori Legacy House from birth.

Career Stats
As of the end of this sim-day:
•   Jin (18 days to elder): Secret Agent/Diamond Agent L10; now unemployed.
•   Conan (1 day to adult): Politics/Charity Organizer L10; now unemployed.
•   Hinata (10 days to adult): Writer/Journalist L08.
•   Taisuke (15 days to adult): Culinary (Mixologist) L04
•   Rukia (20 days to adult): Business/Management L06

Mori 8.81: Almost Intolerably Adorable

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