Rivals 3.34: Yukio’s Swimwear

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Zanna, Part III)

* Serena completes her requirements by maxing the Scientist career;
* Caleb breaks open the entrance to the Forbidden Grotto for his son Massimo;
* All three founders now have upgraded wormhole generators on their lots;
* Jung becomes a Master Vampire and a 2/3 Daywalker;
* Massimo maxes Fishing then submits both his museum portraits and collection;
* Caleb acquires his sixth and last magic bean.


Caleb: Since Massimo will be busy making enemies, I go ahead and water the stump.
After moving out, Massimo can come back to explore the tree.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to watch the whole magical tree process at every lot.
Just here. *smiles reassuringly

Lilith: I mix a Draught of Reconfiguration for myself then invite Daniela Dinero over.

I lose the Vampire Creation power but I guess unwatched vampires don’t need it.

Because I’m chicken-hearted, I give Tamed Thirst to Lilith so she’ll be less likely to prey on my other heirs’ households.

Massimo: I’m surprised at how worn and haggard Daniela looks. No time for pity!

Daniela: So you’re the one my boy Moss talks about in his sleep!

Massimo: You sorry excuse for a Plantsim! I bet sims be asking you for beans all the time!
Bwahahaha! *pretends to bite
Daniela: *steps back, protecting her neck

Daniela: Gah, don’t you know that red isn’t my color?
I wonder if the Gen3 Soma and Zanna heirs will fight with Moss instead of me?
Or will I forever be the Dinero scapegoat?

Massimo: By the time I finally declare the Dinero founder my enemy it’s already 8 pm.

Caleb: As soon as Massimo stops yelling at her, I invite my buddy Yukio Soma over.

Serena: While Massimo waits for him to arrive, let me show you around the house.

You’ve already seen lots of shots of the first basement floor.
Besides the garden/yoga room, there’s my science lab and a small woodworking room.

Below that is our new sleeping quarters.
The double-coffin room is for Caleb and me, and Massimo’s room is across the hall.

Just to be safe, I put Lilith and Jung in separate rooms.
I’ve earmarked him for Massimo’s son-in-law, not my brother-in law. *rolls eyes
This floor will be downsized before Massimo moves out.

On the first floor, the living/dining/kitchen area never felt quite spacious enough.
Of course, now that we can afford to expand the house, our household will decrease by half.

The bar’s usually in family storage because all the adults will obsessively mix drinks.

All us vampires have moved to the B2 floor, so only Penny and Paola spend time on the 2nd floor.
Their bedroom is on the lower left, while Penny’s painting studio is on the upper right.

Massimo: As soon as Yukio arrives, I lead him to the living room after a rude introduction.
I must confess I don’t enjoy being mean to such a nice guy. And he’s so pretty!

Massimo: Mama invites Morgan over for vampiric training but Morgan wants to chat with me.
Her timing’s the worst!  Mama, can you please call Morgan downstairs?

Yukio exploits the distraction to slip in some friendly socials, that weasel!

Morgan: I was just trying to get to know him like you’d said I should!

Serena: Well, you see, Morgan, now is not a good time to get to know him.
It’s nothing personal, honey. He’s just a little busy at the moment.

Massimo: I’m not sure why he doesn’t get angry with me like Daniela Dinero did.
Whenever I pause to breathe, Yukio just starts in with the friendly chat.

Massimo: Oh man, this is really tough! It’d be so much easier to be mean if he wasn’t so cute!
Maybe I need some motivation!

Uh, hello, Massimo!? What’s going on here? You asked Yukio to show you his swimwear?
Massimo: Yeah, I figured he’d look all bony and skinny, then I could hate him easier.

It says “Yukio Soma is too embarrassed to show you this outfit right now.” I get that.
But why are you both happy and smiling?

You’re right! I need to step my game up or this is gonna take all night.
Yukio Soma, you are a Class-A jerk for being so charming and cute when I’m trying to make you my enemy!

Massimo: Watchette, could you please make Yukio go away?
If I’m around him any longer, I might end up begging his forgiveness…

But why is he so friendly with me? Do you think that he…I… *gulps

Bah, no rest for the wicked, especially since I’m the next Zanna heir.
I secure the affections of my fourth roomie and now I’m ready to start moving out!

Morgan: But why is there only this one romantic image of us, Massimo?
There are at least a half dozen screenshots of you and Yukio!!! It’s so unfair!

Serena: Get real, Morgan! What you and Massimo did, everyone’s already seen before!
But Yukio Soma resisting Massimo’s insults? That dude’s a complete freak!

I mean why was he smiling when Massimo asked to see his swimwear?
For that matter, Massimo, why were you smiling?
Massimo: *pretends not to hear

Status of the Zanna Household

All move-out requirements have are now complete.

Rivals 3.35: Couplin’ in da Coffin

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