Rivals 3.35: Couplin’ in da Coffin

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Zanna, Part IV)

Caleb grows the Forbidden Fruit tree (or whatever it’s called);
   • Massimo quickly makes an enemy of Daniela Dinero but takes forever with Yukio Soma;
   • Massismo becomes good friends with Morgan and shares a first kiss.
   • Serena’s house is downsized in preparation for half of the household moving out.


Massimo: Ladies first! I’ve lit the candles on this birthday cake for you, Morgan!
Hmmm…I wonder what trait she gained.

I’m a little disappointed at the lack of fanfare for young adult birthday!
My third trait, by the way, is Family-Oriented.

It’s 5 am when I finally move to Sandy Run, which is a 40×20 lot.
It’s on the opposite end of east Newcrest from my parent’s home.

From now on, each Zanna heir will move successively closer to the Zanna Museum.

The first thing I do is invite Morgan over and ask her to move in.
Just Morgan and not her family, despite the cash and furnishings they would have brought.

I already have three other sims in mind as my roomies.

Before moving out, I moved out Jung, my sis Lia, and Paola as a separate household.
I call a club gathering to summon the three of them here.

Paola and Lia are both children so I’ll age them up.  You first, Lia!

Penny’s adopted daughter Paola grows up into a very beautiful teenager.

As expected, Lia grows up a little chubby but nothing some jogging or yoga won’t fix.

Now that everyone’s moved in, let’s check all the birthday girls’ new traits.
Morgan Fyres: Outgoing, Good, plus Jealous. Boo!
Paola Pizzazz: Creative plus Cheerful. Nice!
Lia Zanna: Music Lover plus Vegetarian.  That works!

By the way, east Newcrest’s four empty lots consist of Massimo’s 40×20 lot and three 30×20 lots.
So I spent this afternoon building a 30×20 lot for my vampire heirs, which can be placed on all four lots.
Like a housing development for vampires.

To “legitimize” my recycling of this build, I’ve uploaded it to the Gallery with the hashtag #carlsguiderdc.
The house is nothing fancy but works with my gameplay style.
It’s also spacious and affordable for an heir.

The version with basic furnishings costs $28,728. Unfurnished, it’s only $16,142.

Massimo: Jung and the girls bring $24,000 with them, boosting our household funs to $41,265.
We can easily afford the furnished version and have enough left for the wishing well. *pumps fist

The rooms of Paola and the future Gen3 heir are on the first floor.
Paola’s room will be expanded into her painting studio.

The vampires all have coffins in the basement, where the garden is.
I’ll be planting my own garden in the lower right corner.

As you can see, there’ still space to add a Focused room or maybe a den.

And speaking of the garden, Jung and the girls start right in planting the main garden.

Once we complete the plant collection, though, we’ll be focusing on the cash crops, carrots, and strawberries.

Morgan may not be a Plantsim, but I’d still like her to be “in the mood.”

Decisions, decisions! If we try as bats, our heir will inherit the Bat Form Power.
But then, I’ve never tried for baby in a coffin before…
Heck, I’ve never even woohoo’d before, so let’s try them both, bats first.

Arggh, they both disappeared! Where did they go?

Massimo: Come here, sweet thing!
Morgan: Gah, that coffin is so old and rickety! Where’s the plush, satin lining?

Massimo: In a little while, you won’t even notice, promise!

Morgan: A little before 8 am, I learn that I’m eating for two!

By the way, can you believe our watcher?
She actually moved a toilet into our bedroom so I wouldn’t leave the basement floor! *rolls eyes

Massimo: Sorry, you guys! We got no time for your Welcome Wagon.
You know how busy life is on Saturdays!

Glad to see you found some sims to enjoy that fruitcake!

I join the Athlete career at Level 3, thanks to my A grade in highs school.
Then, the wishing well grants me an instantaneous promotion to Level 4.

Morgan: I’ll be giving birth during Moss Dinero’s Week 4.
We’d really like a girl, so I’m spending the day eating strawberries.
I’d listen to pop music, too, but we don’t have a radio or stereo.

Jung: Because I’m Ambitious, Watchette urges me to join a career.
First, I join the Scientist career but then I switch to Painter.

Once I get Paolo an Inspired object and the better easel at Level 4, I’ll go back to Scientist.

Hey, young ladies! It’s only your first day in Massimo’s new home.
Way too early to start dropping queues already!

You, Morgan! Why’s that strawberry on the floor? Pick it up and eat it!

Massimo: I’d been saving this shot of Mama’s museum portraits to share this week.
But I got so busy trying to move out in time, that I forgot!

Here’s a map of what Newcrest looks like now.

Massimo: And here’s how we three Gen2 heirs are doing at the end of Week 3.
Due to my good luck with the Wishing Well, I’m now slightly ahead.
Moss is only a L3 Art Critic and his wife is pregnant.
Megumi’s a L4 Writer but she doesn’t have a spouse yet.
She’s waiting to age up teen Braddon Storey and move him in next week.

The Dineros have the highest museum value, though the Zannas (especially, me) put up a great fight!
Total museum value:  Dinero/$57,804   –   Soma/$24,787   –   Zanna/$41,775

Coming next: Week 4 with Moss (parties), Megumi (Italian osteria), and Massimo

Bonus Collage

A bonus collage to celebrate the end of Week 3 for all three Gen2 heirs!

During makeovers and updates to the Zanna Family Tree, guess who ends up looking better as a boy?
So, the teenage Lia is now officially teenage Lio.
Weird how my wish for a mini-Serena produces a mini-Caleb instead…

Rivals 4.36: I Need a Bad Girl

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