Mori 10.92: A Not-So-Grand Finale

Week 45/Wednesday

Back at Center Park, after all the guests have left…

Hinata: Andrew, come here! I want to show you something in the observatory!
Andrew: Won’t the other wedding guests notice if we woohoo in there?
Hinata: Are you kidding? No one will have a clue!

The name’s Hinata, Hinata Mori. Queen of Subtle Subterfuge.

Kyoya: *tries out the romantic “Be enticing” social
Maki: Oh my! *blushes

Taisuke: Still in need of more dancing, we throw an after-party at the Ancient Ruins.
Hinata: Grandma Yuki and Lorena, you should be ashamed of yourselves! You both skip the wedding but show up for the after-party?

Maki: Awww, it’s okay. We welcome with open arms anyone who comes to partay!

Maki: I had such a wonderful day today, Kyoya. Thank you so much for the lovely wedding!
I’m so touched that you made time for it, even so close to the end.
Kyoya: When I recall Grandpa Jin’s happy face today, I believe our wedding also celebrated the Mori Legacy’s every effort and feat.

Our wedding wasn’t just for us, Maki. It was for all the Mori’s and our friends.
I feel so lucky that I could share all this with you, someone who I genuinely love.


Maki: Would you like to feel the baby, darling?
Kyoya: You know I would love that. How are you feeling?
Notice the optimistic placement of two bassinets?

Maki: Is it really okay for us to be spending our last day playing video games?
Kyoya: Well, it’s either gaming, gardening, yoga, or woohoo. Jogging is also an option.
Maki: No, thanks. Party Frenzy is fine. We’re going out for dinner later, right?

Rukia: One last dinner at our favorite restaurant with Papa Jin and Ignis.
Jin: Too bad my brother Conan couldn’t come along, too.


Maki: I go into labor at the expected time and leave for the hospital with Kyoya.
Hello. Do you mind not reading gaming strategies online for a second to check me in?

Kyoya: Excuse me, Grandma Yuki, but when did you become a doctor?
You came to our after-party the other night, but otherwise I haven’t seen you since your busking days at San Myshuno.
And why didn’t you come to my birthday party? Grandpa Jin visits all the time!

Yuki: Do you mind if we do this some other time, Kyoya? Your wife’s about to burst!
Kyoya: See? This is what I mean! You don’t even know my wife’s name! I just hope you’re better at delivering babies than you were at busking!

Maki: Kyoya, you’re not helping!

Maki: We finally get home from the hospital at 3:30 am. I feel completely wiped out!
But do you want to meet our angels?

Yes, I had twins we’ve named after the protagonists of the anime Psycho-Pass.
I’m holding Akane, who is the tenth-generation Mori heir.

Kyoya: And I am holding Shinya (pronounced Shin-ya), which is a boy’s name.
Soon after birth, Shinya vociferously gurgled a wish for a gender change later, which we will respect.

Most importantly, however, Akane’s birth heralds the end of the Mori Legacy Challenge.
Yet this chapter shall persist a little longer. Silly, stubborn chapter that it is!
Anyway, so much for the bassinet burritos!

Kyoya: Heeeyyy, folks! Y’all can probably guess what’s coming next!
Jin: Ouch, my back! I’m getting too old for this!
Andrew: I don’t feel so good…

Kyoya: Yes, you guessed right! One last cheesy dance revue to celebrate this challenge’s end and the readers’ moral support.

Ignis: Oh poo! Why can’t we group dance? The option doesn’t even come up?
Shota: Oh well, we can still shake our groove thang! (Yeah, yeah! Show ‘em how to do it now!)

Kyoya: We travel to Pan Europa but still no dice. Sorry, folks!
No group dance, but that you can still meditate on my questionable costume choices. Aaaauuuuummmmm.

Ignis: Papa’s in the zone, while everyone else does zombie-esque hand choreography, even the very pregnant Andrew.

Jin: Frankly, I’m deeply disappointed that we can’t do one last group dance!
Conan: What do you think caused it, Shota?
Shota: Who knows? But I did hear Watchette mumbling about toddler cc this morning.

Taisuke: My son and our fearless leader, Kyoya, the sim with a thousand faces!
Seriously, Kyoya can look totally absurd one moment, then drop-dead gorgeous the next. Farewell to The Dancers (for the time being).

Back at the house, some days later..

Kyoya: Have you ever taken a close look at the Mori Gallery?
This wall holds portraits of the founder, the Gen02 to Gen05 heirs, and their spouses: Kaoru & Anita, Nami & Zach, Naoki & Marci, Banana & Yuki; and Takumi & Miko

Over here are the sixth to tenth heirs: Tami & Ze, Jin & Yuki, Rukia & Taisuke, Kyoya & Maki, then Akane with Shinya
And yes, Akane and Shinya are toddlers now.

Kyoya: What? You’d like to see more of the toddlers? I can arrange that!
Akane is the black-haired lass, while Shinya is the violet-haired boy.
Getting them all to sit down to eat together takes forever.
By the time both kids and all the adults are seated, the adults have finished eating. Grrrr!

Kyoya gets Shinya to eat in his high chair right away, then leads him to the new toddler’s bathroom for potty training.
Is it obvious that I’m already smitten by Shinya? Gah, he’s so cute!

I’m wondering if Maki is truly a family-oriented sim. While Shinya is already being potty-trained, Maki only gets this far with Akane.
She just didn’t want to feed Akane in the high chair. Don’t bother Maki now, please. She’s busy chatting.

Kyoya: Welcome to the simverse, Akane Mori. Thanks to you, the Mori Legacy ends here.

At one point, I almost quit this legacy due to my game file’s numerous glitches.
I’m grateful to those of you who encouraged me to keep playing.

Thank you one and all, both those who comment and those who read silently. If not for your support, I would not have remained committed to playing out this challenge.
Champagne and faux lobster tortelli for all! *misses the Mori’s already…

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