Mori 8.81: Almost Intolerably Adorable

Week 40/Friday

Jin: I have a few hours before giving Taisuke a pre-work massage, so I mix some beats. What a surprise when Yuki phones to say she had a boy, Anthony.
Taisuke: How does that affect the selection of the Gen08 heir?
Jin: It doesn’t, Tai, because Yuki wasn’t living here when our son was born.

And anyway, the Gen08 heir must be female, just as the Gen09 heir must be male.

Conan: Hey, I hadn’t seen Taisuke’s work uniform. Is that how bartenders dress these days? I don’t know, he looks so corporate…

Hinata: We kicked Mama and the grandparents out of the Legacy Club yesterday. They were competing with us for the skill objects, which was such a bother.
But since they’re not around for me to interview, I need to find other interviewees.

Look who’s hanging out at the camping area across from the Shrieking Llama Bar.
Though I’d met Adrien Layne and Jackson Miller before, they won’t let me interview them right away. I spend hours there chatting with them. *sighs

Taisuke: I’m impatient to be done with Master Mixologist! Daily life is tough with so few reward traits, you know?
Rukia: But look at you and all your fancy bar tricks, Tai.
Taisuke: I only need one more Mixology level and two more career promotions. But it’s hard for me to earn satisfaction points–it’s a Catch-22!

Jin: Don’t feel pressured, Taisuke. You’re doing just fine. Love your wife and look after the kids. All the Mori’s have your back.

Hinata: I spend all evening writing articles then realize I have the weekend off. Sorry!
Andrew: Yeah, I was wondering why I didn’t hear from you hours ago. Is this a b**ty call?
Hinata: How could you think such a thing, Drew! We’re married! Anyway, did you miss me today as much as I missed you, you gorgeous man?


Conan (on the phone): Hi, Lionel. This is your father. Would you like to come over for a visit?
Lionel: Hello, Daddy. I was hoping you’d invite me over soon. I’ve been wanting to meet you!
Conan: How cool that you inherited my Cheerful trait, Lionel!

W: Since his mother Ayaka is an alien, shouldn’t Lionel have a hybrid skintone? Or is that his human disguise? We take him to a closet but learn nothing.
Do we need to discover he’s an alien first?

Conan: His overhead panel shows he’s playful yet he has no dark pink playful glow. Also, does an alien’s human disguise inherit features of the human parent?
Will Lionel (or his disguise) resemble me? So many questions! No matter, Lionel is as cute as a button!

Hinata: Whenever Andrew gets that look in his eye… *crosses fingers for a son

Conan: I vote we go out and have some fun, since Taisuke doesn’t work until this evening.
Taisuke: Maybe we could visit Asa, Miku, and their son Roland. He’s a child now.
Rukia: Bring Lionel along, Conan! We can take him and Roland out for ice cream.
Hinata: Sounds great, but let’s save the ice cream parlor for tomorrow after my twins age up, k?

Noctis (to Shota): You and Ignis are so lucky! You’re literally surrounded by cousins!

Rukia: Roland’s out when we arrive, but I get him home by adding him to the Kidz Club I’ve re-opened for our boys.
Roland shares his mother Miku’s Outgoing trait and his father’s eye color but, sadly, not even Asa’s red hair.

Week 41/Sunday

Rukia: Early this morning, the twins surprise us by being old enough to age up today, instead of tomorrow.
Taisuke: Ignis sits on the left and Shota on the right. They both have violet eyes.

Ignis: I’m a Music Lover and Whiz Kid, so I ask Shota to play three games of chess with me.
Thank you, Grandpa and Great-Uncle Conan for mentoring us.
Conan: Just Uncle Conan is fine, Ignis.

Shota: I’m a Loner and Artistic Prodigy.
If you’re wondering about our names, Watchette will explain when our younger brother is born.

Taisuke: Oddly, I am merely sniffing the drink mixer at the exact moment I max Mixology. *buffs nails on shoulder
W: I realize this sim is not conventionally attractive, but I find him very appealing. Caterina, I think he might be my hazubando, lol.

Hinata: My girls don’t age up before Taisuke leaves for work, so no ice cream parlor today. I invite Andrew and the girls over to hang out.
Here’s a collage of the four of us. And yes, I gave Rainn and Lorena very slight closet makeovers.
The first-born Rainn wore boots with her Chinese dress—that’s a no-no! And the second-born Lorena wore a hideous hat over an even more hideous hairstyle.


Taisuke: The boys head out for their first day of school, just as Rukia goes into labor.

Rukia: Welcome to the simverse! We’ve named you, our third son, Kyoya.
Kyoya: (Oooh, sparkles!)

Conan: Hey, congrats on completing Master Mixologist!
Jin: So, we’ve fallen into a crisis, Taisuke. You know how this legacy ends with the Gen10 Heir’s birth?
Taisuke: Who doesn’t know that?
Jin: That means we can end the Mori Legacy Challenge in one of two ways:
(1)   Postpone the Gen10 Heir’s birth until a Gen9 sim maxes the Politician career; or
(2)   Have a Gen8 sim max Politician.
Conan: In Scenario (2), the Gen10 Heir can be born 3-4 days after the Gen9 Heir ages up to young adult.

Taisuke: I get the feeling that the “Gen8 sim” you have in mind is me…
Conan: You’re the logical choice!  Jin and I make better mentors and your Charisma is already Level 5!

Taisuke: And that, boys and girls, is why I’m currently a Level 4 politician.
It does not, by any means whatsoever, explain my fuschia sandal pumps with gold trim. *sighs

Rukia: So sorry about all that, sweetheart…
Taisuke: Darling! I just bought the Great Kisser trait.
Would you please collaborate as I kiss my way to L10 Charisma?


Taisuke: Today’s been a great day so far. Both boys bring home an A grade today and complete Whiz Kid.
For some odd reason, Ignis comes home in a turban. Can’t fix that until Rukia’s  home from work.

On my first day of work, I get promoted and branch to the Politician career.
I now wear boots with 2” heels, which is only relatively preferable to this morning’s come-hither fuschia pumps.

One more kiss and I’ll max Charisma so I’m not worried about Politician’s skill requirements.
What worries me is securing votes. Where will I get 20 votes?

Rukia: Today really is a stellar day for our household. Everyone earned a promotion!
Hinata: I bring home my final Journalist promotion this evening.
No more spending hours and hours after work on interviews and articles!

Rukia: Another promotion for me as well, which brings me to Level 08.


Rukia: Our third son ages up early in the morning. We give him the name Kyoya.
Kyoya: Greetings, Earthlings. I am a Vegetarian and an Artistic Prodigy.

I assembled some collages below. I hope you won’t hate me for collage overkill…

Rukia: In case you’ve wondered, our three sons are named after a JRPG character, a Japanese actor, and a manga character.

•   Ignis (brown): In Final Fantasy XV, Ignis is the four-man crew’s strategist and has long been Noctis’ mentor. Ignis makes an extreme sacrifice to protect Noctis in the game, so Noctis would highly approve of this naming.
•   Shota (violet): This name is a bit of a guilty pleasure, seeing that the boy’s named after one of my favorite Japanese actors, Matsuda Shota. If you’re familiar with the anime “Cowboy Bebop,” the protagonist Spike was modeled after this actor’s father.
•   Kyoya (glasses): The manga/anime character Ootori Kyoya is the brilliant, calculating, cool vice-president of an extracurricular club named Ouran High School Host Club. The female protagonist is obliged to cross-dress and work in a high school host club (pun on after-school clubs and host clubs), which targets a female clientele. Kyoya represents the glasses-wearing archetype in this “reverse harem” storyline.

Jin: Haha, I bet you’re sorry you asked! And we’re not going to make a lot of effort to make these boys resemble their namesakes.

Taisuke: And finally, here’s a collage so you can compare the facial features of the boys, Rukia, and me.

Author’s Notes

This ended up being a disjointed chapter. Since Gen09 is the last generation of kids to grow up in the Mori House, I became so impatient to see the nooboos as children.

Thank you so much for coming along on this journey of silliness and digital infatuation. ❤

Mori 8.82: Skillin’ wit da Chillun

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