Mori 8.82: Skillin’ wit da Chillun

Week 41/Thursday

Kyoya: I’m an Artistic Prodigy, Gramps! Why did I have to drink an Essence of Focused?
Jin: Because your father and the twins had to head out at 8 am, we were rushing to get you aged up and changed without making them too late.
Conan: Sorry, Kyoya! Amidst all the ruckus, we forgot you don’t have school on your birthday.

Rukia: Hmmm…..
Conan: What are you thinking so hard about?
Rukia: I’m thinking we have 476 medal points, so we need 124 more to hit 600 points. That would give us a ninth point in the Popularity category.

Conan: You want us to spend this legacy’s last 3 weeks trying for 42 gold-medal dates?
Rukia: That’s only two dates a day!

Conan (internally): I’ve set myself a personal goal of 10 gold-medal dates from this day on. But honestly, I’d like a “Confront your fiancée about being an alien” social.
Ayaka: I don’t know about you, Conan, but I think we look like a “Dancing with the Stars” promo!
Conan: Eh, our household only watched the episodes featuring Apollo Ohno.
Ayaka: The gold-medalist skater with the soul patch?
Conan: Exactly. He rocked that samba number!

Taisuke: I secure my second vote from my former roomie Constantine. Are my high-heeled boots an asset or a drawback?

Gah, my back’s killing me, though. This is so not how I envisioned my life with Mori’s going down. *rolls eyes

Shota: I’m on the last tier of my fourth aspiration, Social Butterfly. Wanna be my friend, Rainn?
Rainn: Oh, I don’t know. I can see you’re cute but are you fun and smart, too?
Shota: You don’t know the half of it! *smirks secretly

Shota: Oh wait, I’m a Loner! Why bother with Social Butterfly when I’ve already maxed Social? Bwahaha!
Rainn: Huh? Wut?
Shota: *tricks with hand buzzer
Rainn: Why are you doing this to me!?
Shota: Because I can’t touch Lorena or Pippin will strangle me.

Kyoya: As soon as I pick up the violin, I acquire the Violin skill, natch.
Hinata: Grrrr, why couldn’t Shota ever learn the Violin skill? We tried everything. Starting and stopping, even discussing the best violinist. Nothing worked for Shota!|

Kyoya: Because I’m an Artistic Prodigy?
Hinata: No, that’s not it. Shota also started with Artistic Prodigy.

Conan: Why am I unable to detect my alien fiancée’s Very Flirty glow? I’m not marrying her until she comes clean!
Oh well, I earned 4 gold medals today, at least. Still, it’s gonna be an uphill climb…

Ignis: Whoa, I acquired the Violin skill as soon as I picked up the violin, just like Kyoya.
Should I go tease Shota now, or wait and casually mention it in front of the whole family?
Hinata: Oh, I see now, Ignis. You’re the silent but devious type.


Rukia: There they go! And it’s Kyoya’s first day of school!
Taisuke: Yep, three fine sons right there. So, why’s this chapter title “Skillin’ wit da Chillun”? Our sons will never work. Why do they even need to be skilling?
Rukia: You’re so right! But I think Watchette’s too attached to the title to change it. She fussed over that title for days
Then, she realized that you  need to max Politician instead of the Gen9 Heir.

Jin: Today’s my day to try and achieve four gold-medal dates. My adorable unflirty wife, please stop with your engaging stories, deep conversations, and jokes.
We’ve completed Soulmates together already. Let’s just speed through this.
Yuki: Sorry, I completely forgot that these are only fake dates.

Jin: Darn “Passionate kiss” has a cool-down period! There! That’s four more gold-medal dates down and, uh, “only” 34 left to go…

W: Seriously now, can we officially declare today “Jin Appreciation Day”?
Ignis: Because the hearts on Grandpa’s tattoo and boxers line up?
W: Uh…yeah, that too…

Conan: You should be ashamed of yourself, Andrew!
Andrew: Believe me, I am! I can’t believe little Kyoya beat me in chess.
Kyoya: No worries. Uncle Andrew. People tend to underestimate my brilliance cuz I’m small!
Conan: What’s with the “tend to” bit? Yesterday morning, you were no more than a lowly bassinet burrito!

Shota: Why chat online when I can troll teh forums? I’m already Level 4 Mischief!


Hinata: I pull date duty today. I guess we’re serious about reaching 600 medal points. I do agree that dates are a much faster way to earn gold medals than parties.
Andrew: And I can think of worse ways to spend my time than romancing my lovely wife!
Hinata: Are you ready for our back-to-back five-date marathon, honey?
Andrew: Bring it on. Just remember that we can’t try for baby. *gloats

Shota: When I go to send a chain letter, I have over 60 sims to choose from. Is this a bug?
Who is Bella Goth? Why do I see mostly ghosts of sims I’ve never even met?
W: This is partly why I need to finish this legacy. Excessive lagging and glitching. *sighs dramatically

Rukia: Heyo.
Grim: Heyo.
Rukia: W’sup? Fish biting for you?
Grim: Let’s cut the small talk. Where’s your sister?

Week 42/Sunday

Taisuke: Is this just another gratuitous objectification of the male body, mine specifically?
Rukia: No, no, nothing like that. I want to talk about maximizing your body potential.
Taisuke: After drinking Potions of Youth, won’t we still be young adults when the Gen10 Heir is born? Why do I need to acquire the Long-Lived trait?
Rukia: It’s not about that trait, dearest. You should work out just in case The Dancers do one last show.

W: Note that, like Rukia and Hinata, Taisuke ate a Protein Plate on reaching Level 9 Fitness then did a Very Energized Epic Workout with Rukia mentoring.
On reaching Level 10, he concurrently maxed his body potential and Bodybuilder. So, this is how I’ll be approaching this aspiration from now on.
*whispers: And Taisuke looks great…toned but not bulky. Not that I actually care. *feigns disinterest

Shota: Papa, may we go visit your friend Jackson Miller in Oasis Springs? I want to get to know him better.
I’ve been chatting online between trolling teh forums, so now I only need one adult friend to finish Social Butterfly.

Hinata: That’s a great idea! I’ve been wanting to meet our third daughter, Jill.
Taisuke: And I can perhaps secure a few more votes from my former roomies!

Hinata: Kyoya and I find Jill in the kitchen with her sisters. That’s Jill in front center, with Lorena on Rukia’s left and Rainn on her right.
Rukia: I learn that Rainn is Evil, Lorena is a Loner, and Jill is Self-Assured.

Hinata: Andrew and I take the kids to Chompy Monsta Ice Cream Parlor. Instead of evil Rainn, however, I invite along Taisuke so he can meet potential supporters.
Taisuke: Yep, it’s nuthin’ but a P thang.

Hinata: Miku, Asa, and their son Roland are also here, which is not that surprising since they live across the street.
Miku: We’d love to have you and the family visit us again soon, Taisuke. We’d also like to hear more about your policies.

Kyoya: That’s Lorena on the left with Jill on the right.
W: I spoke too soon about moving in one of Hinata’s daughters. Let’s assume that Jin and Conan move out then Lorena or Jill move in. That makes seven sims.
The Gen09 Heir could move in a spouse but would need to move out one of his brothers to make room for the Gen10 heir. 

Taisuke: Kyoya studiously studies the menu while Ignis studiously studies Kyoya.

Andrew: Lorena, why so serious?
Lorena: I’m not sure, but I knit my eyebrows quite often. Did I get it from you, Dad? Or is this shot just another photo opp for Ignis and Kyoya?
W: Busted…

Taisuke: Hinata looks so happy here, with Andrew and her daughters! Not hard to understand.
I should be going around meeting people, but it’s nice to just sit here with family.

Andrew: And thankfully, today we all enjoyed a moratorium on marathon dating. I mean, how many times did I have to listen to Hinata’s risqué questions!?

Mori 8.83: Dem Shoes, Though

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