Mori 8.84: Karaoke Kitsch (& Gen9 Heir Vote)

Week 42/Saturday

Shota: Hey! What am I doing out here in the middle of nowhere in these lame clothes?
W: You don’t like your everyday outfit?
Shota: You’re joking, right? We Gen09 kids are your very last sims to grow up in the Mori Legacy.
Don’t you think you should be pulling out all the stops to make us look fabulous?
W: Okay, let me rethink your birthday makeovers a bit.

Shota: Can you remind me what’s been happening again? All I remember is a blur of adult dating…
W: You remember, of course, that Ignis and you bid adieu to your childhood days this morning. These shots are from last night.

Shota: Isn’t today also Papa’s adult birthday?
W: That’s right. He drank a Potion of Youth to relive his young adult stage.

Shota: Why was he making that weird pose last night?
W: Oh that. You know that new “What kind of vampire are you?” quiz?
He took the quiz and got “Vampire Heartthrob.” He’s been on cloud nine ever since.

Shota: That’s so Papa. Okay, take me home! Ignis and I deserve cooler threads.

Shota: Hey, it isn’t your birthday until Wednesday, Kyoya! What’s your picture doing here?
Kyoya: Oh please, you thought I’d miss last night’s shutter chance? Talk to the hand, bro!

Ignis: I’m a music loving, neat Nerd Brain, not a frat boy. I like this outfit way better.
W: Really?
Ignis: Definitely. It’s all “Outdoor Retreat meets City Living.”

Shota: Now this is what I’m talking about. No striped cardigan for me, thank you very much.
W: You don’t feel your everyday outfit is too dressy?
Shota: Are you kidding me? Someone like me can never look too fly. Hey, can this be my room?
W: Readers, is this blatant favoritism? But Shota just screams stylish, lol.

Rukia: Now that we’ve established how cute my boys are, let’s get down to business.
We Gen08 sims face the last big hurdle of our legacy—finding the Gen09 Primary Spouse.

Conan: For sure! Taisuke’s got the Politician career in the bag. The Gen09 Heir ageing to young adult and the memorial portraits are no biggies, either.

Rukia: Three unique traits are all important—we don’t care about looks or personality.
Ashleigh Kern (right), Adult; Non-commital, Glutton, Bro—nope, Glutton’s not unique.

Conan: Ira Chaulhaun (left), Adult; Mean, Vegetarian, Kleptomaniac—nope, only Klepto’s unique.

Taisuke: A pit stop at the Romance Festival—nope on young adult Imane Jaouad’s traits.
Conan: Let’s look around quickly.
Shota: This is so lame, Ignis! Gen09 doesn’t get hawt spouse candidates from the Gallery?
Ignis: Apparently not. The tragic fate of a ninth-generation baby daddy. Alas!

Conan: Young adult Cecilia Thrasher is Non-Commital, Mean, and Cheerful—nope!
Ignis: There’s the Romance Guru! Please tell me my romantic destiny.
Romance Guru: Though temptation abounds, you must wait many moons for your destined love.
Shota: What about me?
Romance Guru: Time has not run out for you…yet.

Ignis: Shota, show the Romance Guru what happens to sims who play us. *smirks
Shota: Don’t you know, dude? Nobody likes a fake!
Conan: Huh, Ignis isn’t as innocent as he looks! I sense it’s time we leave the Romance Festival behind us… *coughs

Taisuke: Tonight’s Single’s night, so let’s hit all the hot spots! First, Rattlesnake Juice Bar.
Ignis: Young adult Ira Rameesh is a Cheeful, Unflirty, Glutton. Nope! Ugh, this is sheer torture!

Shota: The bartender is a Jealous, Outdoor Loving Bro. Nope!
Rukia: Young adult Aicha Mansouri also fails the test—Perfectionist, Hates Children, Goofball.

Taisuke: This is rough! Why doesn’t Watchette download some surprise teen or young adult #legacyloves for us?
Rukia: She considered that but changed her mind. We have a backup plan…maybe.

Shota: Clogging drains like a boss. Spouse hunt with benefits! Bet you didn’t expect the future Chief of Mischief to be doing this already!
When I caked up this morning, I was already Mischief Level 7, hehe.

Week 43/Sunday

Rukia: Are we ready for another night on the town? It’s Guys’ Night but, as we all know, unique traits trump gender.

Taisuke: Sawyer Pereira is a Geek like your Great-Great Grandfather Yuki, so he’s out.

Conan: Our legacy hasn’t used 18 out of the 42 total traits yet! Why is this so impossible?
Hinata: I know! Why can’t we find at least one sim with three unique traits?

Ignis: Still, I’m surprised at the size of the pool of female sims at this late date!
Hinata: True dat. Yesterday alone, we met four young adult and six adult female sims.

Conan: Have the boys met anyone that interests them yet?
Ignis and Shota (in unison): NO!!!

Rukia: Let’s give up for tonight and play Don’t Wake the Llama, guys.
Taisuke: Hey, Adrien, it’s always nice to spend time with my former roomies!
Adrien: Yeah, Drew and Constantine wanted to come, too, but stayed home with the kids. *glares at Hinata

Shota: Don’t distract him, Papa. Uncle Adrien needs to mentally prepare for a humiliating defeat. *smirks
Adrien: No teasing me, brat! I take this game very seriously!


Kyoya: After maxing Charisma, I’ve been practicing singing, Papa. Let’s do a karaoke duet!
Taisuke: Hold that thought until I go secure one vote. Be right back!

Rukia: Sweet little Kyoya and sultry Taisuke are perfection! *sighs happily
Hinata: How can you stand to listen? They have no rhythm and are utterly off-key!
Rukia: Did you say something, sis? I’m wearing earplugs.

Kyoya: Tonight, I discover singing while playing the piano, which levels both skills! Too bad Mama can’t mentor me in piano, though, if I’m singing.

That’s my cousin and hotheaded homie, Zander Williams. He’s Auntie Hinata’s son. Once I age up, though, he can’t be my wingman no more.


Conan: Good job on becoming the National Leader by maxing the Politician career, Taisuke! You moved in with our our promise that you’d never have to work.
Yet you’ve stepped up to the plate and did what you had to do with style!

Taisuke: Speaking of style, it’s confirmed, you know!
The higher a Politician’s level, the uglier the footwear! *phones to quit job

Rukia: Thanks to Taisuke, the Mori Legacy has now completed–by hook or by crook–all 34 careers within the span of eight generations.


Kyoya: This morning I cake up cuz it’s my teen birthday at last! Arrggh, how horrifying to enter CAS to plan outfits but find no CAS options!
For over two RL hours, I wait for Watchette to fix that and worry over spending the rest of the legacy in an unbelievably cruel default wardrobe!

Thank Carl for Origin chat and Ricalynn who helps us out because she encountered the same problem with the same cause!
W: Kyoya looks just like his father except he has full lips like his Grandpa Jin. Is Kyoya adorable or what?

Kyoya: I’m really glad I started singing as a child. As a teen, I’m quite the karaoke diva! Or should that be “divo”?

Kyoya: Heartbreaker on the loose! Yes, I am pointing and winking at you!
What a charmer! By the way, this isn’t a staged pose—it’s part of his karaoke choreography, lol.

Please Help Choose the Gen09 Heir  ;D (Voted closed in January 2017)

This vote differs greatly from previous votes because the Gen09 Heir need only fulfill tasks related to bringing in this legacy’s final heir.

The Mori Legacy has already maxed all aspirations, skills, and careers at least once.

So the Potential Heirs only seek enough satisfaction points for success in both wooing a spouse and conceiving the Gen10 Heir.
Genes no longer matter. Due to already maxing all careers, this challenge can end with the birth of an eligible heir.
On the plus side, I would be happy with any one of these boys as the next heir.

Kyoya: Why are we fishing when I haven’t even started Freelance Botanist?
Ignis: There’s only so many ways to get a frontal group pic on demand, yo.
Shota: Yeah, let’s see…playing video games, watching TV or a movie, sitting together, fishing… *counts fingers

Their CAS portraits…Kyoya looks quite different from the twins.

In the stats below, “Maxed” refers to the skills the sim had maxed as of the day of their respective teen birthdays.

Traits: Music Lover, Neat (Bookworm)
Maxed all 4 childhood skills & aspirations? All but Social Butterfly
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Maxed: Logic, Violin, Charisma, Piano.
Career: Not applicable

Traits: Loner, Kleptomaniac (Romantic)
Maxed all 4 childhood skills & aspirations? Yes
Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy; Chief of Mischief
Maxed: Charisma and Logic; Mischief L7.
Career: Not applicable

Traits: Vegetarian, Foodie (Insane)
Maxed all 4 childhood skills & aspirations? All but Social Butterfly
Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy; Freelance Botanist
Maxed: Violin, Logic, and Charisma; Piano and Singing L7.
Career: Not applicable

Here’s hoping you can tear yourselves away from toddlers long enough to cast a vote!  ;)

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