Mori 8.87: No Waifu, No Laifu (Part II)

Week 44/Sunday

Ignis: I hear you finished Freelance Botanist this morning, bro. Congrats!
Kyoya: Yeah, thanks! After four days, five plants were finally ready to evolve early this morning.

Shota: Is it just me, or does watching Grandma Yuki busking at the Flea Market feel weird?

Shota: Hey, Kyoya, didn’t you think that Oumaima lady was cute last night?
Kyoya: Yeah, she wasn’t bad, why?
Shota: Well, don’t make it obvious, bro, but look to your right. That’s your left, Ignis.

Ignis: Admittedly, our Great-Uncle Conan is irresistibly cute, but does she have to do her dirty dancing in public?
Kyoya: Sheesh. Watchette, please cross her name off your list of “possibles,” okay?

Kyoya: Mama seems pretty hyped about running into that Brazilian guy Sawyer Pereira.
Rukia: He’s such a cutie pie!
Sawyer: So you can see by my suit and sneakers, Madam Mori, that I am a Politician. *blushes

Kyoya: I guess Mama’s just trying to feel better, cuz Great-Grandma Tami passed away last night.
Even with two pregnancies, Tami didn’t live much longer than Ze.

Shota: After lunch, we all head for the Skye Fitness Center.
I’ve reached Level 9 Fitness, so the first thing I do is mix myself a Protein Shake.

We can’t have lot traits at home, so it’s cool to come work out here!
Aaah, you’re still such a scrawny little teen!

Conan: Wow, you’re really focused today, Kyoya.
Kyoya: Sorry but don’t talk to me, Uncle Conan, cuz I’m in the zoooooonnnee…
And soon after, Conan suddenly stops mentoring Kyoya and ages up to an elder, grey hair and all.

Ignis: Yeah, yeah, we all know you got bar flair, Papa. Hurry up with my protein shake already!
Taisuke: Tsk, tsk, son. What an attitude. Let me share with you one of life’s secrets.
If you’re not going to do it full out, it’s not worth doing at all!

Why are you just standing there, Ignis?
Ignis: What?! Shota gets to smolder by the bar, but I can’t?
You’re not smoldering, Ignis, you’re just standing there!

Hinata: This time, Shota maxes Fitness about a half hour before maxing his body potential and completing Bodybuilder.
The Bracing Breezes lot trait sped up his skilling pace, no doubt.
Shota: Thanks for mentoring, Auntie Hinata.

Taisuke: Just as Shota completes Bodybuilder, I get a phone call from Grandpa Ze.

Ze: Hey, Taisuke! It’s me, Ze. You gotta come out for Guys’ Night, yo!
Taisuke: Let me convince Rukia and Hinata to go home, then I’ll gather the boys and meet you in a flash, Grandpa Ze.
You and I never got to have that long chat about life and stuff.

But when we arrive at the Rattlesnake Juice Bar, Ze is nowhere to be seen.

Kyoya: Shota and I glance around and notice the marked absence of the female species.
We then consider the need to get friendly with Adrien Layne.
Because he’s, you know, the only sim we know so far with three unique traits. *gulps

Taisuke: Yeah, Adrien’s my former roomie from Oasis Springs and my runner-up in the search for the Gen08 Primary Spouse.

Kyoya: Suddenly, it happens! A lone adult strolls into the bar in questionable hot pants and crop top.
W (sings): Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans, boots with the fur. The whole club was looking at her…

Shota: I ask to see her party outfit before advancing the convo because—do I need to explain why?
Ignis: Wow, Maki Nakamura has three unique traits: Outgoing, Family-Oriented, and Insane!

Kyoyas: You think she could become the Primary Spouse for whoever’s chosen to become the Gen09 Heir?
Ignis: Let’s bring Maki home and introduce her to Mama.

Rukia: Egads, look what the cat dragged in!
Shota: Mama, this is Maki Nakamura. We met her at the Rattlesnake Juice Bar, where she’s a bar regular.
Rukia: A pleasure to meet you, Maki. Obviously, you’re in dire need of meeting our closet so I’ll do you the honors. 

Kyoya: We all sit around waiting impatiently for Maki to emerge from the closet.
When she finally does, I’m the first to compliment her outfit.

Shota: Why is Mama still staring at the closet, Papa?
Taisuke: Beats me. I’m not sure why she doesn’t realize Maki’s not in there anymore, either.

Kyoya: When I sit down, Maki sits down next to me. Eat your hearts out, my bros!
Shota: Oh, puhleeze! Our couch is full.
Ignis: And she was standing closest to the couch you sat on. Mere coincidence!

Kyoya: Ignis, Shota, stop right there! You had your chance at the bar.
Now, I’m the one talking with the lady, okay? Instead, you two can talk to the hand.

Jin: I no longer live in this household but I’m still the oldest living Mori.
I sit down next to Maki to listen while she interacts with my grandson, Kyoya.

Kyoya: I make my funny but cute pouty face and Maki seems to get a kick out of it.
Kyoya is being his usual goofball self, but Maki’s insane and just rolls with it.
Jin: Maki, I give you my stamp of approval. You’ll fit into this household just fine.

Kyoya: When she stands up and looks down at me with a smile, my heart stops.
*gasps then whispers: Please live, Maki, until I’m a young adult!

Shota: Oh look! Mama finally figured out that Maki’s no longer in the closet.

We seriously didn’t expect to find a random townie with three unique traits!
Please stay alive and, ideally, be at the beginning of your adult stage.

Still, I’m impressed at how many young adult and adult female sims the game spawned for my ninth-generation sims.

Author’s Notes

Tami Mori

Such devotion and care you showed for the wounded boy you found in the park.
Even after two pregnancies, though, you only lived four days longer than your beloved Ze. It reminds me of lovebirds—when one of a pair dies, the mate soon follows.

As the Gen07 Heir, you gave birth and raised three talented sons—Yuta, Jin, and Conan. You also completed the legacy’s remaining aspiration, Party Animal.
Also, you were the only sim who refused to vote for our politician Taisuke, lol. (Taisuke still resents you.)
Okay, I’m struggling to write a eulogy for you as long as the one I wrote for Ze, so I’ll stop here.
Rest in peace, our lovely pink-haired Tami Mori.

Outcome of the Gen09 Heir Vote

All of the usual suspects have voted by now, with Shota and Kyoya ending up with the same number of votes.
I wish to acknowledge the wit of Krae’s remark about stuffing the ballot box by giving Kyoya an extra vote, thus breaking the tie.
As a result, Kyoya will assume the title of Gen09 Heir upon reaching his young adult birthday.

Congratulations, Kyoya.
You didn’t get the cool hair and purple vest, but you make the cutest facial expressions and gestures!

Mori 8.88: Pwned by the Pranksters

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