Mori 8.88: Pwned by the Pranksters

Week 44/Monday

Taisuke: You shouldn’t feel bad about not becoming the next heir, Shota.
Jin: Your father’s right, Shota. The vote is really beyond your control.
Shota: Papa and Grandpa, you can’t understand how I feel! You’re both chosen ones.

Jin: Well, you could always ask Watchette to clone you to be founder of another challenge.

Taisuke: Hey, that’s something I would like to do, too! I’m gonna ask Watchette.
Jin: Don’t be so greedy, Taisuke. You and I have already had children.
Taisuke: Yeah, but that didn’t stop Denzel Goth from fathering a wonder child!

Jin: There’d probably be more interest in seeing Shota’s children, though.
Ignis: Hello!? I’m standing right here. Oh, I see. It’s because I only got one vote, huh?

How unusual to see you sisters painting together, and so early in the morning!
What are you painting?

Hinata and Rukia (in unison): It’s a surprise!

It’s 9:30 already. Why haven’t you left for school like your brothers?
Shota: I seem to be stuck. The “Go to School” action won’t drop in my queue, if you know what I mean.

But, hey, since you’re here, may I ask you a question?
Sure, what is it?
Shota: When you do another challenge, can I be the founder?
I’ll have to see. You can’t be in a forum challenge unless I recreate you from scratch, no cloning.

Hinata: Hey, we’re done. What do you think, Papa?
Jin: Aren’t you two jumping the gun? For one thing, Kyoya won’t be a young adult for another sim-week.
Rukia: Eh, his looks won’t change much between his teen and young adult stages.

Taisuke: How’d you get Maki to pose for you?
Rukia: That was the tricky part since Maki doesn’t live here yet. I wanted the inner courtyard as background.
So I moved a chess table near my easel, then had Kyoya ask Maki to play chess so she’d walk past me.
Jin: There has to be an easier way than that.
Rukia: Probably, but we don’t know one. And Maki foiled me by walking too fast and behind my easel.

Jin: Well, it’s a very becoming portrait of Maki. But why paint it so early? She doesn’t even live here yet.
Rukia: Nothing wrong in being prepared.
By the way, Grandpa, mind if I paint a new portrait to replace the one in the Legacy Gallery?
Jin: Honestly? No! I’m rather attached to that portrait of me as a young adult!

Rukia: Exactly! We don’t know Maki’s actual age, so I painted her portrait today.
Hinata: I’m sure she’ll prefer it to one of her as an elder. I know I would!

Taisuke: Conan doesn’t show up for our club gathering today, so I invite him over for a make-over.
While waiting on the porch, I see Lorena’s twin sister Rainn walk by. Just keep walking, Rainn.
Rukia: As much as I admire Tallulah’s simverse beautification campaign, I’m much too lazy for that.

Conan: Hey, no dissing the grey hairs! But I wouldn’t mind going back to black!
Taisuke: You look just as charming as always, Uncle Conan. Dat slouch, though…

Shota: Oooh, the Humor & Hijinks Festival is so my jam!
Taisuke: You even earned the Problem Child achievement for maxing Mischief as a teen!

Kyoya: So who’s gonna join the Pranksters team by drinking from this fountain on the left?
Shota: I want Papa, Mama, and Kyoya with me on the Pranksters team. We can’t control Grandpa Jin, Uncle Conan, Maki, or Lorena.
Kyoya: Why’d you leave Auntie Hinata and Ignis at home for Maki and Lorena?
Taisuke: Pretty obvious, I’d say.

Rukia: Look, Taisuke! There’s the swag stall!

Taisuke: Yes, I’d like to buy a commemorative T-shirt, miss.
No, I don’t want to wear it. I prefer my own outfit, thank you very much!
Oh, and four of each type of firework, I guess.

Shota: Hey, check us out! We’re glowing like aliens!
Kyoya: What next, bro?
Shoya: We get points for performing mischief interactions. Piece of cake!

Kyoya: You know, this is the first time the Mori’s have participated in this festival.
Let’s show the simverse how the Mori Pranksters roll!

Shota: You can see Papa harassing the swag vendor and Mama’s got it goin’ on over there, too!

Constantine: Dude, is this how you treat a former roomie? I’m deeply disappointed.
Taisuke: Whatever, you’re a Jokester and I’m a Prankster. This means war, yo!

Kyoya: Your future Gen09 Heir has finally moved away from the tiki bar. While taunting the food stall vendor, I reach Level 3 Mischief.
Gotta admit this is pretty fun! Time to quit my day job?

Our Chief of Mischief in action. Your tush isn’t as curvaceous as Maki’s, but very cute just the same! Okay, it’s settled!
Shota: Huh? What’s settled?
When I do the revised Wonder Child Challenge with toddlers, you can be the father. Happy now?
Shota: That’s it? Seriously? Well, thank Carl for speech bubbles!

Shota: How long does this competition last anyway? It’s 7 pm and I’m bored already.
Taisuke: One of the Jokesters even went home just now.
Rukia: No worries, a new victim just arrived. But how to fight the tedium?
Kyoya: Queue up mischief actions then play on Speed 3 for four more sim-hours?

Masato: You’re such a card, Kyoya!
Kyoya: You think I’m funny? I guess I’ll never be the sinister type.
After spamming Masato with mischief socials for two hours, we end up friends.

Masato: Constantine, you’ve lost that white glow. Does that mean you left the Jokesters, dude?
Kyoya: I can’t believe I’m already Level 7 Mischief!

Random sim: Wow, the Pranksters win!
Shota: Hmmmph! Of course, the Pranksters win, considering who their leader is!

Second thoughts, Shota. You’d also make an awesome vampire founder for Rival Dynasties. Or we could do a vampire Wonder Child Challenge, just for fun.
Oh I don’t know. There’s so many possibilities.


Shota: Seriously, bro? You made these pancakes?
Kyoya: Well, I’m a foodie so I’m very particular about what I eat. What do you think?
Shota: They’re delish. I’m so impressed!

Rukia: Wow, Ignis! When did you get so buff?
Ignis: Kyoya and I completed Bodybuilder yesterday. I’m happy you noticed!

Hinata: I’m glad you boys are finding things to do. I must confess I’m getting very bored.
What about if I moved out? I could live nearby with Drew and our brood.

Jin: I see I’m back in the Legacy Club again. Were you mad at me or something?
Rukia: Sorry, all our clubs borked yesterday. We lost every single one of our club perks.
Plus, the last two club members of each club got kicked out.

Taisuke: We finished earning the points to add you back this morning.
Jin: Well, as long as I get to see my kids and grandsons. *smiles gently
Yay, we don’t lose any more club perks when we restart the game. Just glad we’re near the end. *wipes brow


Ignis: Is that a new everyday outfit, Kyoya?
Shota: That’s not too dressy for your everyday outfit, Kyoya?
Kyoya: I’m going to be the ninth-generation Mori Legacy heir very soon.
I asked Watchette for a more dignified look, one that lets everyone know that I carry the achievements of eight generations of Mori’s on my shoulders.
Ignis: Whoa, Kyoya, that’s deep.
He looks so grown-up in his new everyday outfit. I don’t know about you, but I like it! (Forest-green loafers ftw!)

Ignis: I really like my casual look but, man, Shota and Kyoya really make me feel so underdressed.
Oh well, no matter. Tomorrow, Shota and I age up to young adults, then Kyoya ages up to young adult on Monday.

Unless there’s a complication with Mari Nakamura and trying for baby, the Mori Legacy has come very close to the finish line.
Another sim-week, more or less.

Mori 8.89: King of Smirks

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