Mori 8.89: King of Smirks

Week 44/Thursday

Jin: Have you no shame, Rukia? Your elderly father, kneeling and weeding his heart out.
Meanwhile, you’ve been idling there for the past three sim-hours.
Rukia: …
Hinata: I don’t understand it, Rukia. You’re our household’s main Freelance Botanist!

Rukia: … Oh, I felt the game hiccup just now! *leaps into botanical action

Shota: Ignis, our birthday’s tomorrow. We should have been taking vacation days since Tuesday!
Ignis: I know! I just checked and I have five vacation days.
Kyoya: No more school for me until my birthday on Monday!

Ignis: Shouldn’t Watchette be, you know, watching out for us?
So shoot me, I forgot, okay? But you don’t really have anything else to do anyway.

Shota: No more school for this legacy, ever!
Ignis: No school, no skilling, no work…how do we spend our newfound freedom?

Kyoya: Since Maki and I will have very little time as a couple, I travel with her to the Iyashi restaurant.
Maki: Well, since you’re a teen and I’m an adult, we can’t date yet but thanks for inviting me.
Kyoya (pretends to read menu): She takes my breath away in that dress!

Maki: I’ve never been to this restaurant, Kyoya. I like this outdoor seating.
Kyoya: I’ve never sat here myself. The family usually gets the table for eight in back.
Maki: It’s really romantic, except that you’re still a teen.
Kyoya: …

Maki: Do you think others looks at us and assume I’m your mother?
Kyoya: Don’t say that, Maki! You look very young and I think my suit makes me look older…maybe.
I invited you out to share with everyone how beautiful you are, Maki. And I also want to get to know you better.

Maki: What do you suggest, Kyoya? You’re the foodie.
Kyoya: Well, how about if we start with…

Kyoya, you dawg, you! Did you order the Cupid Juice? You know what it does right?
Kyoya: Hehe. Yes, I did. And yes, I do. But it doesn’t matter because of our age gap, sadly.
Awww, even the waiter looks embarrassed.
Kyoya: I regret nothing!

Maki: You haven’t touched your drink yet, Kyoya! And has the cat got your tongue?
Kyoya (internally): Maki slays when she’s feeling Very Flirty. *gasps

Kyoya: By the time we leave the restaurant, Maki and I are much closer. Score!


Shota: Our young adult birthday comes around in the morning. Ignis, stop texting and smile!
Ignis: Hold your horses! I’m uploading a shot of my birthday cake to Plumbook.
Hinata: Hey, I’m home, too, but I’m busy writing a Book of Life for Maki.

Rukia: Ignis ages up with his usual show of overwhelming enthusiasm. *cues sarcasm
Ignis: I add Bookworm to my Music Lover and Neat traits.
We get a weird new menu that asks us to choose not only his third trait but also a new aspiration.

Shota: I cake up next. Besides being a Loner and Kleptomaniac, I’m also Romantic like Papa.
Kyoya: Watchette also officially grants Shota the title of “King of Smirks.”
No one smirks like Shota!

So Ignis, I have some good news and some bad news for you, darling.
Ignis: Bad news first, please.
You’ll be moving out on the same day Maki moves in.
Ignis: Yeah, I totally saw that coming. If Hinata moved out, Pippin would send hordes of ninjas to our house to kill us all.
But what’s the good news?
The good news is…your new look is awesome. C’mon, give us a pose.

Ignis: Now I’m really mad I didn’t refuse that “Outdoor Retreat meets City Living” look I’ve been wearing all this time.
See? I can smolder in this outfit, yo! *blows a kiss at Caterina
And here’s a formula for you math lovers out there!       Ignis + Caterina = OTP

Jin: My grandson needs to hurry and have his YA birthday so he and Maki can get a room!
Maki: *autonomously shares photos
Kyoya: *asks to become BFF


Rukia: How shall we fill the days until Kyoya’s birthday?
Taisuke: I’m a romantic, so I vote for anywhere I can snuggle with my darling Rukia.
Rukia: That’s not very helpful for the kids, dear.

Ignis: Let’s phone to check that our villa in Granite Falls has a gaming console and a karaoke machine.
Shota: I don’t know, Ignis. Kyoya and I are a bit overdressed for Granite Falls.
Kyoya: Brunch at Chompy’s, it is!

Taisuke: We seem to have acquired some hangers-on at our table.
Rukia: Is that elderly lady chatting you up?
Shota (checks his queue): Omg, she is! *deletes her from his queue

Kyoya: Mama, Maki suddenly got up and ran off twice now. Can you check on her, Watchette?
Rukia: I’ve been a little worried, too. She’s done that nausea gesture twice earlier.

Maki: I think I ran down here to throw up, but now I don’t need to. Is it something I ate?
Oh right, I’d completely forgotten about the possibility of food poisoning. *breathes a sigh of relief

Rukia: We end our outing by visiting both karaoke bars in San Myshuno.
Taisuke: My lovely wife and I sing a pop number.
Kyoya: Hey, that wink with the pistol is my move!
Taisuke: Confess, son! You originally stole that move from me!
Kyoya: Never!

Kyoya: The even lovelier Maki and I sing a jazz number.
I haven’t told her yet that, after my birthday, I’d like her to move in and marry me. Do you think she’ll have me?

With the sims having nothing to do, we’ve been treading water while waiting for Kyoya to age up.
In the next chapter, however, all sorts of wonderful things will happen!
Kyoya will celebrate his young adult birthday and officially assume the title of Gen09 Heir.
He’ll ask Maki to move in and immediately force-feed her a Potion of Youth.
And then…and then…you’ll need to tune in to find out.

Mori 9.90: All That Plus Chopstick Savvy

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