Mori 9.90: All That Plus Chopstick Savvy

Week 45/Sunday

Well, you’re looking bright and cheerful this morning. May I ask why?
I finished recording the epic saga of Maki’s life into the Book of Life I wrote yesterday.
That’s my last major responsibility for this legacy, I believe.
It’s also my adult birthday today.

And after Kyoya ages up and has an heir, I’ll be free to go live with my own family.
I hardly know my own children, which is too sad. But I can change all that very soon!

Rukia: May we have a moment of silence to appreciate my perfect husband?
He is not only a Vampire Heartthrob who slightly resembles the dispossessed Prince Noctis.
And he’s so much more than a former National Leader in public and an adoring romantic in private.
Every morning after breakfast, he cheerfully stands and clears off the table. *gazes lovingly

Shota: What? Who says we’re spoiled? Only four sims can play the gaming console at a time.
Ignis: And that’s why we now have two consoles.
Kyoya: Well, to be honest, Watchette initially moved the TV here from the gym to see what “Enable Wireless Display Override” does.

Rukia: It gets noisy in here but half of us can also watch TV instead.
Ignis: Oh, the things one discovers when there’s nothing meaningful to do!

Kyoya: I know it seems like we’re all just goofing off but they all internally share my anxiety.
This morning, I saw the family-oriented Maki thinking about a baby bassinet.
My beautiful Maki, please remain an adult until tomorrow afternoon!
And then I can perhaps fulfill your wish, if you’ll let me.

Shota: I have my own ideas about how to pass the time until this legacy’s end.
That’s Mariko Sakamoto from the spouse hunt—glutton, gloomy, non-committal but very pretty!

Shota: Hehe, the ole “lure to the boudoir by asking to play chess” move never gets old.
What exactly are you doing, my handsome King of Smirks?
Shota: What does it look like? I’m diligently practicing for the Wonder Child Challenge!
And in my own altruistic way, I ensure that the Gen10 heir will have playmates.
Yeah, right!

Shota: By the way, a little help with a makeover, please?

Shota: Now this I can work with! *gives a rose
Mariko: *feels overwhelmed

Hate to spoil the party, Shota, but Ignis is the one moving out.
Shouldn’t he be the one to fall in love then move out to live with his lady friend?

Shota: Oops?

Shota: Surrender, you gorgeous creature!
Your paltry non-committal trait is no match for my devastating romanticism!

Meanwhile, in front of the Mori house…
Rukia: Look, Kyoya! Isn’t that Silas Sakamoto, Conan’s son with the second Ayaka?
Come meet him so we can invite him to parties later. What a cutie pie!

Kyoya: Well, aren’t you the impudent brat!
Rukai: How can you talk to him like that, Kyoya? He’s an adorable child with the Creative trait.
Kyoya: Maybe to you, but our friendship bars are slightly in the red, the little monster.

Rukia: So far, so good, dear Kyoya! Only around 10 more hours till your birthday and Maki’s still an adult! Why are you making that face, Kyoya!
Kyoya: Crossing my fingers and toes doesn’t seem enough, so I’m crossing my eyes, too.
Taisuke: It’s only 9 pm and too early for sleeping. Where’s Shota?
Taisuke is amazing! The instant that Rukia finishes eating, the “Clean up” action appears in Taisuke’s queue.


Kyoya: I finally get the “Celebrate birthday” notice and ask everyone to gather in back.
Then, I phone in a non-prestige birthday party. You heard right, no party goals!
Hey, Shota! Sorry to interrupt your tryst!

Jin: Who’s that little punk in the red sneakers over there?
Conan: That happens to be Silas Sakamoto, my third child.
Jin: Oh, so that’s Silas. Doesn’t he know the meaning of party wear?
Conan: Can’t teach that boy nothing! *rolls eyes
I like Silas! He looks like a blond Conan with pouty lips.

Kyoya: When I age up, I add the Insane trait to Vegetarian and Foodie.
Then, I immediately use my Beguile bow for the first time, aiming it at Maki.
Ignis: How cool! I’d never actually seen that arrow before.

Rukia: Heyo, Adrien! Great to see you. Too bad you didn’t become my son-in-law, eh?
Adrien: Oh puhleeze! I was soooo not going to have Kyoya’s baby!

Kyoya: Yep, if not for Maki, I would have asked Adrien to move in as my Primary Spouse.
He’s the only other sim we know who has three unique traits!
All for the sake of a single legacy point!

Shota: Papa, don’t you think your pushing your luck with that outfit?
Taisuke: I’ll have you know that I’m still a young adult, thank you very much.

Kyoya: Most of our relatives and all of Papa’s former roomies attend my party.
Surprisingly, Shota hovers around Mariko the whole time.

Maki: I know I’m insane and now you’re insane, too, but why stare at me for the past two sim-hours?
Kyoya: I can’t help it, Maki. All my queued romantic interactions seem to be stuck.

Now that you can move again, Kyoya, you need to end this party so you can ask Maki to move in!

Maki: Hey, are you peeking at my traits?
Kyoya: We all knew your three base traits, but now we know you have the Master Chef aspiration.

Maki: I also earned the Chopstick Savvy trait!
Kyoya: I’m so proud of you, Maki! You’re the first and last sim in the Mori Legacy to be chopstick savvy!
With a sigh of relief, we note that Maki won’t be an elder for 12 more days. Persisting in the spouse hunt really paid off!

Maki: Why do I need to drink this Potion of Youth? Do you expect this legacy challenge to last longer than 12 more days?
Kyoya: Consider it a symbolic gesture of gratitude for agreeing to be my Primary Spouse, okay?

Maki is moved in, Kyoya and Maki are sitting together feeling Very Flirty, and I’ve locked their door.
Let’s hope their budding romance blossoms at the speed of light.

Kyoya: Before we go, I want to share the shot Watchette took of me for our Chapter Index.
Congratulations, Kyoya, on assuming the mantle of the Mori Legacy as its ninth heir.

And who says insane sims can’t smolder? Get dat sizzle on, boy!

Author’s Notes

In this chapter, the Mori Legacy reached a final score of 100 out of 101 points because:
(1)   Kyoya aged up to a young adult;
(2)   He moved in Maki as a Primary Spouse with three unique traits; and
(3)   The couple had been previously memorialized in the form of portraits painted by Rukia and Hinata.

The Mori’s and I have no intention to try for the Popularity category’s tenth point, which would require 134 more gold medals.
While the Mori’s have no more points to earn, however, the legacy challenge only ends with the birth of the Gen10 heir.

And now it’s time for me to go repair my game. We don’t want Kyoya to suffer what Shota experienced earlier.
Due to lagging, it took Shota 12 sim-hours to go from Good Friends status to Try for Baby. *groans

Mori 9.91: She’s Having Mah Baby

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