Rivals 4.37: A House Full of Win

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Moss Dinero, II)

• Moss replaces his house at Asphalt Adobe from the previous week with a new one.
• Everyone focuses on making money to help upgrade the house.
• Moss gets his first promotion and branches to the Art Critic career.
• Mina, the Gen3 heir, ages up to a toddler Tuesday morning.


Aaradhya: Our little Mina ages up to a slightly chubby toddler.
Jessminder, would you mind preparing only tofu tacos from now on?
Jessminder: Yes, of course. Still, Mina is such a gorgeous child. Would you consider Krishna as…

Aaradhya: Actually, Moss and I have been wanting to talk to you about that.
We’d really like for our families to join together through marriage.

Arun: Would you mind not chatting with me while I’m trying to produce a bestseller?
Don’t you have any work to do, Daichi? Once upon a time, you used to clean…

Moss: I choose to work from home today, but I go out with Jessminder first.

Jessminder: To complete our plant collection, we need a rose, a tulip, and a UFO plant.
Fortunately, I’m able to harvest the first two right away.

Moss: We’ll need to visit Mama to try for the UFO plant. Maybe tonight.

Moss: When we return home, Mina is very tired, so I put her to bed.
Then I start on my work-at-home assignments, which are both very easy.

First, I spray graffiti for two hours.

Jessminder: Daichi does nothing most of the time he’s at our home.
He got removed from all the Dinero clubs while we were still living with the founder.

This morning, he even prepared a non-vegetarian meal! I threw it out right away. Sheesh!

Moss: As my second work-at-home assignment, I write for two hours.
I end up with a bestseller which I submit to the literary digest. What luck!

Krishna: Mina wakes up from a nightmare so I go to comfort her.
But…she rejects me!

Jessminder: She hardly knows you, Krishna!
Next time, chat a little before going in for the hug!

Moss: Jessminder’s off tonight so I decide to try for my remaining gold-medal parties.

My dinner party gets stuck on the “3 playful sims” goal.

Daniela: So why throw your parties here? I was hoping to get invited to your new place!
Arun: Krishna wants to be a Nerd Brain so he’s using your rocket ship as we speak.

After a little more socializing, we earn a gold medal, anyway.

Moss: My house party is a great success!
Even though Mama grabs a slice before I can reach the cake, I’m still able to “Call to Meal” on the seven-slice cake.

Then, right when the party ends, Krishna returns with prizes from the Green Man!
A U.F.O. fruit!

Aaradhya: Despite my nausea, we visit San Myshuno after the parties to buy my carrots.
Jessminder: You are really looking unwell, dear.

Aaradhya: Here we are in our party outfits!
Moss reads to Mina while I eat carrots and listen to music.
I’m still deciding whether I want to try for twins or not.

Moss: Twins? What would we do with so many spare children?
Aaradhya: Forge political marriages with our rivals like in sixteenth-century Japan?


Arun: So, has Mom already spoken to you yet about your future, son?
Moss is hoping you’ll marry his daughter Mina.

Krishna: But she’s a toddler and I’ll be a young adult in a week!
Arun: Don’t underestimate the power of early age-ups, Krishna!
I bet you she’ll be a teen before your young adult birthday!

Mina: Papa, I think you just completed your “Read to a child for 2 hours” goal.
Can we do something else now, please?

Moss: I see that Jung Story has been resurrected!
Looks like he’s become a Daywalker, too.  Good for him!

Jessminder: So that’s the Gen3 Zanna heir’s future spouse!
Our Krishna needs to work out!

Mina: Wheee!!!
Among all the toddler animations, this pose has to be one of my favorites.

Daniela: You say you’re interested in marrying into our family? What about the Zannas?
Wyatt: It’s true that Serena has asked me to marry the Gen5 Zanna heir.
But that would require me to become a vampire, too. I don’t know…

Daniela: With your looks and your L10 gardening, any family would be lucky to have you.
I’ll talk to my son Moss and have him contact you soon.
And don’t forget that our Gen5 heir will live on the biggest plot in all of Newcrest, Wyatt.

Moss: Ugh, my promotion comes with a new outfit which is sooooo not me!
I’m thinking the Art Critic outfits get progressively worse!

Arun completes Bestselling Author and writes his first Book of Life tonight.
Why do you insist on writing Moss’s epic saga in the toddler’s room?
Why don’t you like the living room sofa with its Comfort +8 rating?

I check on the others and return to find Arun here. I give up!
Arun: Actually, I don’t understand the draw of the toddler’s bed, either!
It’s only Comfort +1!

Moss: I’ve called the three of you here to try out our new hookah set-up!
And to congratulate you for each completing an aspiration today.

Aaradhya: Thanks, darling! Painter Extraordinaire was a breeze with two mentors!
But I’ll pass on the hoookah!

Arun: You’re still new to this household, so I’ll explain how things are, Aaradhya.
Every Dinero heir receives Vegetarian as their third trait.
Every Dinero home has a hookah lounge.
Hookahs are part of the Dinero tradition. You can’t just “pass.”

Aaradhya: Oh Arun, I only meant I want to pass tonight. For our baby’s sake, you know?

Aaradhya: By the way, Krishna, Moss and I wish to officially ask you to marry into our family.
Moss: What do you say, Krishna?

Krishna: Considering the beauty of your mother and your wife, Moss, I say I’m a lucky man!
Arun (whispers): Why is the nanny leering at me?!

Arun: This is your first time with a hookah, son, so watch me carefully!

Krishna: Look, Dad! The nanny’s applauding your hookah prowess!

Moss: Hahaha, our little Mina is also watching you very carefully, Arun!

Aaradhya: Indeed, Mina is certainly watching Arun with wide-eyed wonder!


Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements
Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, and House Party

*Incomplete requirements
Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier IV, $272,330/$350,000)
Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 6)
Spouse: Aaradhya Kumar
Children: Mina and another due Wednesday night

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Incomplete requirements:
Skills: L3 Imagination and Thinking; L2 Communication, Movement, and Potty

Rivals 4.38: The Mythical Guide


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