Rivals 4.38: The Mythical Guide

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Moss Dinero, Part III)

Moss completes his requirement for three gold-medal parties.
• Arun (Bestselling Author), Aaradhya (Painter Extraordinaire), and Krishna) complete their aspirations.
• The gardener Wyatt Owen approaches Daniela about marrying into the Dinero family.
• Moss and Aaradyha officially offer Mina’s hand in marriage to Krishna who agrees. Yes, prearranged marriages with child brides is still a thing in some countries.
• Everyone’s working hard toward becoming Mansion Barons.


Jessminder: I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t try to change the Plantsims’ moods.
But I’d like to get the magic bean hunt over with, you know?

Feels weird flirting with our nanny, but she does give me a flirty bean!

Moss: After a potty accident, Mina throws a fit so I give her a lecture.

Moss: Then I feel bad about lecturing her on her misbehavior and comfort her.

You could have comforted her right after her potty accident, instead of…dancing.

Jessminder: Hah! I only need to use my Rile Up! social twice.
This formerly uncomfortable PlantSim is now Very Angry.

Thanks for my sixth and last bean, lady!

Jessminder: This must be my lucky day!
Tonight I finally receive the Mythical Guide opportunity at work!

Naturally, I hand over $200 to the shady old man.

Moss: Around 6 pm, our house value exceeds $302,000.
After buying 4 Virtuoso Violins, I complete the Mansion Baron aspiration.

Thanks to everyone for pitching in with painting, woodworking, and gardening!

Krishna: Wow, Auntie Aaradhya, you’re getting a massage in our front yard?

Aaradhya: Well, I guess we could build a room downstairs for massage and yoga.
But I’m too huge to waddle downstairs right now.
I’m not even sure why I’m getting a fertility massage…

Mina: Why does everyone want to read to me?
Krishna: Seems like you’re supposed to max Imagination.

Mina: Why can’t I just have a dollhouse?

Aaradhya: I go into labor in the courtyard, because that’s where the bassinets are.
Thanks for optimistically placing two, Watchette!
No problem!

Krishna: No wonder I couldn’t give you a bath, little girl! It’s the nooboos!

The bath’s been moved upstairs temporarily, so we’re good now.

Aaradhya: I give birth to two healthy green boys.
I’m holding the firstborn Alfonso. I chose the first random name starting with A.

Moss: And I’m holding Jagger. Cool name, yeah?
I clicked the randomizer a few times and liked this name best.

Krishna: No, no, Mina! Don’t splash me! I’m wearing a leather jacket.

Mina: (How is it fair that I’m in the bath but he’s fully clothed!?)

Aaradhya: So, are you sad that the boys aren’t green?
Moss: Our heir is green so it’s fine if the boys aren’t.

Aaradhya: I’m a little worried that we had them so late! Look what happened to Megumi!
Moss: Yeah, she will just barely have a toddler by Friday! Our Mina’s way ahead!

Jessminder: What a great day! First the magic beans, then the Mythical Guide!
Am I awesome or what?

Mina: Are you taking my picture again because I just maxed Potty?
Do you mind? May I have a little privacy, please?

Arun: Are you serious about learning Vampire Lore, son?
If yes, I suggest you read that book instead of pointing your finger to the music.

Moss: Is my little princess ready for bed? Do you want a bedtime story?

Jessminder: After the nanny arrives, we head for Desert Bloom Park.
I make Snaggleflusters for everyone, at $50 a drink.

Moss: For the drink’s 3-hour duration, I practiced yoga with Aaradhya and Krishna.
We all went from Level 2 to Level 6. That drink is amazing!

Jessminder: I need two more Charisma levels for my last Mixologist promotion.

Dude, there are four toilets! Why do you have to come use this one? Ugh!?


Moss: In the morning, we hire a maid for the first time.
She doesn’t seem too happy to be here.

Aaradhya: She does a lot of simply standing around, so she’s not very useful.
I guess it’s nice that she cleans up after our slacker nanny.

I’m not amused that the adults autonomously “Watch” ever since the toddler patch.
It’s not like you’ve never seen a hookah before, Moss!

Moss: We will not be aiming for Top-Notch Toddler with Mina.
Currently, she has L4 Imagination and Thinking, with L3 everything else.
That is, she’s already earned the Happy Toddler trait.

We plan to age her up as soon as she maxes Imagination and Thinking.

Moss: My only remaining requirement is to max my career now.
I’m a creative type so I’ll mostly leave Mina’s mentoring to the others.

Jagger, I’m going to personally groom you to appeal to the vampires!
Maybe they’ll choose you for the Gen5 spouse, then we can snatch Wyatt Owen!
We’ll have to remember not to let you buy any reward traits, just in case.

Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements
Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, and House Party
Mansion Baron Aspiration: done

*Incomplete requirements
Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 6)

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Incomplete requirements:
Skills: L3 Potty; L4 Imagination/Thinking; L3 Communication/Movement

Rivals 4.39: Birthday Bonanza

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