Rivals 4.39: Birthday Bonanza

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Dinero, Part IV)

Moss completes the Mansion Baron aspiration on Thursday afternoon;
• Jessminder completes the magic bean collection, then acquires the secret Snagglefluster recipe while at work;
• Krishna has so far completed four aspirations and is on the last tier of Freelance Botanist;
• Our little heiress Mina earns the Happy Toddler trait but needs to max Thinking and Imagination to age up early.

Week 4/ Friday

Mina: Can you help me learn numbers with flash cards, Papa?

Moss: The inquisitive Mina is very serious about learning.

But she also has her zany side.

Moss: And, of course, she is always adorable. You’re papa’s little girl, aren’t you?

Alfonso (left) and Jagger (right) have been very happy babies.
They rarely fuss, because we four adults take turns looking after them.

Mina: Mama, why do you hardly ever spend time with me?
Aaradhya: For some reason, I never feel drawn to you.
I always want to either paint or dance. I don’t even have whims to play with you.

She only does things for her children when instructed.
I notice that Mina doesn’t build skills as quickly with her mother as with a nanny.
Is skilling speed influenced by the relationship level?

Moss: I’m almost capable of teleportation!
As much as I enjoy meditating, I’m sure this is part of some evil plan.
Aaradhya: How can meditation ever be evil, dear?

Moss: “Someone” is trying to keep me from maxing a future heir’s unique skills.

Arun: I’m very close to maxing Logic.
Having another Logic mentor in the house besides Krishna will be useful, yes?


Krishna: Yes, that’s correct! I wish to quit my Manual Labor job.
Now, Papa, would you please continue mentoring me in Writing?

Arun: Yes, of course. Best wishes with the Bestselling Author aspiration, son!

Aaradhya: The twins are usually very quiet and rarely kick up a fuss.
That’s because we all take care of them, except when we’ve hired a nanny.
The problem is our nanny.

Arun: Daichi’s been standing there ignoring the nooboos for at least a half hour.
What kind of nanny does that?

By the way, Mina wakes up in the afternoon feeling sad about her low hunger.
Is that why her Thinking and Movement skills fell to Levels 4 and 2, respectively?

Mina: Around 4 pm, I max Imagination and ask for help with the birthday candles!

Mina: Hey, you missed me blowing out the candles!
It’s time for my birthday leap!

Mina: I can’t believe you’re taking a pre-makeover picture of me!
Aaaradha: Sorry, dear, but Jessminder doesn’t come home from work for 6 more hours.

Mina: I’m a cheerful Whiz Kid, so Uncle Arun mentors me while I play chess.
Mama, I heard from Papa already that you cheat at chess!

Krishna: Thanks for mentoring me in writing, Uncle Moss!
Moss: Well, I mentor you while your father mentors my daughter. It’s a sweet deal!
By the way, how are you and Mina getting along?

Krishna: Sadly, we’re just acquaintances, because I was only looking after her.
To build a relationship, I think I need to be talking with her.
Moss: Oh well, now we know. Too bad, really!

Mina: So I already have Level 5 Mental but I can only do my homework once while Focused until Monday.
Why do I have to keep playing chess, Uncle Arun?

Arun: Because you need an A grade, you probably can’t complete Whiz Kid until Tuesday.
But once you max Mental, you can start leveling Fishing and Video Gaming.

Mina: Oh right! Because those will be my unique skills. Thanks, Uncle Arun!

Moss: I phone Jessminder to ask her to leave work early tonight.
The boys have aged up and I want her to mix a Snagglefluster for Mina.

Jessminder: Why go to so much trouble to learn the recipe, if I’m not going to mix Snaggleflusters, right?

Mina: Now that Auntie Jessminder’s home, I get a makeover at last!
I lose the silver glass frames and get my green hair back!

Moss: Here are my boys, Alfonso (left) and Jagger (right).
They’re both little charmers already, don’ t agree?

Moss: Like Mina, both boys aged up to chubby toddlers.
I’m not sure why, since I was very thin as a toddler, child, and teen.

If anyone knows how nooboos can exercise in their bassinets, please let me know!
Chubby toddlers seem to be a very recent but common occurrence in my games.

Alfonso (right): Who’s that?
Jagger (left): That’s Mama, silly.
Alfonso: How did you know that?
Jagger: Well, first we had to pose with Papa, so I assume she must be our Mama.

This shot initially got photobombed by Nanny Imane and had to be set up again.
She “had to” sit on the sofa and read, preventing both boys from sitting with Aaradhya.
If you want to read, Nanny Imane go sit on the other sofa! Or why not the toddler’s bed? *rolls eyes

Mina: I see how it is. Now that the boys are toddlers, nobody’s gonna care about me!

Arun: That’s not a very nice thing to say, Mina!
You’re the Gen3 heir but your brothers are spares.
Be a kind and generous older sister by sharing the spotlight with them, okay?

Mina: By the way, I can’t drink the Snagglefluster. I guess I’ll have to wait until my teen birthday.
Arun: Awww, too bad! We’ll have Krishna drink it instead.

Aaradhya: When everyone else clicks on the hookah, they get an “Unwind” interaction.
But when I click on the hookah, I get a “Try” interaction. Why is that, Jessminder?

Jessminder: Hmmm, it obviously depends on one’s “hookah history.”
You say you’re familiar with hookahs.
But, as Jimi Hendrix would say: “So, er, are you experienced”?

Aaradhya: I guess I’m not as experienced as I’d thought I was, Big Grasshopper!
Oh look at the boys! Pretend we don’t notice them watching us!


Week 4 Status of the Dineros

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Incomplete requirements
Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 7)

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements
Toddler skills: Top-Notch Toddler (Level 5 Thinking and Imagination)

*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid (Tier II)
Teen Job:
Unique Aspiration: (Angling Ace)
A in High School:
Unique Skills: (Fishing & Video Gaming)
Good Friends: (Daniela Dinero; 3 more)
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)
Collection: fish


Author’s Notes

Megumi and Braddon: Megumi will finally be moving Braddon in right after this Big Switch.
As a result, Megumi will not give birth for at least another five or six days.
On the other hand, her rivals start Week 4 with a Day 1 nooboo, putting Megumi almost a whole week behind. Will she ever catch up?

Why the rush?: You might be wondering (or not) why I’ve raced through the Dinero Mansion Barons’ Week 4.
I’ve come up with a(nother) silly idea for Megumi Soma’s restaurant and now I’m dying to build that restaurant!
I’m not as worried about the magic bean collection. In the worst case scenario, the Somas can just visit the Forbidden Fruit Tree on Serena Zanna’s lot.

Thank you so much for reading!

Rivals 4.40: A New Nosherie

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