Rivals 4.40: A New Nosherie

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Soma, Part I)

Previously at the end of Week 3:
On Saturday, Megumi moves to the 20×15 Comfy Cubby lot, the northernmost lot in Newcrest.
She invites her co-worker Maaike Haas to move in along her roomie Ulrike Faust.
Megumi and Maaike join the Writer career; Ulrike’s already a Level 2 painter.
Ulrike adopts a girl whom she names Jun Shiomi. Jun’s in grade school.
Megumi buys the 20×20 lot in Magnolia Promenade where J&S Clothiers used to be.

Week 4/Sunday

Megumi: As soon as Watchette arrives, she replaces our house with a Gallery download (#carlsguiderdc).
Thankfully, we now have a single basement floor instead of two.
And the new, cheaper house frees up a little over $20,000 in cash. Score!

Ulrike: Once that’s done, I start baking a birthday cake for you-know-who.

Megumi: I invite Braddon and his father Bradly over.
We’re both so excited that Braddon will be a young adult!
I mean, we’re literally walking on air…

Braddon: I’ve waited so long for this day, Megumi!
Ulrike: Happy birthday, Braddon! You’re a young adult at last!

Megumi: *thinks about playing a video game on her computer upstairs

Megumi: Let’s go stand in this corner where it’s impossible to take a screenshot!
Braddon: I’ll bite. Why are we standing here?
Megumi: Well, since you are a young adult now, I can finally ask you to move in!

Thanks, you guys!

Ulrike: I’m painting upstairs while my daughter Jun works on Artistic Prodigy.
Jun is outgoing and hasn’t decided yet whether she wants to go the creative or logical route.

Braddon: Even though we’ve been apart, our friendship is still maxed!
Megumi: I’m so glad that you and I are finally the same age!
More to the point, I’m glad that we are both young adults now.

Braddon: Oh Megumi, no one is gladder about that than I am!

Maaike: While the lovebirds reunite in their underground love nest, I’m on the second floor.
It seems to be taking forever to finish writing my second novel!

Braddon: I’ve always dreamed that my very first kiss would be with you, baby girl!

Bradly: Meanwhile, I get busy with the garden, grafting and fertilizing.
When I’m done, this garden’s footprint will be half its current size!

Braddon: Papa is not the only one getting busy!
Megumi: How can you be narrating at a moment like this!?

Megumi: Thanks for sparing me the “Eating for Two” potty shot, Watchette!
I got the notice around 6 a.m.

I wonder if these slender sims will also produce a chubby toddler…

Bradly: No rest for the wicked, son! Come learn how to garden.
Braddon: How can creating new life with my future wife be wicked? But okay.

Braddon: I was a Top-Notch Toddler and completed all 4 childhood aspirations.
Since I skipped my teen years, though, I have no adult skills yet.

Ulrike: It takes me forever to read to Jun for two hours.
After four or five Read to Child actions I’m finally done!

Nanny Elizabeth is sitting there being useless and annoying.

Ulrike: I take that back. She’s not entirely useless.
I stop reading momentarily to open a time capsule in my inventory.
During the second it takes to open it, she snatches my book and puts it away.

Bradly: Nannies are persona non grata in all our downstairs rooms.
When they are in slacker mode (which is most of the time), they try engaging us in needless chatter.

Nanny Elizabeth: Why do I feel like I’m in a Kafka novel? What did I do wrong?

Megumi: Lately, I’ve decided against running an Italian restaurant.
So, I sell my 20×20 Magnolia Promenade lot and buy this 30×20 lot in Oasis Springs.

Megumi: Watchette and I did a practice build recently, so we’ve got a plan.

Everyone: Woooo, it’s starting to look like a restaurant!

Megumi: Folks, welcome to the last word in fine Mexican cuisine!

Jun: It looks kind of like Taco Bell with a pergola…
Braddon: Hush, Jun. You’ll hurt Watchette’s feelings.

Megumi: Look, y’all, this is a Rival Dynasties Challenge not a building contest.
And we’re not finish building yet but we’ve run out founds.

Anyway, the best part of this restaurant is its name: Nacho Mama!
Except for you, Braddon, I can be yo’ mama! *bats eyelashes coyly

Megumi: For the first hour, guests throng the entrance but the hostess doesn’t seat anyone.
That’s when I realized that I’d reversed the host station and the waiter’s stations.

Bradly: You’d think the host station would be bigger than the waiter’s stations, but no!

Megumi: That Daniela Dinero is such a good sport! I’m quite impressed!
Even though we’re enemies, she shows up for my restaurant’s opening day!

That’s why I comp her table’s meals.

Megumi: That’s our hostess, Kyra Storey.
She’s a former roomie of our own Bradly Storey and the vampire Jung Storey.
But they are all unrelated.

Ulrike’s not a good match for the service industry, I find.
She keeps trying to prank my staff, so I’m going to have her paint instead.
And I’m tightening up the club’s banned activities.

Tonight, we serve six diners at three tables and end up with a 1.5-star rating.
If we hadn’t incorrectly placed the host station, we could have seated our diners faster.
Still, I was able to offer training to my staff and earn 465 perk points.

Now, we need to earn enough moolah to finish building Nacho Mama!

Braddon: Now that we’re back home, Megumi, there’s something I’ve been dying to ask you.
Megumi: Oh Braddon, yes, darling! Of course, a thousand times yes!
Everyone knows we’ve always meant to be together!


Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Incomplete requirements
Career: Writer/Author (Level 6)
Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $51,918 (halfway there!)
Star rating: 1.5 stars (haha)
Spouse:  Braddon Storey

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Birth: around 6 am, Wednesday?

Rivals 4.41: The Rise of Nacho Mama

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