Rivals 4.41: The Rise of Nacho Mama

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Megumi Soma, Part II)

Previously at the end of Week 3:
Megumi ages up her beloved Braddon then asks him and father Bradly to move in;
   • Bradly works his magic in the garden and downsizes its footprint 50%;
   • Megumi sells her Magnolia Promenade lot to buy the 30×20 Pebble Burrow lot in Oasis Springs;
   • Megumi builds her new restaurant and names it “Nacho Mama“;
   • Nacho Mama’s opening day ends with a 1.5-star rating.

Week 4/Monday

Maaike: Bradly generously used his points to buy me an Insta-Lean potion.

Ulrike: Wow, Maaike! You’re way cuter than I am now!
Maaike: I don’t know about that, but I’m feeling pretty cute!

Megumi: I’m not feeling too great this morning, but we open for lunch anyway.

Braddon: Today, it’s just Megumi and I here.

Megumi: I pay for the Gold advertising package and we have a good crowd.
Just as good as Papa ever had and he had the Platinum package.

There’s Nanny Imane seated at the table behind me.

Megumi: Braddon is perfection!
He autonomously cleans dirty toilets and clears the tables.

In fact, I spend more time keeping those two apart than directing them to serve the clientele.
They’re constantly attempting friendly or romantic socials.

Yay! We hire a second waiter! His name is Arjun Srinivasan.
He has orange hair which he wears like Caleb Vatore.

I also add a fifth table which seats three.

We have solved the mystery of the constantly filthy toilets!
That vampire, Ayaka Mori, ate then vomited three times in a row!
Why does she bother coming here?

We’re so excited to notice that a Food Critic has arrived!
Hopefully, we can impress him and receive a favorable review!

I’m surprised to see the Zanna founder here with Caleb this afternoon.
Today’s too busy but I might try apologizing the next time we meet.

What a gorgeous couple they make!
Uh, don’t they have withered stomachs, too?

Sadly, we lose the Food Critic before he even ordered.
We really need a second waitperson!

Braddon: Tada! I hire Gill Hammond based on his portrait, not a body shot!

Also, I reprimand our first waitress, Ananya, for jogging on the job.
No wonder the Food Critic never got to order!

At 9 pm, I’m ready to close Nacho Mama’s “lunch shift.”
I finally give up on Nanny Imane ever leaving.
She stayed for 10 whole hours, then left without paying when I closed.

And notice that our primo tables are both occupied by nannies! Sheesh!

After serving 8 paying tables in 10 hours, we close with a 2.5-star rating.


Megumi: And this is why wealth is essential to each rival family!
The wishing well grants me a full promotion to Level 7!

Wow, I wonder why everyone left for work and school without doing their daily tasks/homework first?

Apparently, I forgot to pause the game for 12 sim-hours.
I hope my sims enjoyed sleeping instead of rallying the troops for a change.

Megumi: I’m off again today so we open Nacho Mama for lunch.
What a thrill to see my parents here!

Braddon: How cool that all three founders have dined here already!

Yesterday, Ananya stomped around angrily her entire shift.
She even went jogging then worked the rest of her shift out of uniform.

I’m glad we didn’t fire her yesterday, though.
She seems much happier since we hired a second waiter.

Don’t think nobody notices you, Geoffrey Landgraab!
You and your 2-star review have been annoying my other customers.

Why don’t you go ask our hostess for a table?

At Nacho Mama, we’ve been comping meals instead of offering free drinks.
When they order another round of drinks, they end up staying longer.

By 6 pm, these two have been here for 7 hours so I cave and offer them drinks.

I hear Moss’s wife Aaradhya used to date the dark-haired dude with a beard.
She’s gone from forest ranger to mansion baron! Talk about social mobility!

I spend a little more time decorating Nacho Mama.
All the wall and floor coverings are replaced with THE most expensive ones.
Paintings and more landscaping are also added.

By 7:30 pm, those two still haven’t left and Geoffrey is still standing.
So, I close the restaurant to a three-star rating and a resale value of $91,464.

What did Aaradhya ever see in that loser anyway? You call that a party outfit?

Braddon: Thanks for mentoring me, Papa.
Bradly: Don’t mention it! Nacho Mama’s very close to $100k already.
But this house is still mostly unfurnished and our funds are very low.

Braddon: Yeah, it’d really help if I could craft those mascots, too!

Braddon: I hear folks have been wondering who I resemble.
Here are shots of me wearing hair like my fathers.

Personally, I think I look most like Papa Bradly.

You know, Braddon, that hair and bowling shirt were okay while you were a teen.
But you’re a husband and soon-to-be father now. You need a new look.

Megumi: Well, hello there, handsome stranger!
Don’t tell my husband but I’ve fallen in love with you!

Bradly: We all visit the founder’s lot while I use its science lab.

Jun: I ask Auntie Candy to be my BFF, because everyone needs to be loved.
Oh, and I might be working on Social Butterfly, too.


Megumi: Early in the morning, I give birth to a baby boy we name Akira.
Did I say this already? His namesake’s Akira Hayama from the manga “Food Wars.”

And, yes, Braddon and I are wearing our new Nacho Mama uniforms.

Akira Soma, Prince of Spices!
And he will definitely be spicing things up as he gets older.


Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Incomplete requirements
Career: Writer/Author (Level 7)
Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $91,464
Star rating: 3.0 stars
Spouse:  Braddon Storey

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Age: Day 1 nooboo

Rivals 4.42: Erina and Akira

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