Rivals 4.42: Erina and Akira

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Megumi Soma, Part III)

Previously :
   • Nacho Mama acquires a second chef and a second waiter;
   • It’s a 3-star restaurant now with a resale value of $91,464;
   • Nannies seem to be performing worse than ever;
   • Bradly and Braddon have been seeking an alien crystal;
   • Akira Soma, the Gen3 heir is born early Wednesday morning.


Maaike: Megumi gives me the go-ahead to adopt a child of my own.
I have just enough time to give her a hug before I must run off to work.

Megumi has named her “Erina,” after Erina Nakiri in “Food Wars.”

Braddon: For some reason, Erina considers the nanny a stranger.
She has trouble getting the nanny to help her with anything.

Megumi: When I return from work, we all head out in search of a tulip.
Bradly insists that we be the generation to complete the plant collection.

While visiting the Calientes, I spot an angry PlantSim and plead for her bean.

Braddon: You don’t need to plead on your knees, sweetheart.

Bradly: Let’s go to Acquisition Butte! The tulips here are taking forever to bloom.

Bradly: You know, Caleb opened the park entrance to the Forgotten Grotto.
And he single-handedly did most of the rocket ship upgrades at Desert Bloom Park, too.

I don’t want him thinking that we’re letting him do all the work.
So, I open this other entrance to the Forgotten Grotto.
And there’s our tulip!

Bradly: While waiting for the tulip to bloom, I mentor Braddon in logic.

Braddon: I think this living room has a larger footprint than our entire lot.

Megumi: The rest of us settle in on the third floor.
There’s something for everyone to do here!

Ulrike: Stop dropping your queue, Maaike!
Reading to your child for two hours is part of the parental mandate!

Maaike: But I keep wanting to go “See what’s happening” with Geoffrey.

Bradly: And we’ve got our tulip! All we need now is a UFO plant.
C’mon folks! Let’s go home.

Geoffrey Landgraab: Um, it was fun being in your club for a few hours.
Who are you people again?

Bradly: My son and I make a quick trip to Sixam, leaving as soon as we find an alien crystal.
I’ve gathered all the ingredients I need now.

Bradly: My age bar’s been bubbling all day.
But I finish blending an Age-Away Serum in time.


Jun: Early in the morning, I come here to play.
I love being a Rambunctious Scamp!
After playing on the monkey bars, I’ll just be playing video games.

This time tomorrow, Akira will be a toddler!
I wonder if I’ll be his first friend…after his parents, I mean.

Who me? My teen birthday’s next week on Friday.

Braddon: Not sure why Nanny Imane is looking all bummed out.

Erina asked for her help with potty twice, but Nanny Imane just walks off.
Never fear, little Erina, your Uncle Braddon is here!

Megumi: I finally remember to give Erina a makeover.
Besides her wardrobe, I changed her hair color and skintone, too.
She’s so cute!

Braddon: We don’t know what’s going on with the nannies anymore.
Nanny Imane is just standing there making faces while Akira cries.

I finally go upstairs and change his dirty diaper myself.

Braddon: Why is Nanny Imane at Nacho Mama for lunch with Nanny Daichi?
We expressly hired her to stay home with Akira.  *sighs

Megumi: Today, the lunch crowd all pays and leaves by 2:30 pm.
The perfect length of a lunch session! Yay!

I close the restaurant so everyone can rest before the dinner shift.

Braddon: Erina wakes up from her nap so we bring her here as well.
She’s in her party outfit to match Nacho Mama’s dress code.

Megumi: I spot the gardener that the Dineros and Zannas are fighting over.

Gardener: Nice to meet you, ma’am. My name’s Wyatt Owen.

Megumi: I check on Braddon to see if I’m clear to ask about Wyatt’s “other outfit.” *clears throat

Braddon: Erina, you look so serious while you’re learning numbers!

Megumi: Ack, Wyatt’s wearing a speedo which I dare not show you. *blushes

Megumi (internally): Really? He’s an ambitious slob who hates children?
I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about.

Wyatt: Well, I better get back to work, Megumi. It was nice meeting you!
Allow me to give you a good-bye hug.

Megumi: Erm, that feels nice, Wyatt. I see why you’re so popular now. Bye!

Megumi (internally): Oh my! Unlike, my Braddon, Wyatt is super buff!
Still, I want a man with better traits for the Gen4 heir.

Maybe cure a vampire? Or snatch a waiter from Korma Chameleon?
What about Daichi?!? Is that why he’s been acting out recently?

Megumi: We decide to spend the rest of our break at home because of the chef.
Poor Arjun has been standing there like that for two hours.

Megumi: I’ve been incredibly lucky with the wishing well lately.
When I get home, the well grants me a full promotion and I max my career!

Since a Level 10 Author only works twice a week, I’m not quitting my job yet.
Now I have time to devote to both the family and Nacho Mama.

Sorry for the walls-down shot. I didn’t expect Megumi to receive a full promotion (again).


Megumi: We reopen Nacho Mama at 7 pm.
All our diners have been paying and leaving in a timely manner.
Do I have the “Fast Eaters” perk to thank for that?

The Landgraabs have been a pain tonight.
After ordering, they’ve been chatting with other diners all evening.
And they dare complain about friendly service!?

Braddon: Do you think this might be Geoffrey’s revenge for our “Operation Tulip”?

To cancel their lousy reviews, I close as soon as the last paying dinners leave.
We’re at 4 stars now!
Even with the toddlers, we’ll definitely nail the 5-star requirement next week!

Megumi: Several hours later, we receive Akira’s birthday notice.
He ages up with reddish hair.

Look at his adorable expression! And he has my violet eyes. ❤

Megumi: After his makeover, Akira has the lavender hair of all Soma heirs.

Best of luck, little Akira! You have lots of catching up to do!


Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Completed requirements:
Career: Writer/Author (Level 10)

*Incomplete requirements
Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $99,221
Star rating: 4.0 stars

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Age: Day 1 Toddler


Author’s Notes

Future Soma spouses: I’m not a huge fan of playing premade sims and would probably not play them much at all for this challenge, if not for all the cash and furnishings they bring with them.
*Ulrike’s adoptive daughter Jun will marry the Gen3 heir Akira;
*No spouse decided yet for the female Gen4 heir (Give Sergio Romeo another chance?); and
*Maaike’s adoptive daughter Erina will marry the Gen5 Soma heir Satoshi (Isshiki senpai’s first name).

Gameplay variety: Depending on which bloodline options one choses, this challenge offers so much variety. I’m really enjoying building the grand homes of the Mansion Baron Line, planning and building the Retail Line’s restaurants, and figuring out how to keep the Vampire line competitive.

1st Ever Murkland Contest: The Somas are my only rival dynasty that doesn’t have all the magic beans; they’re still missing two.
But I’m leaving the Somas before their Week 4 ends, because Murkland beckons me.
I hope some of you will be taking part in the contest, whatever it is.

Rivals 4.43: Nacho Mama Goes South

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