Murky 1.12: The Tree Taunts Me

*After being hooked up, Brennachan and Pookey endlessly plague oshizu with text messages;
*oshizu grows the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree on her tiny lot;
*Jin Tanaka becomes her best friend and sleeps over in a friendly sort of way;
*They visit the abandoned Desert Bloom Park for the first time;
*Finally, oshizu learns that Capt. Fishbones is destined to a life of eternal solitude.

Week 3/Friday

While I’m pruning my bonsai tree/bush, Jin stops by to chat.
We spend a lot of time together lately. He’s a good guy.

Have I already mentioned how much I love my new bonsai tree (created by kym098)?

On the other hand, I am not feeling that Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree!
Yo, it’s spoiling the vibe of my Murkland Starter lot!

I mean, just look! It casts its shadow over my whole “living room” !
After I get one more forbidden fruit, I’m a-gonna trash dat tree!

But not today! Jin and I head back to Desert Bloom Park for a little fishing.

By the way, I sell off my 99+ trash fruit from my personal inventory.
That earns me $1,667. How many of those trash fruit did I have anyway?

I sit down for a late lunch with Caterina and my next-door-neighbor Willow Creek.

Caterina is one of my favorite people! It’s great to see her around in Murkland.
It’s nice to be able to invite her along to the park, like today.

I don’t know who made this apple cobbler, but Jin really hates it!

By 6 pm, I’m back at my usual spot because why fool around with perfection?

That’s not true, in fact!
Before starting my yard sales, I move that smelly potty bush outside the radius of my table’s ambiance.
So, la-di-da.

Can you see Rex Turbo Pumpkin running over to my table like clockwork?

Come to mama, baby boy! Well, come to mama’s table, to be specific.

Rex is such a superb customer!
Everyone else is standing around, acting like my yard sale is some buffet.
Not Rex, though. He buys something for the second time this evening!

I’m starting to believe that the way to a woman’s heart is through her sales table!

Scar stops by and wants to take a picture with me, which I think is kinda cute.
I mean, don’t all the Mad Mudders have the mean trait?

Don’t forget to buy a frog, bro!

Today is Hot Spring Day so I close my yard sales in time for a soak.

I know exactly what y’all are thinking!
You think I’ll pull that “pretend-to-yawn-then-snake-my-arm-around-him” move.

Haha, nope! I am dead tired!
If I weren’t so sleepy, I’d be offended that you thought I’d pull a tired ole trick that!

Could that magic tree be draining my ki life-force?

Jin: Don’t mind me! I’m just letting the steam cleanse my facial pores!


In the morning, I evolve my second plant to Great quality.
After a second of joy, I realize my two Great plants are still only halfway to Perfect!

But the day I have 16 perfect trash plants will arrive eventually. In trash, we trust!

I spy a sad-looking Rex Turbo PlantSim trudging by across the street.

Poor guy! I cheer him up, brighten his day, and do what I can to make him smile.

Looks like he’s feeling happy again!
How weird that he’s still got that blue sad aura, though.
Good thing I asked him for a sad bean before I started cheering him up!

I’d make a killing on eBay with Rex Turbo Pumpkin’s sad magic bean!
Uh, if I had internet access, that is.

Today’s the last day of my third week in Murkland.
Part of me feels l should be doing something special today, but what?
I decide to introduce myself to somebody new.

Uh oh! Shame on you, Johnny Zest! Don’t you know that nobody likes a peeper!
That Lisa Bee—always caught up in some trouble!
Girl, good thing you bathe in your bikini!

Grammar question: If Johnny is the peeper, what does that make Lisa Bee?
(I know, I couldn’t resist…)

Speaking of Lisa Bee, she’s the one who introduced me to two great mods.
Newcrest Revamped by Kym’s Creations eliminates background props in Nukecrest and Willow Creek.
On the other hand, the Autumn Mod by Dani Paradise colors my game in fall foliage.
I know I’ve mentioned them both before, but they deserve being mentioned again.

By the way, the Optimist’s Outlook Post and Nukecrest Old Flea Market lots in the lower right are creations of MeaganJo and Ladyloial, respectively.
The Artist Colony on the left is by SoulGal7.

Meet the newest resident of this camp: Trinity Black (also by kym098).
I’ve never seen anysim make braces and freckles look so cute!

It’s still a little early but I travel with friends to the Fire & Music Festival to party.
There are so many peeps on the dance floor!

Awwww yeah! Pulling out my special moves while everyone else does the Murkland Two-Step!

I imagine everyone must be getting hungry like I am, so I grill a few dishes.

Hard to believe that these ugly things will soon transform into veggie burgers.

Everyone listens suspiciously, while Lucas the Infected shares his backstory.
Like, who would believe that he’s related to the dude who created Star Wars?

Awww, look who decided to sit over there by themselves: Lisa and Ridge.
Sitting quietly, eyes closed, basking in their joy in a little world all their own!

No, Nan’ga Def! You don’t get to complain about my body odor while I’m taking a toke!

Why would I waste a Deodorizing Cream at night, right before I go to bed…alone!?

As soon as I get home, I check the Tree-with-the-Overly-Long-Name yet again.

Hmmm, so it only opens at a certain time instead of after a cooldown?
Okay, I’ll make sure to check the tree tomorrow again at exactly 10 a.m.!
The tree is taunting me!

After a long day, I reach the end of my third week in Murkland.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll start Week 4 as a PlantSim?
The only downside would be that my plants would hardly evolve for 5 days!
Ahhhh, the sacrifices we make for the advancement of Sims science!


End of Week 3

Primary Skills: Dancing L4, Gardening L8, Charisma L9
Other Skills: Fishing L9, Herbalism L6, Fitness L5, Cooking L3, Writing L2
Trash Plants: 2 Great, 14 Good
Household Funds: $12,728

Murky 1.13: PlantSimming Postponed

9 thoughts on “Murky 1.12: The Tree Taunts Me

  1. LOL loved your new update … I had no idea that the tree with the overly long name haha had open for business hours. ohh and your green yucky looking veggie burgers look that way because their made from trash fruit LOL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess I’ll find out soon enough if the portal opens at 10 am. No reason for Jaxton to keep checking since he’s already had his PlantSim experience. 🙂
      Oh I guess we’re ‘sposed to be grilling tofu patties or something.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OH that was adorable .. you know I loved the dance party so much .. and I confess I snagged the Ridge and LisaBee Pic for later use … full credit to you of course ❤ I cannot wait to see you as a plant sim!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’d invited you both so it was cool to see you two sitting apart from everyone else looking so happy while everyone else was yapping and noshing at the other tables, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I just love reading your chapter up-dates. It’s good to see that I am not the only one behind on trash plant completion. I had tested out the plantsim on one of the Nukecrest “test” residents – poor Caterina! lol And when I went in yesterday to play my game, she was still basking in her green self! lol I love how we are all overlapping each other’s stories. So cool! And I love how you had a highlight from the previous story at the very beginning of your story — will have to keep that in mind for other challenges – as I like that idea! Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support! Haha, oshizu and Kate can commiserate in the imperfection of their trash plants. Sims 4 doesn’t have multi-player mode but our simselves appearing in other stories really does enrich the experience!
      I’m playing a challenge where I rotate weekly between three different households. Because I’m playing that and the Murkland Challenge, I have trouble remembering what’s going on with 4 different household and thought my readers and I could use reminders.
      What a great idea to test-play a PlantSim first! Hmmm, who could be my test subject? Lol.
      You’re such a kind reader! I really appreciate it!


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