Lot Info: Newcrest

Many months ago, I ended up writing down all the specs for the Newcrest lots while preparing to play the Rival Dynasties Challenge).

I’m posting this with map images in case other players might find the info useful.
Perhaps this would prove useful reference for the Build Newcrest Challenge as well. This post marks the start of my Sim 4 Neighborhood Maps series.

As you can see, the assigned hood numbers are keyed to the images and data that follow.

Hood 1

Harvestables: Lily, Mushroom, Onion, Rose, Snapdragon, Strawberry
Fishing: 1 spot
Picnic area: One (3 grills with 3 picnic benches)
Playground equipment: 3 monkey bars
Public restroom: None

Hood 2

Harvestables: Apple, Bluebell, Lily, Onion, Pear, Potato, Snapdragon, Strawberry
Fishing: None
Picnic area: Three (1 grill with 1 bench, 2 grills with 2 benches, and 2 grills with 2 benches)
Playground equipment: None
Public restroom: None

Hood 3

Harvestables: Apple, Basil, Bluebell, Lily, Mushroom, Snapdragon, Strawberry
Fishing: 2 spots
Picnic area: Two (1 grill with 2 picnic benches; 2 grills with 2 picnic benches)
Playground equipment: Pirate gym and 2 monkey bars
Public restroom: Two

Lot Stats

Lots are listed in descending order, based on the lot price/size.

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