Lot Info: Windenburg

This set of maps and charts provides information about the 14 lots and 12 premade houses in the three residential neighborhoods of Windenburg:
Old Town District (4 lots), Countryside (5 lots), and The Island (5 lots).

Please note that:
(1) Information on amenities and harvestables only refer the neighborhood at large, not those within any community venues in that neighborhood.
For example, the The Island’s bonfire count does not include the bonfire at The Bluffs.
(2)  If you see something wrong, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

Overall Map of Windenburg

The Old Town District

Community Lots: Ancient Ruins (20×15), The Narwhal Arms (30×20), Old Quarter Inn (20×20), Quad Manor (30×20), South Square Coffee (30×20)
Amenities: Bench x4, Chess table x3, Easel x1, Fishing spot x4, Public restroom x1, Trash can x3
Harvestables: None.


Community Lots: Von Haunt Estate (40×30), The Shrieking Lllama (30×20)
Amenities: Bench x3, Bonfire x1, Easel x1, Fishing spot x4, Grill x 2, Party bush x4, Picnic table x3, Trash can x1
Harvestables: Apple, Blackberry, Bluebell, Cherry, Lemon, Onion (growfuit, in some games)

The Island

Community Lots: The Bluffs (30×30)
Amenities: Bonfire x2, Fishing spot x4, Party bush x3, Trash can x1
Harvestables: Blackberry, Bluebell, Mushroom, Pear, Snapdragon, Strawberry

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