Murky 1.13: PlantSimming Postponed

Previously, at the end of Week 3:
   • On Friday, oshizu follows her usual daily routine of gardening, fishing, followed by a yard sale;
   • On Saturday, she visits Nukecrest and discovers Johnny Zest is a creepster and welcomes Trinity Black to Nukecrest;
   • She throws a dance party at the Fire & Music Festival venue to celebrate the end of her third week in Murkland; and
   • Reads the Portal Management Service’s memo about the Mystical Tree only being open at 10 a.m.

Week 4/Sunday

I wake up this morning at 4 am after a full night’s sleep.
My hygiene has zeroed out overnight, so I unthinkingly head for my beloved tarp shower.

Suddenly, “someone” cancels my shower action! Why? *rubs sleep from my eyes
Oh, right! I’m not supposed to shower today.

Done with gardening, I go somewhere new since the tree’s portal won’t open for another 3 hours.

I’ve never visited the Engine Family’s Bunker before.
It looks so unassuming from the world map, y’know?

Now, I see there’s a swimming/fishng hole, a woodworking table, and trash plants.
Hmmm….pretty handy for a PlantSim but Fort Murkland also offers swimming and fishing.

All of a sudden, the most adorable little creature runs up and starts babbling.
This must be Diesel Engine!
Caterina had asked me before if I’d met him and now I see why!

What? You wanna hug, little Diesel? Well, yes, of course, I’d love to!

In a flash, I fall in love with Diesel and start wanting a little one or two of my own.

I attempt to introduce myself to his parents, Rev and Fuel Engine.
Oddly, they have me follow them downstairs to the smallest room of their home.

These two are fabulous! They are both klepto Tech Gurus.
And whaddya know, the wife Rev loves the outdoors like me!

Nudity alert!
The utterly adorable Diesel is a wild child, natch. So cute!

You’ve met their daughter Rocket Engine before.
She really wears her family’s wealth modestly whenever she’s in public.

Look at her now!
She’s all “I’m just playing Arithmetic Attack on one of the best computers in the simverse!”

I’m very impressed by the nice home the Engines have created for themselves!
You’ll have to come see it for yourselves!

For now, I only harvest and fertilize their trash plants.
I keep close watch on the time and leave for home at 9:30 am.

Amazing! The tree’s portal opens at exactly 10 am!
I pause a moment to change into my everyday clothes then enter the portal.
Any tree with a name that long deserves some respect, don’t you agree?

I’m back and seriously deserve a new T-shirt!
“I spent 100 minutes inside the portal tree and all I got was some crystals.”

What’s up with that?!

Hmmmm, so that talk about harvesting forbidden fruit must not mean that portal tree.
I’m going to stash the humungous tree for now and plant my single forbidden fruit.

Oh well, I didn’t really want to become a PlantSim today anyway! *sour grapes

Since Plantsimming is off the table for a while, I travel to the only home I’ve yet to visit.

Noticing a batfish in the pond in front, I’m tempted to see if I can catch any sturgeon.
But then I see him and ascend the stairs to greet him instead.

Mad Mud stands there solemnly, drink in hand, staring at his globe bar.
From afar, he looks as if he were standing at the helm of a grand ship.

After some chitchat, I ask him about his career though I know he’s a medical doctor.
I prepare to say something snarky to the stingy guy about his high salary.

What a shock to learn that he’s retired! And then I remember that he’s an elder.

Mad Mud: So, my Padawan, why don’t you help yourself to a drink?
oshizu: Aha, so you are a Jedi Master! I’ve always wondered about your robe!

(Even when he smiles, he’s scary as heck. I’m going to make myself a triple shot…)

Before hitting the sack, I light the bonfire and discover that I can perform a fire dance.
It’s a little embarrassing at first. How am I supposed to dance without some percussion?

And a back-up posse of hunky Samoan fire-knife dancers wouldn’t hurt!

The fire dance takes over as my soul become one with the leaping flames.
Oh, and with the trash plants, too, because we don’t want them feeling left out.


Today’s Hot Springs Day, but I get up and take a brisk shower.

As much as I love my tarp shower, though, its effect never lasts long on filthy lots.

My Forbidden Fruit Tree has sprouted!
I once knew an elderly lady who used to talk each morning to her plants, urging them to grow.

No plantsimming until this tree bears fruit, so I try encouraging my little sprout as well.

I almost leave for the north when I remember that my bills arrive today.
Recalling reggikko’s tip about the bill glitch, I go digging until the mail’s delivered

After paying this week’s bill of $516, I head to Fort Murkland.
I spend the whole day there, digging, harvesting new plants, and catching new fish.

By the end of the day, I’m already filthy!

I’m already good friends with Chiliad Salamander.
So, Fort Murkland might make a fun temporary home while I’m a PlantSim.

If I stay with the Engines, on the other hand, I could play with little Diesel all day!
Well, who says I can’t spend a little time with both households, right?

By the time I get home, I’m so grungy that I end up using another Deodorizing Cream.
Feels wasteful to use one before going to bed, but I’m just too uncomfortable.

For some reason I can’t figure out, oshizu’s T-shirt swatch keeps changing by itself.

Just as I’m about to go to bed/tent, I hear the sound of running water.
Darn, my shower needs repair. I can fix that!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll buy a Handiness skill book to read at home.
I really need to stay home so my tree and trash plants can grow.

I’ve repaired the shower but there’s even more water on the ground! Ugh!

Don’t I know a neat freak who would come mop up for me? *scavenges for parts

Good night, baby tree!
I’ve finally worked up the courage to become a PlantSim!
Please hurry and bear fruit before I lose my nerve or my enthusiasm.

I wonder how many days you’ll take to mature?

13 thoughts on “Murky 1.13: PlantSimming Postponed

  1. haha loved your new chapter …. Shizu is such a funny dancer ….I love that she got lost in her fire dance! Now I gotta go visit the engine family and Fort Murkland! Both lots looks so interesting.

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