Murky 1.15:  PlantSlumming

• Despite her spectacular success the previous night, oshizu burns herself fire-dancing Tuesday morning;
• She receives a mysterious letter, congratulating her on surviving then listing all her  rule violations so far;
• At the Murkland Mercantile Co. store, she buys some skill books but Jin talks her out of buying a bar;
• She invites some new and old friends to a night out on the town, first to PufferDome then to the Nuclear Nectar bar;
• Stuck in the bar due to a vampire break-in, oshizu beats up a Grand Master vampire so everyone can go home.

Week 4/Thursday

This morning, my Forbidden Fruit tree asks me to evolve her.
It’s her second evolution in four days, but still no harvest. What to do, what to do.

On the plus side, I do max my gardening skill!

I have no idea when my Forbidden Fruit Tree will bear fruit.
Taking out my portal tree, I go exploring a second time at 10 am.

By the way, my burns have healed enough that I could remove the bandages.

Lucky! I re-emerge from the portal 90 minutes later with a Forbidden Fruit!

Well, dang! I should have been trying that every morning these past few days!

I hesitate only slightly before munching down the Forbidden Fruit.
Rising into the air, I feel jolts and shivers coursing throughout my body!

My transformation is complete!

Oh c’mon, Forbidden Fruit! I got me this new green-harmonizing outfit.
What’s with this unflattering hair?

So, look, I’d like us to have a little chat. You know, plant to plant?
Why won’t you give up some forbidden fruit, girl?

I’m asking because I’m about to embark on some PlantSlumming.
For the next five days, I won’t be spending as much time on this lot.

Oh wait, I can’t do that! My trash plants!
Okay, I’ll be seeing you every now and then. Ciaozinho!

Will tending my trash plants as a PlantSim help them evolve faster?
Right now, I have one Excellent and 15 Great plants.

No, I’m definitely not practicing a new ballet move!
I’m yawning next to my pee bush.

Okay, now we know that I can nap in any pee bush.
I only wish we could have tested this when my bush wasn’t revolting!

Oh c’mon, Jasmine! Give a sistah a break!
I want dreads like yours, not the Atom Boy look like Don Lothario.

What!? You’ve never heard of the Atom Boy manga? It’s classic!

oshizu: Hey, Rex! Drop some knowledge on me, my friend!
Gimme some inside tips on how to survive as a PlantSim.

Rex: Well, first of all, you need some water ASAP.
Your hair’s graying cuz you’re dehydrating, girl.

I hightail it over to the Freegans’ pad.
Ahhhh, two glasses of water and I’m as good as new!

In fact, I’m feeling fantastic!

Jin: You invite me out to look at these portable bars again?
We’ve already decided that it’s not a good idea!
oshizu: But Brennachan says it’s okay since it’s a non-electrical object.

Jin: Don’t you think buying the one with fancy lights is too much!
oshizu: Eh, I’ll still have over $12k left. Reaching $15k will take no time at all.

Jin: What’s with that strange look in your eye?
oshizu: I’m trying to think of things to do that I can only do as a PlantSim.
Yo, Jin! Wanna “Try for Plantboo”?

Jin: That’s against the rules for Challenge 1, remember?
oshizu: Oh right. Okay, let’s do the next best thing. You in?

I race over to the Engine Family’s Bunker to chill with Diesel.
Since we’re both energized, I teach the little darling how to dance.

Yeah, I know. Not a very PlantSimmy thing to do. Whatever.

While teaching Diesel to talk, I occasionally sprout leaves which surprises him.

Diesel: You aren’t going to eat me, lady, are you?

Before heading home, I take a quick swim in the murky pond.


This morning, I discover a downside to napping in the pee bush. Ugh.
Good thing for me today’s a Hot Springs Day!

After a shower and two glasses of water, I harvest my tree at last.
Since I planted the seed on Sunday, the tree took 5 days to bear fruit.

I harvest my five Forbidden Fruit then store them along with the tree.
At first, I planted the tree because I wasn’t sure the portal tree would give me another Forbidden Fruit.
I wanted to ensure I could become a PlantSim again after the challenge ended!

But now I know a Forbidden Fruit Tree will produce an endless supply of Forbidden Fruit worth $0.
So I return to heeding Murkland’s rule of not growing anything except trash plants.

I love my next-door neighbors, the Freegans!
We share so much in common! Our love for the outdoors, our gluttony!

I’m sure that’s why I was moved here instead of, for example, next to Mad Mud. *shudders
Well, I shouldn’t say that, since I quite like all of Mad Mud’s followers.

When my energy drops, I nap on a nearby bench.
As a PlantSim, I can’t seem to boost my energy past the halfway mark.

That evening, Brennachan shares all that’s been going on with her and Pookey.
Things are looking good for those two.

And while chatting with her, I become a Friend of the World.
Thank you very much, Brennachan!

Then, I go home and go straight to my tent.
Because fire-dancing doesn’t seem like a very PlantSimmy thing to do, you know what I mean?


This morning, I leave for the park with several glasses of water in my inventory.
Some days, my fishing luck is just better than other days.
Today, I catch a sturgeon worth $2,201.

I hold a yard sale at my usual place: What’s Left of the Gym.
These two jokers are constantly milling around, feeling flirty.
I can’t ask them to leave, so I just cancel their attempts to engage me.

Francesca stops by and wants to take a shot with me as a PlantSim. LOL.

I hold two consecutive yard sales tonight, and this is Rex’s third visit!
While he’s waffling over a purchase, Ms. Outdoor Retreat buys my sturgeon.

With the 75% markup, it comes out to $3,851.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!



My trash plants evolved more quickly this week.
I’m sure it’s because I stayed home waiting on my Forbidden Fruit Tree.

Still three more days until I transform from a PlantSim back to a normal Murklander.
Frankly, I wish there were more I could do as a PlantSim.
I feel like my daily life hasn’t changed much, except that I need to stay watered.
I mean, I love the outdoors so I already make it a habit to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Why don’t I get superpower or two, like the vampires do?

End of Week 4

Primary Skills: Gardening L10, Charisma L10, Dancing L4
Friend of the World aspiration: done
Trash Plants: 8 Excellent, 8 Great
Household Funds: $17,404
Other Skills:
Fishing L10, Herbalism L6, Fitness/Handiness L5, Cooking/Wellness L3, Writing L2

Murky 1.16: Going M.I.A. in Murkland

10 thoughts on “Murky 1.15:  PlantSlumming

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  2. lol Loved the new update …. Jaxton could have warned Oshizu about the results of napping in a pee bush!! ohh FYI -You can take as many naps as you need in your tent and fill up your energy bar! Just send her back in the tent when she gets up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved your adventures as a plant sim. Was interesting to see the plant Sims could get dirty. Not sure how that works in real life with plants but hey .. I wish there were more information on involving plants faster out there. I’ve been looking in only one place that I find a speculation that the better quality fish evolves them faster but I’m not sure because they didn’t say for sure it works that way. I wish it was a way to know.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! One thing I realized while waiting for the FF Tree to grow/bear fruit is that my plants definitely evolve faster when I hardly leave the lot.
      As for optimum fertilizer, it couldn’t be fish of better quality since there are only two types: Fresh or Foul. I did used to read that more expensive fish worked better, so sturgeon would be better than, say, tetra.
      You already know that you can see how close a plant is to their next evolution by check the # of petals in their flower icon, I’m sure.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Oooh, I didn’t know that about the plant petals. I shall be storing that info until I can get back to my Murkland save and my amazing number of 0 trash-plants XD
    another great update I am yet to play any plant Sims yet so great seeing one in action.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no, you haven’t seen any PlantSims yet? Today’s the last day of the challenge! If you don’t have time to run around collecting the beans yourself, though, you can download a room from the Gallery that has all 6 beans and the stump.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Didn’t realise it was ending so soon. I have seen two plantsims during the few hours i played when i set up the murkland save. I think i was able to collect 2 beans. I had a feeling i would miss out on the plantsim challenge so i used the debug cheat and added a tree to the garden of my replacement for the Willow creek library in my custom save. So i do have one should i decide to give it a go.

        Liked by 1 person

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