DD 1.5: An Eyesore No More, Eeyore!

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 04/Day 022 (Sunday) 

Satoru: When the clock strikes midnight, we all head home so Watchette and I can start on the long-awaited home renovations.
Tatsuya: Look, Dad, there’s something in the mailbox!
Satoru: You’re right, son. It’s for me. Once you’re older, I’ll share these secrets with you, too!
*glances around furtively then opens the envelope.

Date: May 2, 2116
Location: The City of Newcrest
Program: The Apocalypse Challenge
Project: RRR (Phase 2)

Subject: Your Lot and the Neighborhood

Greetings Citizen Sanada!

After dispatching you to the southern quarter of the City of Newcrest, we negotiated with a building contractor to construct homes in your neighborhood in the hope of contributing to the success of your endeavors there. We’ve heard that your Watchette successfully negotiated the construction of a Luxe Health Club branch in your neighborhood as well.

I am writing you today, however, to confirm alarming reports from the Newcrest Homeowner’s Association, claiming that some newcomer has covered his lot with sand and built a visually displeasing residence that resembles a home for zombies, thus damaging the neighborhood’s appeal. It pains me to think that these reports might be related to you.  Are such reports true?

I understand that you are trying to remain faithful to the spirit of your initial mission in a post-apocalyptic world. Nevertheless, just as you formerly endeavored to blend with the desert feel of Bedrock Straits, we ask now that you strive to better harmonize with your new neighborhood in Newcrest.

Never forget that you are an undercover agent; do not act or speak in ways that will attract unsolicited attention.
The entire simverse is depending on you!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Eugene Icks, Director
Simverse Center of Genetic Excellence

Satoru: Watchette now feels justified in abandoning her pretense of post-apocalyptic grunge for the sake of better maintaining our undercover status.
The house takes all night to renovate, both inside and out. We’re all feeling more light-hearted already!
W: Excellent news! And thanks to all the recent promotion bonuses and wage raises, the family is flush with cash!
The trick is to spend as much as possible, while leaving just enough to pay our bills so the mob doesn’t get much.

Satoru: The second floor remains unchanged except for new wall and floor coverings.
The Tricer retains pride of place as guardian of the bassinets and chess table.

You’ll notice the first floor looks much more cheerful now! The furniture is now lighter in hue whereas the grungy wall/floor coverings have been replaced with light wood.
The new kitchen is so convenient!

In the basement, two new rooms have been walled off and partially furnished.
The future Focused Room will hold devices best used in the Focused mood.
Next door is the bedroom of the soon-to-arrive newcomer.

The B2 floor has been expanded to include a third bathroom and a small reading area.
This floor will eventually be the location of the home entertainment area.

Our house is still a cube but Watchette has replaced the metal siding with wood and the lot is once again covered with grass!
We can’t wait for someone to clear the Villain career so the house can expand beyond its current 8×8 grid!

During the process of renovating our home, Watchette also asked that the Steampunk Inspired Villa be replaced with Lilac Beach House by Ginzu19.
The whole neighborhood now has a more tropical feel, don’t you think?

Tatsuya: Right around this time, Dad realizes that he can use the newly-installed kitchen to make me a birthday cake.
I like the idea of not having to wait another 17 hours to age up. I also do NOT want to have my birthday around the same time as the twins, thank you!

Erika: Hey, before you cake up, can I tell my story from yesterday?
Tatsuya: Yeah, sure.
Erika: So it’s Saturday afternoon and I look outside to see a cute boy my age walking by.
I go out and chat with him. His name is Phillip Winkler and he’s Lazy.
As much as I adore Paolo, a friend my own age feels nice, too!  Especially a cute, young friend!

Don’t you think Phillip looks a lot like my brother Tatsuya?
Must be because Phillip has the same facial shape and hairstyle as Tatsuya.
I take Phillip home so I can compare them side by side.
Well, what do you think?  That’s Phillip on the right and my bro Tatsuya on the left.
How could I have ever thought they looked alike? Tatsuya is sooo much cuter!

Erika: Thanks for letting me tell my story first, Tatsuya. Watchette said there wasn’t room for it in the last chapter.
And the story wouldn’t have made any sense if I told it after you aged up.
Also, our readers can compare this shot with how you look as a teenager! (And maybe I should keep Phillip on the side?)

Satoru: For our household’s first-ever birthday cake, I make a sugar-free carob cake because it will give everyone a Happy moodlet.
If you’ve played an Immortal Dynasty, birthday cakes are a dime a dozen but it’s taken us three whole weeks to get to this point.
So, yeah, it’s a big deal. And there’s the birthday boy on the right, playing his violin.

Tatsuya: I age up with a flying leap and sparkles!
I’ve added the Kleptomaniac trait and Nerd Brain aspiration. Is there a ban on using the rocketship? I don’t see one.
I haven’t looked at all my outfits yet, but this everyday outfit is just plain embarrassing.

Tatsuya, take photos with your parents so we can see what you inherited from them in terms of looks.
Tatsuya: The shape of my face is definitely Dad’s. Look, we have the same cheekbone structure!
Same eyes, same mouth, and same nose, too, though my skin tone is lighter.

My eyebrows look tacky, though, as if I’d plucked them. Then I remember…Mooooom, I don’t want your eyebrows!

Okay, enough about you now, Tatsuya. The world recognizes your cuteness—move along with your day.
Let’s speed along to the evening, when the twins age up!

Jade: What are your plans, Erika?
Erika: Could we play chess together, Mom? I have zero Logic skill.
Tatsuya: I’m going to read three books for Nerd Brain.
Don’t forget, Watchette! You promised I could pick something to buy today! I want an adult violin and a treadmill!
They’re yours!

Tatsuya: Welcome home, Dad! If you’re not too tired from work, would you mentor me in Handiness?
Satoru: So eager that you can’t even give your old man time to change out of my work clothes, eh? Sure, let’s do it!

People, people, it’s great that you are so into your skilling, but don’t forget that we have twin boys to age up!
Wearing a pink T-shirt on the right, Kenta is born first. He is an Art-Lover and Social Butterfly.
In the dark red hat on the left, Sasuke is a Music-Lover and Artistic Prodigy.
Obviously, Kenta has Jade’s eyes and Sasuke has Satoru’s eyes.
Sadly, Erika, Kenta, and Sasuke seem to have inherited Jade’s fuller lips, thus eliminating them as candidates for the heir.

This generation, the only viable candidate for heir is the firstborn son, Tatsuya.
Satoru: Watchette, I’m really happy that you picked the child who you think will most resemble me!
That has always been the plan, Satoru!

Tatsuya: So Dad tells me that Miss Candy Behr and her younger sister Yuki are stopping by after Miss Candy gets off work tonight.
I guess it’s a continuation of the convo she had with Dad yesterday afternoon.

Candy: Thanks so much for letting Yuki and I come by so late tonight, Satoru.
Satoru: Sure, anything for the best friend of my younger sister Aya.
Candy: As I mentioned yesterday, I’m leaving tomorrow for a one-year DJ’ing gig at a super popular club called TAO Nightclub out in the city of Las Vegas.
But Yuki doesn’t want to change school districts for high school.

Satoru: You know our place isn’t as fancy as yours, but we’d all welcome her as part of the family.
Also, Jade and I have only one daughter so my girls will be thrilled to have more female energy in the house.
Erika won’t be a teen for another week, but my oldest son Tatsuya became a teen just yesterday.

Candy: Oh, what a coincidence–so did Yuki! How nice that they’re the same age!
Well, it’s late and I’ve got to run, Satoru. Yuki only had a little luggage, which she brought with her tonight.
Thanks again, Satoru. What a relief! I know she’ll be happy and safe here with you and your family.

Tatsuya: So, you won’t believe this, people, but remember that gorgeous girl with blue hair named Yuki?
The one I met yesterday afternoon while I was still a kid?
Well, Dad tells me that Yuki’s moved in with us. I can hardly concentrate on my homework!
I wonder what kind of music she likes? I wonder what kind of guys she likes?
Gahhh, I can’t believe I’m sitting next to her doing my homework like it’s nothing!


Not as much going on story-wise in this chapter as other chapters, but I finally let go of the feeling that an Apocalypse Challenge should look bleak and dystopian.
The Sims 4 doesn’t have the world or content to make such a look possible. Moreover, the current Newcrest lot simply offers more possiblities!

Due to uncleared career restrictions, Jade’s three pregnancies required three full sim-weeks. So despite the lack of narrative progress, this chapter established the neighborhood look, bid farewell to the last infants of the founding generation, and welcomed Yuki into the household.
The household now has seven members.

Thank you for reading along as I flounder in the midst of figuring out how to narrate this type of challenge. (Originally posted on May 1, 2016)

DD 1.6: Yuki Is Workin’ It

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