DD 2.9: Bad Hair Daze

The Sanada Apocalype Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 6/Day 36 (Sunday) 

Jade: Here we all are again, seated at the table as usual. Because we took naps earlier to stay up for all the birthdays, we can stay up a little longer afterward.
While most of us eat and chat, Kenta and Sasuke do homework for high school.
Just go to bed, everyone! You’ll have a big day tomorrow preparing for your new jobs and classes!

Yuki: Tatsuya had asked me last night to meet him by the riverside this morning. He proposes!
I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day all my life!

Tatsuya:  I’d been so nervous since yesterday, but Yuki loves the ring and says yes right away. That’s my girl!  Erm, actually, that’s my wife!
In hindsight, I wish I’d planned that Yuki and I would both be more dressed up for our rendezvous this  morning.
Watchette: That’s totally my fault. I considered it briefly but wasn’t sure I could deal with any more of your outfits.
Also, I was so excited for you to propose! 

Tatsuya: Since we can’t throw a wedding party (Comedian restriction), we decide to elope right away.
Yuki and I are so meant to be!

Day 37 (Mon)

W: So, Tatsuya, your Mischief skilling buddy was hanging around the house this morning from around 5 a.m. for several hours.
Tatsuya: Seriously?
For real. Her evil self even threw her head back and cackled in a devious “mwahahahaha.” 

Tatsuya: You said she was hanging around for several hours. What was she doing?
I wondered that, too, so I looked over her shoulder while she was on the phone.”  Doh.

Jade: At 7 a.m., everyone’s up and getting ready for the day but that woman is still in our front yard.
I guess it’s up to me to go lay down the law.  Where’s Satoru when we need him, anyway?

Jade: Look, Ms. Markham, I’d like to let you down easy, okay?
Just because my son chatted with you one evening to help level his Mischief, don’t you be getting any ideas!
Tatsuya was a teen at the time and he’s now a blissfully married young adult!

Traci: Tatsuya? Who’s that? I was hoping to talk to Satoru.
Jade: What? You mean my husband? What do you want with him? Uh, he’s married, too, you know?
Traci: Well, I wanted to apologize for the other afternoon. When I invited him in for tea, I gave him the wrong beverage and he ended up passing out and stuff.

Jade: Do I want to know what “and stuff” means?
Traci: You mean, he’s never mentioned it to you?
Jade: Mentioned what, exactly?
Traci: Oh, look at the time! I better be going! Nice chatting with you, whatever your name is.
Jade: What could she be yakking about? Oh well, at least she’s off our property now.

Sasuke: Erika, wait up!  This is our first day of high school, you know!
Kenta: Forget Erika with her spinster bun and pink/grey high-tops!  She’ll just be a social liability for us anyway.
I mean, look at us! We’re amaaaaazing! We’ll be surrounded by friends in no time!

As in childhood, Sasuke on the left resembles their father, while Kenta on the right resembles their mother.
We give thanks that they were both spared Jade’s eyebrows!

Jade: After paying our bills of $4,651, the mob picks up their take of $17,222.
If it weren’t for the mob, we’d be quite wealthy by now!

Satoru: Jade and I prepare Tats and Yuki for their first day of work.
Tatsuya is a writer. We decide to do one wellness social each, so I “offer mental relaxation tips” (Happy +2).
Jade is supposed to “suggest visualization techniques” (Inspired +2), but she ends up just chatting instead, darn it.

Yuki is a tech guru. I “share detox secrets” (Happy +3) and “discuss cognitive focusing methods” (Focused +1). Next, Jade proceeds to “offer mental relaxation tips.”
Jade and I need to coordinate our efforts better. Jade can stick to the mental relaxation tips.
At least now we know that Jade and Erika buy their shoes from the same store!

Tatsuya: Since neither Yuki nor I have the Fertile trait, we’re a little anxious about whether Yuki will become pregnant tonight.
After two attempts, the social wheel shows the “Try for Baby” socials greyed out with the message that “This sim’s household is too big.”
That’s one way to find out you have a little one on the way!

Yuki: I’m just crazy about this man! I don’t even care that he wears mustard-yellow pajama bottoms! *tickles Tatsuya mercilessly
Shameless personal confession: I find these two simply adorable!

Day 38 (Tue)

Jade: Kenta is an odd boy. What do you think, Watchette? He’s so hard to please.
W: I’ll have to agree! When I’ve asked him to learn meditation these past two times, he quits after an hour or so with a “Meditation Boredom (from Low Wellness Skill)” moodlet.
I’ve never seen that moodlet before.

Jade: He’s very stressed out from his first day of work tonight, though Erika’s fine. I sent them both to the riverside to fish.
I caught Kenta late last night, trying to sneak onto a computer to play video games. Maybe he could paint to raise his fun.

Jade: Tatsuya and I both brought home promotions tonight!  Yay us!
Around 9 pm, while Tatsuya and I are in the middle of renewing our marital vows, I get the “Eating for Two” notification!
The baby will be born around the same time on Friday night. That’s just perfect, since I’m off weekends.
And check out my little baby bump!

Day 39 (Wed)

Sasuke: Did you see the portraits of Tatsuya and Yuki?
Dad painted Tatsuya’s portrait and Tatsuya painted Yuki’s portait.
Erika: Wow, those are really great!  Like the portraits of Mom and Dad!

Sasuke: And look at this portrait on the third floor!
That’s teenage Kenta on the right, painted by me.
Erika: Why does everyone in the house have a portrait, except me and you?
Sasuke: Well, that’s obvious, isn’t it? Spell it out for her, Kenta.
Kenta: We’re waiting for me to clear the Teen Retail career so we can plan outfits again.
That way, you and Sasuke can have makeovers before your portraits.
Erika: Watchette, am I being dissed right now or are they being thoughtful?
W: They are only thinking of you, dear.

Day 40 (Thu)

Satoru: Two great things happen today.
First, Yuki comes home with a promotion to Level 5 Project Manager.
Whereas Yuki works 5 days a week, Tatsuya only works 4 days a week so he’s going to need more time to max his career.
Second, Kenta maxes the Teen Retail career. No longer are we restricted to entering Buy/Build mode on Sundays only. Also, we are permitted to plan outfits!

Kenta: Who’s your daddy now, huh?

Erika: All us kids got make-overs tonight, but you only get to see mine this time.
Can you believe ithat I heard Watchette muttering something about saving the best stuff for Yuki?!

Note: I’m trying to figure out how to do this collage thing. Old dog, new tricks, yada yada.
It’s really time-consuming for me, so be grateful, Erika. I’d initially planned to do this for Yuki instead.

Erika: Whatever, am I cuter now or what?
I’m not really sure… cuter, I think…

Day 41 (Fri)

Tatsuya: Yuki invites me to feel the baby. I can feel the baby kicking inside…how amazing.
Yuki seems so joyful and, of course, she’s as gorgeous as always.

Yuki: Around 9 pm, Tatsuya and I are blessed with a baby girl.
We have named her Daia (it rhymes with Gaia).

Day 43 (Sun)

Yuki: Several really important events happened yesterday, but Watchette insists that we skip them because we’ve reached the 25-image limit).
Instead we’re closing this chapter with a shot of Daia, who aged up to a child this evening.
Daia rolled the Whiz Kid aspiration and added the Genius trait.
W: I occasionally suffer a glitch where I can’t follow my sims around in a neighborhood with the camera.  This is one of those times but I’m too lazy to restart.
Daia is very cute (aren’t all sims cute in the child phases, though?)—please wait for the next update to confirm her cuteness.

Thank you so much for reading!

DD 2.10: Penthouse Crib!?

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