DD 2.12: Jade’s Final Journey

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 9/Day 57 (Sunday) 

Ahhh, the wonders of electronics! Kenta, Satoru, and Jade enjoy watching “Iron Chef Newcrest” on their brand-spanking-new penguin TV!

With a mother as beautiful as Yuki, it’s no wonder that Daia has also turned out so lovely.
The first photo is from Daia’s birthday party last night.
The second one is taken early this morning, after the cat burglar Kage leaves.
Daia secretly mourns the departure of the mysterious thief who stole her heart.

Sasuke is hard at work writing a comedy routine. He plans to bring home a promotion tonight.
Advancing in the Comedian career isn’t easy. From Level 6, Sasuke will only work three days a week.
That means three promotions would require two weeks under the most ideal circumstances.

Day 58 (Mon)

Sasuke: Last night, I got promoted to Level 6 Solid Storyteller, as expected, but now I’m off until Thursday evening!
How am I supposed to max this career if I only work three days a week?  Daia, I’m so sorry!

Anyway, my sister-in-law Yuki is off today. She invites over her co-worker and fellow geek, Travis Scott.
We believe he’d be able to clear the Oracle career faster than anyone else in town.
We’ve all been taking turns introducing ourselves and showing him our best side.
Travis seems like a nice guy.

Yuki, stop doing the puppet hand right this instant!
Not only are you scaring our guest, but you’re being a bad role model for your sons and grand-daughter.
Just because you’ve maxed your career, doesn’t mean you get to act like a diva, dear!

Yuki: I’m not being mean or anything! I’m just telling a joke about politicians!
Then why does Travis look so uncomfortable?

Erika: Oh hey, Travis, nice to meet you! I’m Erika, the second of the four Gen2 kids.
Sorry for my outfit—I just got finished working out.
Kenta: Look at you, girl, all slim from working out! You are looking goooood.
Still, we finally got Dad to stop prancing around in his workout shorts and now you’re using his pickup line?

Erika (mutters under her breath): Shut up, little bro.
And who is our handsome guest, may I ask? *bats eyelashes
Travis: Hey, Erika. My name’s Travis Scott. I work with Yuki. Wow, there sure are a lot of you living here!
Erika: You think so? *flirts with air kiss

Kenta: Pssst, back off, Erika. Yuki was the Gen2 invite. Travis will be the Gen3 invite, which means he’s Daia’s invite!

Erika, what are you making a face like that for? Why are you still trailing after Travis like goldfish poop?
Erika: Erm, I might have been trying to flirt with him, but he’s all bent out of shape.

Kenta: Darn it, Erika, you’ve gone and made our guest mad!
Erika: I thought he kinda liked me a little.
Kenta: What are you going to do if we invite him to live with us and he rejects us because of you?
Tatsuya, you’re the eldest brother, you say something, too.

Tatsuya: Okay, listen very closely, you four: Shut up, all of you! Can’t you see I’m trying to get into the zone? Aaaauuum…
Kenta: Gee thanks, that was real helpful, big bro.

Yuki: Everybody, stop and put down your plates!  There’s green smoke around that quiche so I don’t want you to get food poisoning.
I’m throwing away all eight servings of this quiche right now!

Satoru: Yuki? Look over here. I think I found the source of your green smoke. And it wasn’t the quiche!
Erika: So you think Travis might have liked me if I hadn’t smelled?
Yuki: You need to learn, dear Erika, when it’s time to let go! Anyway, he’s not for you.

Satoru: So I thought Yuki had invited Travis over for dinner? What happened to our guest?

Yuki: I’m not sure, Dad. One moment, he’s downstairs with Tatsuya, Erika, and Kenta.
The next moment, he suddenly remembers he has to be somewhere.
Tatsuya, what happened down there?
Tatsuya: It’s better you don’t know, dear. Otherwise, you and Travis will be embarrassed to work together.

Trashcan: Hey SBGnome, why did we both get cut out of that scene where Travis walks off into the night?
SBGnome: Not a clue, porchmate. Frankly, I’m disappointed. I
I’d changed my tie because I knew we had a guest!

Day 59 (Tue)

Sasuke: Dad spends a lot of time on the third floor. I guess I’m really lucky to have all this space, considering Dad’s always had to share space with the rest of us.
It’s so like him to spend his remaining days on maxing Guitar so he can pass on that skill in the family.
Dad is such a rock star!

Oh, Satoru! I see your father Jin gave you his animal-fur coat for good luck!
And yes, readers, look behind the beautiful Satoru to note that we’ve started stockpiling those virtuoso violins that cost $15,000 each.
On Sunday evening, I noticed with a shock that the family had over $55,000. No way we’d hand all that to the mob!
On Monday, after a bill of $8,601, we paid a mere $802 to the mob, hehe. 

Kenta: Today, Daia earned an A in high school and I got promoted to Level 6 Painter. But my work is never done.
Check me out being the indispensable spare, mentoring Sasuke in Fitness!
By the way, do you think we’re too skinny? Watchette says we rock the slim jeans when we’re slender.
Oh and hey Watchette?

Yes, dear Kenta, what can I do for you?

Next time we go into CAS, I’d like darker eyebrows, okay?

Day 60 (Wed)

SBGnome: And there goes the lovely Jade Rose-Sanada. A full-time job and four kids later, the 119-day-old Jade is looking as lovely as ever! *waves goodbye
Trashcan: *wants to wave but doesn’t have arms
SBGnome: Watchette, I agree that changing her top was the right choice! She is one classy elder!
Did you hear she received her first notice from Grim yesterday morning?

Daia: Thank you for mentoring me, Grandpa. I’d been wanting to learn how to play guitar!

Day 61 (Thu)

Jade: Around 6 am this morning, I received the second notice from Grim.
I checked my age bar and it’s bubbling so I don’t have much time left.
To help out the family, we have both continued working but we take today off.
Dearest Satoru received his second notice nine days ago, but he is still going strong.
Has he been waiting for me?

Jade: What’s that you’re saying, Satoru?
What do I do with you?! You’re such a naughty, naughty man!
Stop making me blush! Oh my!

And then, all of a sudden, Jade autonomously whispers, “Noosh,” in a low seductive voice and kisses him.
You can stop anytime now, you two!

Tatsuya: Watchette recently pledged not to take any more career promotion screenshots unless they’re for maxing the career.
But you have to see this one—look how close I came to maxing Journalism today. What a tease!
And now I’m off for the next three days, so we’re looking at baths and showers next Monday afternoon!
Kenta: Don’t forget me! I have darker eyebrows now!

Day 62 (Fri)

Satoru: In the morning, Erika quietly celebrated her adult birthday with her siblings.
Jade slipped off to work in the morning without saying anything.
Soon after she returned home, Grim arrived to escort her to the far shore.
Jade, you have been my life. How can I live on without you?


DD 2.13: Welcome to the Family!

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