DD 2.13: Welcome to the Family!

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 9/Day 62 (Friday) 

Hello again! Previously, our founder Satoru Sanada lost the love of his life.
Rest in Peace, Jade. You were an exemplary wife, companion, and mother.
And what a businesswoman!

And where is everyone else you ask?
In fact, while Jade was out front dying, Erika and a few family members are celebrating her adult birthday.
“Someone” locked the front door so everyone couldn’t pile out and get plunged into sadness.

Tatsuya: Dad’s in a bad way, so it’s up to us to take care of family matters today.
Did anyone happen to ask Travis about his career?
Daia: Yes, I did. He gets off work today at 7 pm.

Tatsuya: Smart girl! Let’s wait until after 7 pm then try inviting him over.
Erika, you make yourself scarce when he visits.
To atone for her behavior during Travis’ last visit, Erika prepares dinner and dessert, while Satoru sadly watches TV.

Erika: Dad keeps phoning the Sadness Hotline but he can’t get out of his funk.
Once I’m done cooking, I’ll try consoling him, offering mental relaxations tips, and complimenting his outfit.
Thanks, Erika! Help your Dad overpower his Sad +5 moodlet! Nice job!

Strictly Business Gnome: Just after 5 pm, Sasuke dashes off to work. Bring home that Level 7 promotion, Sasuke.  *waves goodbye
Mailbox: You can do it!

Trashcan: Oh great! Now I have more competition from the mailbox?
Mailbox: Oh puhleeze! I am the bearer of good news and collection plaques. I deliver and accept payments for bills. All you do is hold trash. *sniffs haughtily

SBGnome: Hello, you two? The point of showing Sasuke leaving for work is that he’s wearing the everyday outfit of Johnny Zest!
Yeah, that surprised me since I’ve never played Johnny as an active sim.

Daia: Explain to me again why you’re mentoring me in Handiness when I’m going to be a Diamond Agent, Dad.
Tatsuya: Well, you rolled the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration so we can go three ways:
1)   You buy the $15,000 virtuoso violins with the family’s surplus cash then sell them from your personal inventory (Business/Investor restriction);
2)   You earn income from your job (but you’re still a teen);
3)   You craft the camping mascot sculptures and sell them from your personal inventory (need to clear Villain to place the giant mascot sculpture on our lot, then Patron of the Arts).

Daia: Why bother completing my aspiration when I can’t use the reward points (Pro Athlete restriction)?
Tatsuya: Well, Mom and Dad started a stockpile of Moodlet Solvers in the family inventory which the family can use after clearing Mixologist and BodyBuilder.
Daia: All I really want to know is: when is Kage moving in?

Satoru: Looking through my contacts, I suddenly remember that Nancy Landgraab is already a  Level 5 Criminal.
I briefly ponder the moral implications of separating her from her family.
Yeah, but don’t forget that it’s faster to earn skill levels than job promotions in this household.
Satoru: Let’s invite her over and see what she thinks about helping us with Oracle.
We’ll let Tatsuya persuade her.
Tatsuya: Hey, what about Operation Travis, Dad?
Satoru: It’s on hold for now.

Tatsuya: Dad and I switch places, and he takes over mentoring Daia in Handiness.
I’d never met Nancy before but since I’m a Kleptomaniac with max Mischief, we share a few interests.  ;)
For one thing, she’s not turned off by my enthusing over the thrill of the steal.
Also, she laughs at my photos of the various pranks I’ve pulled around the hood.

Tatsuya: Before long, Nancy and I are fast friends. But will she agree to help us?
I promise her that the Sanadas will always protect and look after the Landgraabs, especially Malcolm.
You may all safely assume that Travis is completely out of the picture at this point in time.

Well, hello there, Nancy! I’m called Watchette. Welcome to the fam!
And we’ll make sure you want for nothing here, well, within the scope of all of our (many) restrictions, that is. *coughs

Satoru: Maxing Oracle requires Level 10 Mischief and Level 8 Programming.
Nancy: Uh, right. Currently, I have Level 1 Mischief and Level 2 Programming.
But I reached Level 2 Mischief just now doing my daily task. Piece of cake.
Off to work I go!

Minor Crimelord Nancy Landgraab, terrorizing the neighborhood, one sim at a time!
(I laughed to notice that, even before she moved in, Nancy was already disliked by our next-door neighbor.)

Daia: To take Grandpa’s mind away from his grief, I ask him to mentor me in Fitness.
That’s right, Grandpa, take your sadness out on me!
Thanks, Daia!

Sasuke: I arrive home at midnight with a promotion to Level 7 Rising Comedian. I’m off until next Tuesday.
Two hours later, our new housemate Nancy Landgraab returns home and Watchette finally gets to give Nancy a makeover.

Don’t mind the makeovers—I’m just having a little fun since so many restrictions are still in place.
Nancy’s defaults use orange a lot so I kept that color. I didn’t change Nancy’s formal wear at all (except the hair).

Tatsuya: Spicing up her look is the least Watchette can do, considering she’s left behind so much to help us out!

Sasuke: I guess so, but when I introduced myself to her she had the nerve to “Complain about TV size”!
Kenta and I never even knew what a TV was until we were young adults!
Hmmph, insulting our poor penguin like that!
Penguin TV: Squwack! I know, right?
I guess that’s what Snobs do, Sasuke. Don’t take it personally, haha.

Day 63 (Sat)

Satoru: Eleven days have passed since Grim sent me my second notice, so he could come for me any day now.
Watchette asks me to prepare some dishes, so I start cooking up a storm.
As soon as I start, I became Inspired, which was probably Watchette’s intention all along.
She’s right. I want my family to remember me as always inspired and happy, not sad and depressed.

Yuki: Tatsuya and I remain as lovey-dovey as always.
He is sensitive to my moods, understands that I’m a Loner and gives me space, and he is ever romantic.
MySims Yuki highly approves of my choosing Tatsuya as my husband!

Sasuke: I’ve forgiven Nancy Landgraab for complaining about the size of our Penguin TV that first night we met.
I hear the Landgraab crib in Oasis Springs is off-the-hook kitted out with everything nice.
To think that she’s willing to leave all that behind to sleep in a cheap camping bed, just to help us out.

And by the way, she’s been pranking everyone she meets in our neighborhood and is leveling Mischief like a boss, I mean, like a Minor Crimelord.
She’ll def get promoted her next shift.

Kenta: My twin Sasuke and I are as tight as ever.
I’ve reached Level 7 of the Painter/Master of the Real career.
The new plan is for me to stay until Level 9 and then see what happens.
I can’t sell my paintings yet (Patron of the Arts restriction), but the household can use the extra income from my wages.
You two look awesome in clothes, but pathetically bony when shirtless.
I’ll need to think about that. Um, for Lei’s sake. *coughs

Erika: Since Kenta has a full-time job, even though he’s the one with the Neat trait, I’ve become the stay-at-home sim.
I clean, cook, offer wellness socials, mentor Logic, go fishing, and generally make sure the house is running smoothly.
It’s a good life—you’ll never see me stressed out about my day.

Daia: I’m the youngest member of the household and I’m still in high school.
But ever since I earned an A at school last week, the fam writes me excuse notes and lets me take vacations days.

It’s great—I have more time to socialize (build Charisma) and learn other useful skills.
But everything is progressing so slowly! At this rate, I’ll have to give up on Kage and have a daughter to marry him. *weeps

Recap of In-Progress Careers

Tatsuya (12 days to elder)  : Journalist, Level 9 (will max on Monday)
Sasuke (5 days to adult)    : Comedian, Level 7 (3-day work week)
Nancy (13 days to elder)    : Criminal (Oracle), Level 5 (3- or 4-day work week)
Daia (5 days to  YA)           :  Secret Agent (Diamond Agent), not started yet

Just a two-day update, but I’m trying to keep to a pattern of weekly updates that start on Mondays.

Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your patience in reading about this family that can’t do anything or go anywhere.  But that will soon change!!!

DD 3.14: Console Cowgirl in Da House!

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