DD 3.14: Console Cowgirl in Da House!

The Sanada Apocalypse: Dystopian Dearth

Week 10/Day 64 (Sunday) 

Nancy: I’m still getting used to this odd household. First of all, everyone’s really nice or I wouldn’t be here.
Well, quite frankly, I’ve let the Sanadas believe that their persuasive powers convinced me to be move in but there are two real reasons.
One, the Director of the Simverse Center of Genetic Excellence, Dr. Eugene Icks, is an old family friend.
He and my father had attended an exclusive boarding school in Switzerland for the rich and genius in their younger days.
Anyway, Dr. Eugene icks phoned me last month to ask that I collaborate with the Sanadas, should they need my assistance.
Secondly, I’ve agreed because Satoru and his eldest son Tatsuya made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Corny but true.
So, anyway, here I am attempting to do a speed run of the Oracle career.

So far so good, if I do say so myself. I realize it’s Sunday morning now, but come see what I was up to my second day here.

When I arrived Friday evening, I had Level 1 Mischief and Level 2 Programming. After my 8 pm to 2 am shift that night, I took a nap then woke up early to catch me some joggers.
I love to yank the chain of hot-headed sims, like Katrina Caliente!

I later meet a high-school student near the grilling area next-door to our lot.
No age-ist am I! No ma’am, not me! I harass teens as badly as I harass young adults and elders.
He is unimpressed with my noxious cloud and “the sound of one hand wafting,” but what a great reaction to the handbuzzer!

On my way to the riverside, I run into another random townie. She yelled at me for asking her due date.
You know, the hand buzzer trick just never gets old!

Over by the riverside, I run into Walking the Dog (Joaquin Le Chien). Mwahahah!
I think I’ve worked him to the boiling point, don’t you?

Huh, what? Joaquin is jogging naked?
I’m just an innocent bystander here. Why would you pin that on me?

By 7 pm Saturday evening, I am Level 6 Mischief. What did I tell you? Piece of cake!

SBGnome: There goes Nancy off to work! Have a great night, gorgeous! *waves goodbye
Mailbox: Well, fellow porchmates, what’s the verdict?
Trashcan: My vote? Nancy looks hottest in her work outfit.

Nancy: I know, right? Watchette’s makeover makes me look younger but nothing beats my work outfit!

Kenta: Are you done, Nancy, reminiscing about Saturday so we can move on to Sunday?
Nancy: Sure, knock yourself out. I’m done talking.

Kenta: Well, actually, nothing out of the ordinary happens on Sunday.
Nancy: Excuse me? I came this close to a Level 6 promotion, which would let me choose the Oracle branch!
Kenta: Yeah, everyone is so impressed how fast you’ve been skilling (because that’s all you do…)

Kenta: Back to the rest of Sunday, though, we skill, mentor, do our daily tasks, work, and eat together.
Nancy: I continue leveling Mischief and Programming. Meanwhile, Erika, her bathrobe, and The Penguin seem to be in a relationship.
Kenta: I know, right? Erika, I’m asking Watchette to take that bathrobe out of your wardrobe!
Erika: You wouldn’t! *looks horrified

Sasuke: As for Dad, he seems a little happier this evening.
He’s been watching TV with some townie kid.
Nancy met the kid while she was out skilling Mischief and he followed her home.
Kenta: I think she said his name’s Mauricio. It’s nice to see Dad smiling again.
If only we had space to place a closet!

Day 65 (Mon)

Satoru: Though I don’t have the Active trait, I have the Long-Lived trait from the Bodybuilder aspiration which is probably why I’ve lived so long.
Sasuke’s my third child and second son. We’re both off today, so I’m devoting this day to mentoring him. He maxes both Handiness and Fitness by the afternoon.
Sasuke: Thanks, Dad!

And I take back what I said previously, Sasuke, about you looking pathetically bony. *wolf whistles

Tatsuya: Who’s the man?
Watchette, hurry and install those showers and baths, I cleared Journalist today!
Now, just by showering or bathing, we can gain different moods for skilling and work! The mood boosts stack with the longer-lasting wellness socials! And don’t forget incense!
Man, I am so tense! First dibs on a mud bath!

Sasuke’s bathroom gets a bath and a shower because it’s large enough to hold both.
The other three smaller bathrooms get either a shower or a bath.
Space is such a luxury! (All four sinks have been moved to family inventory.)

Day 66 (Tue)

Nancy: Tonight I get a Level 6 promotion and branch to Oracle/DigiThief. I have to admit that doing without the basics really makes you appreciate the little things!
A playful bubble bath is so much easier than eating a plate of gummybear pancakes while being spammed with wellness socials!

I’ve got my skilling system down—during the day, I torment the neighborhood with Mischief socials; at night, I “troll teh forum” and enjoy some hacking.
Considering you don’t have the Mean treat, I’m surprised how much you enjoy your work and skilling. It must be your Ambitious trait kicking in.

Day 67 (Wed)

The unlocking of baths means the return of bath towels!

Day 68 (Thu)

Nancy: On Thursday afternoon, I max Mischief at last. All the daily tasks for the remaining Oracle levels require programming, so I wanted to reach Level 10 Mischief first.
Not a great shot of me, but whatever. If I were the Watcher, Erika would be the first to leave the house.
Besides mentoring Logic, she’s useless.  Unless you count sitting around day and night in the bathrobe as “helping.”
Though I must confess, she’s an easy target for my pranks since she’s always around…doing nothing.

Day 69 (Fri)

Sasuke: A few hours before leaving for work tonight, I finally max Charisma which means I can start using Negotiate Bonus! Here’s hoping I can make short work of the remaining two levels!

Hey, don’t forget to ask Nancy to “Instill false confidence” before you phone in to Negotiate Bonus.
Since we don’t have mirrors (Comedian restriction), a mischievous sim is very convenient for giving others a confident moodlet.

Satoru: It’s around 1 am of Friday morning and we’re holding a triple-birthday celebration.
I’m grateful to have lived long enough to witness Kenta and Sasuke becoming adults, and my granddaughter Daia becoming a young adult.
After the cakes, Daia joins the Secret Agent career then everyone goes back to bed.

Day 70 (Sat)

Sasuke: A little past 11, I return home with a promotion to Level 9 Standup Star! I only work Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday next week, but I’ll max Comedian by next Friday night, for sure!
Can you believe it? All that hard work and I end up with the exact same tux and tie as Tatsuya’s Journalist outfit? Sheesh!
SBGnome: Great job, Sasuke!  You look very elegant in the tux! *pats shoulder

Satoru: Hey, guys. What’s going on with you?
SBGnome: Same ole, same ole. You know, not much changes when you’re glued to a porch like us.

Satoru: Just wanted to let you know before time slips away that I’ve really appreciated your looking after the family.
Trashcan: Hey, no. We’re the ones who should thank you for making us part of your household.
Mel the Mailbox: Yeah, I feel like I’ve really gotten to know the Sanadas, watching you walk back and forth all day, every day.
Gned the SBGnome: Mel? So now you got a first name?
Then I’d like to be called Gned (pronounced “Ned”)!
Tremain the Trashcan: Oh, you just have to get into the act, don’t you, Gned!
Then, my name’s Tremain.
Gned the SBGnome: Tremain? You’re kidding, right? That’s such a foufou name!

Satoru: Hey, hey, hey! Mel! Gned! Tremain! Focus, you guys. I have something important to say!
Anyway, It’s been 18 days since my age bar started bubbling and 8 days since Jade left us. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do in my lifetime. I’m just waiting for Grim now.
Please, I hope you’ll continue keeping an eye on my family for me when I’m gone.

Mel, Gned, and Tremain: *sniffle, sniffle
Gned: *pulls out a hankie
Mel the Mailbox: It’s times like this I wish I had arms so I could reach for a tissue!
Tremain the Trashcan: Word!

DD 3.15: Even the Swiftest Cheetah

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