DD 3.15: Even the Swiftest Cheetah

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 11/Day 71 (Sunday)

Daia: Watchett’s been having us taking little naps whenever we’re sleepy lately so, as a result, we’re all on different schedules.
We do try to sit down together for meals whenever possible.
This morning, I rise early to make breakfast. Everyone makes faces and whinges about the taste, but how else can I improve?

Tatsuya: How long will this Bad Aftertaste moodlet last, anyway? Dad, you’ve spoiled us all with your Master Chef chops.

Nancy: I just got off a 1:00 to 9:00 am shift. I’m ready to head for bed, but need a little “nightcap” first.

Gned the Gnome: Have a great day a work, Satoru!  *waves
Tremain the Trashcan: It’s a crying shame! Every morning he leaves for work, we all wonder if it will be his last!
Pita the Penguin: Although I’m not, strictly speaking, one of the porch crew, may I add that no sim has ever lived past 20 days after the second notice.
Oh, the Penguin has a name now, too? But you’re right about that, Pita.

Mel the Mailbox: And may I say that, even though his age bar’s been bubbling for 19 days now, he’s still as hawt as ever!  *fans self
Uh, Mel? I never realized that mailboxes could be, how shall I put it, bi-curious…?
Mel the Mailbox: Hey, no flaming the name! It’s a unisex name, okay? It’s short for Melanie!

Kenta: Watchette, I just got promoted to Level 9 Illustrious Illustrator (Master of the Real). What shall I do now?
You might as well stay until you reach Level 10. You can’t unlock the restriction but Patron of the Arts will definitely be cleared first, so your career rewards will be helpful.
Kenta: Sure, I don’t mind. I just paint for the daily task.

I must say, Kenta, you’re the best-looking Level 9 Master of the Real painter I’ve ever seen. How did manage to avoid the knee-length swim trunks?

Kenta: You don’t wanna know…

Erika: Dad comes home from work really stressed out so I stop watching the Romance channel on TV to watch a movie with him.

Satoru: Grrr, I’m so stressed out. Hey, is that a new bathrobe?
Erika: You like it? Watchette changed the color this morning to match The Penguin. Do you think she’s being sarcastic or nice?

Daia: Since maxing out Charisma, Uncle Sasuke’s been pretty lucky with the Negotiate Bonus interaction over the phone.
I’ve already completed my skill requirements for Diamond Agent (Level 10 Logic, Level 8 Charisma), so I’m trying to max Charisma, too.
I can’t wait to be able to visit other lots and move out dead weight from this household.

Erika: Did you just glance my way when you said that?
Daia: Uh, no, why would you think that? *turns face away and snickers
Anyway, here I am spamming my uncles with the “sunglasses socials.”

Erika: I’m forced to give up my parking spot in front of The Penguin when that little townie kid drops by to visit Dad.
After working all night, Nancy sleeps until the afternoon then wanders downstairs and the three of them watch a movie together. They make an odd trio.

Satoru: Mauricio, would you stop with the commentary? This is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in this movie.
Sssshhh, you’re spoiling the magic!

Daia: Who is that townie kid, anyway, Nancy? I hear he followed you home from that grilling area next door.
Nancy: Who knows? Just some kid. He’s got the Music Lover trait so he really likes your grandfather.

Daia: Just look at them together! Do you think family-oriented Grandpa misses having children around the house, Dad?
Tatsuya: He was like that with you when you were small, too, Daia. You don’t remember?
Daia: Do you think, now that I’m a young adult, he’s hinting for me to give him a great-grandchild?
Nancy: I couldn’t tell you. Why don’t you ask him yourself?

Day 72 (Mon)

Nancy: Daia’s beloved Kage can’t be moved into our world until I clear Oracle, so we’ve been wracking our brains about how to boost my job performance.
I’m currently a Level 7 Elite Hacker and have completed the Level 10 skill requirements.
While waiting for my husband Geoffrey to get off work, I hack my work performance. Every little bit helps.
After 7pm, I invite Geoffrey over and we renew our marital vows. He is such a devoted husband.

After I clear Oracle and Daia clears Diamond Agent, I can move back to my family!

Sasuke: How was your first day of work, Daia?
Daia: Well, I decided to select “Take Risks” instead of “Work Hard,” though Watchette doesn’t know the difference.
Whatever, I’m just 1.5 ticks away from a promotion now.

Sasuke: Looks like that townie kid is over again tonight.
Daia: Yeah, Grandpa, Dad, and the kid are watching TV together.
The kid—his name’s Mauricio, right?—acts like he knows Dad really well!
Sasuke: Hmmm, Mauricio–I wonder where he lives.

Day 73 (Tue)

Satoru: It’s around 2:30 am and everyone’s sleeping. It’s just me and the boy Mauricio.
I prepare Baked Alaska, which Mauricio and I enjoy together in the middle of the night.

When I suddenly feel really tired, I tell Mauricio to go downstairs to play on our science table.
As I succumb to the encroaching darkness, I remember all the happy moments shared with my beloved family
I’m also somehow happy that no one is here to watch me die. Grim, what’s keeping you?

Tremain the Trashcan: Hey there, buddy! Who are you and where do you think you’re going?
Grim: Seriously? You think can address me in a tone like that, wastebasket?
Gned the SBGnome: Cool it, Tremain. He’s the Grim Reaper. There’s nothing we can do about this. Hey Grim, check out these photos of my vacation in Belize!

Grim: Nice try, gnome.
Your man Satoru lived 21 days after his final notice, you know. That’s one day longer than his adult phase.
He’s accomplished an incredible amount of things as a founder, but now he needs to move on so that the family can keep progressing.
Everyone understands that, right? This ain’t no Immortal Dynasty…

Mel the Mailbox: We only ask that you treat him well, Grim. All he’s ever done (well, almost “all”) is think about and take care of his family.
Not to mention that he still looks kinda nice shirtless. *blushes
Grim: Thanks, Mel. I’ll keep all that in mind. *smirks
I’m passing through now. I’ve got work to do, folks.

Gned the Gnome: Not so fast there, Grim. What’s the secret password?
Grim: Let’s see….it’s “You’d look good in my fireplace.” Am I right?
Gned: Oh, hey, don’t let us keep you, Grim. Just walk on through.

Grim: Sorry, Satoru. I put this off as long as I could. Even the swiftest cheetah cannot outrun death forever.
Wow, he’s like the Grim Yoda…

Grim: And why am I not surprised you’d remember that my favorite dessert is Baked Alaska?
Can you believe some folks leave me Spooky Cookies?
First of all, that’s stereotyping! Secondly, I ain’t no Santa Claus.  Cookies, sheesh!

Grim: The deed is done, son. Thank you for staying with him until the end.
Mauricio: Yeah, he phoned to invite me over then, when no one else was listening, he asked me to stay.
He told me he didn’t want to be alone tonight and that it was a secret from the others.
But then, but then, he sent me down here and died alone, anyway! *sniff, sniff

Grim: No, son. Thanks to you, he wasn’t alone. There there, don’t cry!
*doesn’t really know what to say though he’s encountered this situation countless times

Daia: I come downstairs this morning and find a weird hooded stranger in a dark robe standing there.
He’s wearing a black-rabbit pouch and a magical-looking book, both hanging from his waist cord.
Daia: *compliments outfit
Stranger: *whoosh (bangs scythe on floor and leaves)

Daia: Well, he really rushed off in a hurry. Another cat burglar? I wonder what he looks like underneath those robes.  Hmmm….
Pita the Penguin TV: Oh, honey, don’t even go there!

Daia: Oops, I have just enough time to take a mood-boosting bath before leaving for work. Erika of the Orange Bathrobe, thanks for the wellness boosts!

Gned the SBGnome: And there goes our lovely Daia, off to her second day of work! *waves goodbye
Mel the Mailbox: *waggles the mailbox lever
Tremain the Trashcan: *says a silent prayer for Daia’s success
Gned the SBGnome: When do you think the family will discover that Satoru’s gone?

Sasuke: Around noon today, we check Dad’s bedroom and realize that Dad passed during the night.
Sorry, but one of his final requests was to immediately put his urn in family inventory—he didn’t want to ruin your day, Sasuke.
Sasuke: He seemed fine last night, watching TV with the kid, when we all went to bed.
It’s so like Dad to die quietly and alone like that, sparing us the grief of witnessing his death.

I wish he could have seen my show tonight!
Thanks to the Negotiate Bonus interaction, Dad’s gummybear pancakes, and other boosts, I reach Level 10 Comedian!
We are no longer limited to inviting one sim into the household per generation. And we can buy and use mirrors!
Watchette, what’s the point of having me do this killer pose when it’s so dark out here?  I know, I know, we can’t have outdoor lamps yet.
I just noticed that the box on the lower right says “Elite Hacker.” Sorry, I  must have had Nancy selected when you came home…

Day 74 (Wed)

Tatsuya: Congrats on maxing Painter/Master of the Real this afternoon, Kenta!
No one made a big deal about it because you didn’t unlock a restriction (since you’d already unlocked a teen career), but we’re all really proud of you!
Yes, you achieved it very quietly and all your career reward items are in family inventory.
And thanks so much for not wearing long swim trunks with your paint-splotched T-shirt!

Kenta: No worries, people. So, Erika, you wanted to talk to me about something?
Erika: Oh, nothing really urgent. You know how Nancy always goes out in the afternoon to wreak havoc?
Kenta: Tell me something new. There’s been a conspicuous increase in nude joggers in our neighborhood lately.

Erika: Anyway, remember that little kid who was here with Dad the night he died?
Kenta: Yes, of course, the little Music-Lover boy. What’s up with him?
Erika: Well, I saw him and Nancy today over by the monkey bars.

Tatsuya: So what? Lots of people sit at those picnic tables to share meals and socialize. Your point?
Erika: Nancy and the kid seemed really close. Tatsuya, you were really friendly with the boy last night, too. What’s his story anyway?
Is he like an evil warlock who can bend sims to his will?

Kenta: I seriously doubt that, Erika, hahaha. You and The Penguin need some time apart.
Tatsuya: Well, maybe we should invite the little fella over sometime soon and ask him in person. Agreed?

Day 76 (Fri)

Tatsuya: Watchette! My age bar has read “0 days” since 1 am this morning and now it’s almost 3 pm and my age bar is bubbling.
Don’t I get to cake up? I’m having a hard enough time missing Dad, you know!
Don’t be so paranoid, Tatsuya. Delaying your birthday as long as possible is for your own good.
Tatsuya: How could a sad moodlet be a good thing?
If Daia clears Diamond Agent while you’re still living, I can move you and Yuki out so that you’ll stop ageing.
That way, you won’t have to die like your Mom and Dad.
While Yuki’s young enough, you two might consider having another child, too.
We’ll just have to wait and give Daia all our support. We’ll be cutting it pretty close, I think.

Tatsuya: She maxed Charisma last night, so she can “Negotiate Bonus” now which will speed things up.

Tatsuya: Watchette, why are you taking a screenshot of me while I’m mentoring Kenta in writing? Aren’t you supposed to wait until after I age up to elder?
Meh, Nancy and Yuki have their elder birthdays tomorrow, so I can snap a shot of all three of you elders then.
Tatsuya: So….this is just a cheesy shot of me in my  blazing briefs sleepwear?
Basically, yes. I asked myself: “Picture of adult Tatsuya in his sleepwear or of elder Tatsuya in bathrobe?” Such an impossibly difficult decision!

Day 77 (Sat)

Tatsuya: Around 4 am, we get the notice to throw Nancy a “rocking birthday party,” yet I am still waiting to age up.
In the end, I’m abruptly woken up in bed to age up around 10:30 am.
Nancy: Watchette has me cake up at night before leaving for work. It makes perfect sense.
I’m so close to the next promotion; I don’t want to have to leave work early just to get old.
Yuki: My age bar is bubbling, too, but I didn’t age up before midnight.
I’m not that anxious to show you what I look like as a senior citizen, anyway, so let’s close this chapter here.

Sasuke: Hold on, everybody! Don’t close this chapter yet! I want to confirm a rumor I heard at Limelight Lounge tonight.
Was Kenta really entertaining a guest here this afternoon?
Is it true? Who could it have been? Bets, anyone?

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