DD 3.16: Return of “The Shadow”

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 12/Day 78 (Sun) 

Tatsuya: It’s a pretty typical Sunday morning for this household today, except for all the recent birthdays.
There’s Ms. Bathrobe, parked in front of The Penguin in her matching robe as usual.

Tatsuya: Daia is so impressed at how quickly Nancy’s been getting promoted lately that Daia’s started to learn programming, too, so she can “Hack work performance.”

Tatsuya: I hear that you’re wanting to see how all of us old geezers turned out, eh?
Even an elder can mentor writing, which I’m doing here since it’s the only mentoring skill that neither of the twins have maxed.
Yuki: I believe you’re even more handsome as an elder, darling. But why’s Kenta making that face?
Tatsuya: Not sure. Might be artistic angst or something.
This image cracks me up. Tatsuya and Kenta even look like they’re posed, but they aren’t.

Yuki: As I was saying, sweetheart, you’re even handsomer now. Rawrrr!
And….looks like I’m not ageing right away, after all…
Yuki and Daia are such beautiful sims that I couldn’t resist pushing my luck for another child.

Nancy: You know when Geoffrey last visited yesterday morning to renew our marital vows, I thought to myself that he looked rather stodgy and pudgy.

Nancy: I blame those Sanada boys for ruining my eyesight—they’re constantly running around the house in their sleepwear (with matching slippers, natch).

Nancy: Unlike Tatsuya, I aged up using a cake.  Then I left for work, grey hairs and all!
I wonder if Geoffrey will still love me now that we’re more evenly matched…

(My question to readers: Will sims leave work and come home to age up? I don’t even remember anymore because I’ve always used cakes recently. <– The answer is YES. )

Day 79 (Mon)

Sasuke, I don’t think everyone’s gotten a good look at your everyday outfit, from head to toe.
Sasuke: Don’t mind if I do.
Thanks! I love your outfit to pieces for some reason. You yourself don’t look bad, either.

Erika: I’m starting to feel that Watchette is rather biased about what pictures she takes of which family members…
Huh? Did you say something to me? You have the cutest everyday outfit, but do you ever wear it?
No! Unless I actually tell you to change outfits, you spend all your time in that bathrobe! You might as well do all the cleaning!

Erika: *mutters curses

Day 80 (Tue)

Gned the Gnome: Hey, look! There’s Kenta with his romantic interest!  They’ve been getting busy since last week!
Mel the Trashcan: Obviously!
Tremain the Trashcan: From here, it kind of looks like he’s sucking on her upper lip?

Summer: Kenta, I’m really glad you’re so happy about becoming a father!
Kenta: Are you kidding? This is fantastic!
He proposes, she accepts, they elope, and now Kenta can go reign over the BFF House when he eventually moves out.
Porch crew: *throws confetti

Day 81 (Wed)

Kenta: Thanks for coming over, Mauricio. We’ve all been wanting to get to know you better.
Sasuke: And we’re grateful that Dad wasn’t alone in his final hours. We’re glad you were there for him.
Erika: To cut to the chase, kid, who are you? What’s your last name, anyway?

Mauricio: (glances over at Nancy and Tatsuya) Is it okay if I tell them my full name?
Tatsuya: Go ahead, Mauricio, the time has come.
Mauricio: Okay. My name is Mauricio Landgraab and I’m your half-brother.
*sound of a pin dropping

Tatsuya: I can explain everything, you see…
Nancy: It’s my story now, Tatsuya, so let me explain.

Nancy: Satoru and I met one night in Windenberg a few days before he left his island home for Newcrest.
I was already in the Criminal career then, a low-level crook but moving up quickly.
He’d found me in an alley, where I’d been abandoned by the thugs who’d kidnapped, drugged, and interrogated me for information I hadn’t possessed.
I’d been poisoned and would have died if Satoru hadn’t taken me back to headquarters where I could drink the antidote.

Erika: Let me get this straight. This all happened after he married our mother?
Nancy: No, he was still single then. Anyway, let me give you the short version of the story.
Satoru and I entered into an agreement: I would leave my luxury home and help him by lifting the Oracle restriction as quickly as possible.
In exchange, he would offer Sanada DNA for a new Landgraab heir who would live here for socialization and training.

Sasuke: And the result of your unholy contract is Mauricio?
Nancy: Yes, Satoru and I were “together” once—he hadn’t even met Jade Rose at the time.
Tatsuya: I’m surprised you hadn’t figured it out sooner! Mauricio has the Sanada lips. They’re just like mine!

Kenta: I don’t know…it’s such an improbable story.
Tatsuya: I know, I know. It’s all a lot more complicated and murky, but it’s been watered down to be family-friendlier. Besides, Mauricio is here, too.
Sasuke: Well, what’s done is done and Dad did give his word. Anyway, the kid’s a Music-Lover, so he’ll fit right in.
And it ‘ll be nice for your child, Tatsuya, to have a companion growing up.

Nancy: I’m so glad to get all that off my chest!  *lets out a sigh of relief
The Landgraabs will die out without a competent heir with social skills. Please lend your support to Mauricio!
Erika: To my astonishment, the others decide that Mauricio would later move in and join the Musician career.
I agree to help out by pre-skilling the boy in Logic whenever he stops by.

As for Nancy, some days she’s a great mother! Other days, I wish she’d provide her son with a better role model!

Yuki: Meet Naoto, the younger brother of our firstborn child Daia!
And you may notice that age caught up with me after I gave birth.

Day 82 (Thu)

Gned the Gnome: Congrats on climbing to the top of the Oracle career, Nancy!
Nancy: Thanks, it feels great!
Tremain the Trashcan: You’re so nice to take this commemorative shot with us!  And in your Oracle outfit!
Mel the Mailbox: You look amazing, girlfriend!
Nancy: Think nothing of it, folks. I much appreciated your friendly support whenever I left for and came home from work!

Daia: Thanks to Nancy who maxed Oracle this morning, Kage moves into the house across the street with some cool-looking folks.
You noticed!

Daia: Actually, I’m still at work but Auntie Erika just texted me to say she introduced herself to him so she can invite him over when I get home!
Yeah, he looked a little wary about her chatting him up like that, especially because she caked up to an elder this afternoon while everyone else was either at work or napping.
Daia: Oh, I can’t wait to get home this evening! I owe Nancy big time!

Tatsuya comes home from work and spends some quality time with his newborn son.
He looks so dignified as an elder! And those Sanada lips!

Daia: Mom also met Kage by the riverside this afternoon and, unlike Auntie Erika, will absolutely not hit on him herself.
So, as soon as I get home, I ask Mom to invite Kage over.
It’s like Kage and I have known each other from a past life!

Kage: I can’t wait until we can be together all the time, Daia!
Daia: I know, I want you to move in this very moment (why does that “Ask to move in” social appear even though our house is full?).
I reached Level 7 Secret Agent this evening, but once I clear my career…

Daia: So many things happened tonight! We had our first kiss and then he asked me to be his girlfriend!
Kage: Don’t forget that we even became best friends.

Cute shot, you two, but why are you in your sleepwear, hmmm?
Kage: Well, we tried posing for a really cool screenshot outside but you don’t have outdoor lamps and the shot came out too dark.

Daia: That’s when I suggested we come inside to take the shot, where it’s brighter.
Kage: Downstairs, there were so many people that we had to come upstairs.
Daia: But then….

Hey, hey, I wasn’t really expecting an answer. After that smoldering first kiss of yours, the sleepwear isn’t that hard to figure out.

Day 83 (Fri)

Yuki: Naoto is going to age up in a couple of sim-hours. Why are you showing everyone another shot of Naoto as an infant instead?
And I thought you were going to include scenes of Naoto and Mauricio together in this chapter, too?

Yes, that was the original plan but, first of all, Daia and Kage hit it off so well they astonished even me!
Secondly, have you ever seen such an expressive look on a sim-baby’s face before?
Maybe you all have, but I haven’t. I think it’s quite hilarious and even borderline-creepy. Bwahahahaha…

Shots of Naoto as a child have been moved to the next chapter. Come back soon!



Without offering long-winded, whiny excuses, I’d like to note that when I first thought of the Mauricio scenario (why would Nancy be willing to drop everything and go live in a dystopian dump?), I hadn’t actually thought of a detailed explanation of why they were “together”; when I started to write one, it got weirder and weirder so I decided the best course would be to hide behind the shield of “protecting Mauricio’s innocence.” Who wants to hear that kind of talk about your parents at the dinner table, anyway?

So many sims are waiting on Daia to complete her career!
Nancy wants to move back to her family and their luxurious home in Oasis Springs.
The elders Tatsuya, Yuki, and Erika want to move out so they’ll stop ageing.
Kenta wants to go live with his wife, Summer Holiday, and their son Watson in Willow Creek.
Daia’s boyfriend Kage and Nancy’s son Mauricio are waiting to move in.
Sasuke also wants to move in some sims, whom you’ll meet next time or whenever Diamond Agent is cleared.

DD 3.17: A Very Grim Proposal

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