DD 3.17: A Very Grim Proposal

Week 13/Day 85 (Sunday) 

Naoto: Where were you people when I aged up on Friday, huh?
Well, anyway, I rolled the Whiz Kid aspiration so Watchette gave me the Genius trait.
I made a bit of a mistake there, Naoto. For Criminal/Boss, you’ll need max Mischief and Level 6 Handiness.
But it seems not to matter in your case, though, since you already maxed Social early this morning.

Naoto: This is a totally cool arrangement!
After we all sit down for breakfast, I just spam socials at all the adults one by one. And now I can start leveling Mischief, hehe.
I feel a little sorry for the neighborhood.  First Tatsuya, then Nancy, and now you harassing everyone you meet!

Erika: A little favor, Naoto? When you learn the “Dare to Streak” social, would you mind choosing the young, buff guys? Not the old, chubby ones, okay?

Naoto: I play chess a lot with Mauricio Landgraab (right).
Whenever I’m being mentored in Logic, we invite Mauricio over and have a double-mentoring session.
Mauricio: Hey, Naoto, doesn’t it weird out Miss Erika that your dad’s in his boxers?
Naoto: Nah, she’s his sister. The whole family hardly ever changes out of their sleepwear except to work or bathe.

Tatsuya: It will be great when Mauricio moves in. Although I wonder if these two won’t be getting into trouble together. Just look at those faces!
Because Mauricio already has the Music-Lover trait, I’d planned to have him do Musician while Naoto works on Criminal/Boss.
Since Nancy’s The Oracle, though, I wonder if she’d rather have Mauricio become The Boss. Hmmm.

Tatsuya: Son, your mission as a child consists of completing Whiz Kid (too easy!) and three skills: Logic, Charisma, and Mischief.
Go forth, young man, like your father before you, and lay waste to the neighborhood! And bring back the glove!
*cues MC Hammer’s “Too Legit to Quit”

Naoto: Gah, I tried to prank Daia’s new boyfriend, Kage!
I wish she’d bothered to mention to me that he’s a Kleptomaniac with Level 10 Mischief!

Daia: I arrive home at 10 am and am ecstatic to see that Kage is already at the house.
Check out my new hoochie-koochie-mama dress, yo! Can you tell I’ve been promoted to Level 8 Spy Captain in the Diamond Agent branch?
I’ve been waiting to propose to him but our living room doesn’t seem like the right spot…(and yes, we’ve angled away from The Bathrobe)

Kage: Daia has invited me to spend the night and then “lures” me up to the third floor. I wonder why?
Daia: First, I need to butter him up for the kill.

Daia: Watchette misses our proposal scene while trying to maneuver around all the items on this floor.
There is literally no angle that doesn’t include a lot of ridiculous clutter. *sighs
Daia: We’re engaged now and decide to go ahead and elope.

Day 86 (Mon)

Daia: Before Naoto leaves for his first day of grade school, he tells me that he and Kage were hanging out downstairs last night.
It’s so great that Kage is becoming friends with the family, because we’re very good at taking care of our own.
Looks like Uncle Kenta is mentoring him in Logic!

Daia: After that heart-warming sight, I go downstairs to try hacking my work performance. Where the heck’s the chair?
Dad’s a kelpto, too, but he can’t steal our own furniture so it must have been Kage!
I’ve heard that Kage’s a holy terror as a cat burglar, so it could have been so much worse than an office chair, I guess! *tries to rationalize
I need to hurry and get that man moved in, but I only work on Wednesday and Friday this week.
With everyone’s support, though, I might be able to swing it.

Day 87 (Tue)

Sasuke: Watchette tells me the gym which used to be across the street relocated to the eastern part of Newcrest City.
A new house was built in that lot just last week, then Kage and his housemates immediately moved in.

Look! There goes one of his housemates right now. Go introduce yourself, Sasuke!

Sasuke: Hi, I hear you’re new to this neighborhood. I live with my family in the odd-looking cube across the street.
Yae: Hi, my name’s Yae. I’m from a place called The Bin of Clones.
Apparently, I was the sister to the fifth-generation heir of a failed immortal dynasty from last year.
My child self was cloned, aged to young adult, and given a whole new identity. I’m no wonder child, though.

Sasuke: Where’s your brother now?
Yae: Oh, don’t you worry about that today. Y’all need to focus on moving Kage into your household first.
Sasuke: (to himself)  Hmmm, she is an Art Lover who is Cheerful and Neat. She’d make a great addition to our home in the far future.
Yae: You’ll meet the rest of us in time. Look over there! Those two are my teen housemates! (Now unrelated to Yae and to each other, how convenient!)

Day 88 (Wed)

Tatsuya: When I’m preparing breakfast this morning (my Cooking level is almost 4), the stove catches on fire.
Then I go to extinguish the fire and get a snarky message that I can’t extinguish the fire until I extinguish myself first.
Daia has work this afternoon, so Watchette had her teleport away from the kitchen at the first sign of the fire.
Everyone else in the house, including me, has the 24-hour Tense +2 moodlet because of the fire. Boo!

Daia: Kage seems to have some kind of Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Or he’s just really good at faking it.
After I get home from work, we’re all in the living room when I hear a swishing noise.
Look where Kage is standing near The Penguin.
There’s an empty space now next to Mom’s portrait where Dads’ portrait used to be.

I go to call Kage out on it, but words fail me when I see him angelically (!) clearing the table.
No one—and I mean absolutely no one—in our family cleans up the dishes unless Watchette tells them to!
Fortunately, we have a copy of Tatsuya’s portrait because family portraits are irreplaceable.

Day 90 (Fri)

Yuki: Tatsuya’s age bar has been bubbling since last night.
We’d both gone to bed so early that we wake up this morning at 5 a.m.
Daia is hoping to clear her career tonight. We’re all so excited.

Then, right when Tatsuya and I are in the middle of renewing our marital vows, Grim arrives.
Oh Tatsuya, if only you could have hung on until tonight!

My darling Tatsuya, I will never ever forget how much we loved. *wails inconsolably
A flashback to happier times.

Nancy: I invite Geoffrey over in the morning and we spend several hours together, chatting and laughing.
Though we’d lived apart these past weeks we immediately become good friends again.
He is excited about my return to Oasis Springs tonight and rushes home giddily to prepare a little celebration for my homecoming.

But not long after, I’m overwhelmed with fatigue.
As I lie down to counter the heaviness, my vision goes black.
My dear Sanadas, raise Mauricio well or my sacrifice will have been for nothing!

Sasuke: One happy event did occur today. I proposed to Siobhan and she accepted!
Our whole house is so cramped—I don’t know why Grim felt the need to join us in that bedroom!
Grim, your timing sucks!
After he finally whooshes off, Siobhan and I elope just as Naoto completes Whiz Kid.
It’s been such a hectic day.

Daia: I return home with my final promotion to Level 10 Double Diamond Agent.
It feels like a hollow victory.  We lost Dad and the Landgraab family lost Nancy.
Since they’d both completed their careers, it was so tempting to have them drink Potions of Youth and then wait until I cleared my career.
But we let time pass naturally. At least, Mom will live on as well as Dad’s siblings: Erika, Kenta, and Sasuke.
The Porch Crew is too sad to comment.

As soon as I get home, the move-outs start happening immediately to prevent even one more instant of ageing.

Mom and Dad had planned to move in next door, so Mom decides to move there alone anyway.
She’ll be close to Naoto and me and to her grandchild (!) this way and we will join her there later. (And if we do move next door, will Kage be a liability? lol)

Erika gets a job in the Culinary career (she’ll retire when she wants to), then moves into the Oasis Retirement Center (created by loveisevol35 and slightly modified).

Sasuke moves in with his in-laws, the Fyres, in Windenberg, where he’ll wait for his wife, Siobhan. His father-in-law Dominic is also a comedian.
Originally, Sasuke was going to stay here and help out, but then decided he’d rather never become an elder. Such vanity!
Instead, Kenta will stay with us until he receives his first notice from Grim, then go live with Summer Holiday and their children.

Now that Diamond Agent is cleared we can visit community lots but also visit the homes of other sims.
We will visit everyone occasionally to see how they’re doing.
And if you’re wondering about the four sims who moved in tonight, you can meet them all next time!

This update started out so joyous, so full of hope and excitement—everyone would have a happy ending, no one would die.
But Daia’s schedule changed when she got promoted and suddenly I realized that Tatsuya and Nancy wouldn’t last that one extra day.
On that fateful Friday, Tatsuya passed around 5:45 am, Nancy passed around 5:45 pm, then Daia got the promotion at 11 pm.
I’m feeling especially sorry about Nancy, but we will make it up to her by treating Mauricio really well.

RIP Tatsuya and Nancy—the bane of our neighborhood yet tireless supporters of our cause.

DD 3.18: Restarting from Scratch-ish

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