DD 3.18: Restarting from Scratch-ish

Week 13/Day 91 (Saturday) 

Kenta: It comes as a surprise to realize that I’ve become the household elder!
I’m officially the oldest member of this household!
I mean, me, the twin who only cleared a teen career and who always has to sleep in the kiddies’ bedroom.
The last to form a family of my own. Well, except for Erika, but she has The Penguin and The Bathrobe, so she doesn’t really count.

This update, instead of having snatches of dialogue with images, I thought I’d do the narrating, if you don’t mind.
I’ll be leaving this house sometime next week, so I wanted to introduce you to the new household.
In case you don’t remember who I am…I’m the only blonde Sanada, so far.

With an almost entirely new household, we also have new plans.  Here’s a rundown.
The lovely teenager Morgan Fyres will clear the Manual Laborer.
W: I don’t think I’ve ever played a teen who’s a C student at career level 1. 

She will live with us only a few days into her young adulthood. She has started “ze garden.”

Gned the Gnome: There she goes on her first day of work. Dang, she’s gorgeous!
Mel the Mailbox: Uh, Gned, she’s still a teenager.
Tremain the Trashman: Yeah, that’s what Gned means. Morgan is gorgeous “for a teenager.” Right? Right?!

Her elder sister Siobhan is, as you recall, Sasuke’s wife.
The lovely Siobhan will clear Business/Investor, which requires L10 Logic and 8 Charisma, but she arrived with zero Logic. Double mentoring is so handy!

And of course, you’re already familiar with Watchette’s latest obsession, the notorious Kage, who’s now in the Secret Agent/Villain career.
I wouldn’t exactly call it an obsession. If you examine his features separately, they’re not so attractive but, every now and then, the overall effect is devastating.

Mel the Mailbox: Yeah, right. That’s totally not an obsession.
Whatever. Daia is just as gorgeous!
Tremain the Trashcan: Smooth recovery!

And speaking of Daia, she receives the Eating for Two notification! A little girl would be nice this time.
We’re all hoping the child will inherit Kage’s violet eyes. His sticky fingers and temper, not so much.

Mauricio Landgraab is an Artistiic Prodigy, which is perfect since he’s a Music Lover.
Since my nephew Naoto and half-brother Mauricio both have short black hair, Watchette changed Mauricio’s look… a lot.
At least it’s easy now to tell them apart from a distance.

Kenta: And where is Naoto, our future Criminal Boss? He wants to broadcast live, it seems.

Naoto: Now watch me whip, whip. Now watch me…
Hey, let a dude know when you’re switching the live feed over, okay?
(Naoto was actually in the process of practicing storytelling in front of the mirror, but I saw this pose…)

Naoto: Anyway, I’m walking along, minding my own business, when I suddenly see a delinquent wannabe.
I mean he’s totally copying my style except for my cool-o socks.
I give him a good look at my face so he won’t forget what a real boss looks like.

His name? You don’t really expect me to remember the name of every little two-bit punk, do you? Max something.

Kenta here again.
We keep forgetting it’s okay to travel now. After Morgan gets home from work, we head to Desert Bloom Park.
Finally, finally! I complete the “Fish at 3 locations” milestone of my Angling Ace aspiration.
It only took almost my whole life!  Today, my age bar started bubbling.
Soon, I will be an elder!  No cake, thanks.
We’re having a great time at Oasis Springs Park.
Morgan and Bjorn Bjergsen share the Good trait and become good friends (which isn’t important now).

In fact, we had so much fun that Watchette forgot to take a single shot at the park.
So here’s one of me fishing in our neighborhood.
Don’t you just hate fishing shots?

Week 14/Day 92 (Sun)

Kenta: We are waiting again on Morgan before heading out.  Ahhh, how wonderful to be able to travel!
She’s just a half tick from clearing Manual Laborer. Don’t worry, Morgan, you’ll nail it next Saturday!

Today, we are first taking a special detour to satisfy our watcher’s curiosity.

After we arrive at the Fyres’ fine home in Windenberg, Siobhan heads straight to the crib and ages Nessa up.
Nessa Fyres, the second child of Siobhan and Sasuke, was born several days before Siobhan moved into our home.
First up is Nessa with her parents.
Next is Nessas with uncle Mauricio Landgraab (left) and cousin Naoto Sanada (right).
She came with these clothes and hair, I hear.
I thought of moving Nessa into the home later, but she’s also a kleptomaniac.
The neighborhood is no doubt pretty tired by now of our many mischief-makers, so no Nessa.

Kenta: That’s too bad. She looks like a charming blend of Siobhan and Sasuke.
Nessa’s older brother Erich,is also a handsome child.
Mauricio: You wanna be my wingman, Erich?
Before I move back to the Landgraabs, I want to find a knock-out wife.
And not just a trophy wife, someone who’s….

Unlike Siobhan, Morgan, and Mauricio, we Sanadas know only our cramped, five-story 8×8 cube house.
So visiting the Fyres’ spacious home is pretty shocking.
Kage: Pffft, once we get a few more unlocks, our home will be even more amazing than that.
And you already have a lot more paintings than most homes that I, uh, that I, that is, most homes that I’ve been invited to visit.
Kenta: Sure, buddy.

Kenta: We spend a little time grilling near Johnny Zest’s trailer then go fishing for a while near the Calientes’ home.
Where the heck are the growfruit when you need them?

Day 93 (Mon)

Kenta: While out pranking after school, Naoto meets Sasuke’s son Erich again over by the river.
Good to see that Naoto and Erich are just chatting.
Naoto, pick on random strangers for your mischief!

Day 94 (Tue)

Gned the Gnome: Look, our new member Kage is running off to work. He sure makes that plain office outfit look good!
Mel the Mailbox: *places online order for prosthetic arm to better fan self now that Kage’s moved in
Tremain the Trashcan: He looks super fit, too! Maybe I wanna start working out, too, but which equipment could I use?

Gned: So why no shot of our lovely Siobhan going to work?
Tremain: Apparently, Watchette’s waiting until she gets a better work outfit.

Kenta: Daia suddenly leaves work early and arrives home around 4 pm.
Thanks to the unlock combo of Journalist and Diamond Agent, Daia is the first in our family to have a hospital delivery.
Kenta: Dr. Leanna Irving is very professional, not to mention rather pretty.

Meet the first child of Daia and Kage, a baby girl named Karina. And no, she will not need to learn Mischief!
The healthy baby girl is whisked home immediately, as is the practice at this hospital.

Kenta: I arrive home to find Daia and Kage chatting out front.
Siobhan and Kage both brought home promotions today to Level 3 Business (she starts at Level 2) and Level 6 Secret Agent, respectively.
Kage has both the Connections and Enterpreneurial traits, which he’s going to need because the Villain career has 11 levels.

Mel the Trashcan: Good luck, Kage!
Gned the SBGnome: Oddly, Kage’s new Level 6 Secret Agent suit is exactly the same suit that the brothers Tatsuya (Journalist) and Sasuke (Comedian) only earned at the top of their careers.

Day 95 (Wed)

Kenta: Because our home is so cramped, Watchette’s put wall shelves high up on the walls to store books and other items.
There’s one in almost every room, except the bathrooms.
I initially put all the high-priority skill books on these shelves in their appropriate rooms, but the sims just put the books away in the bookcase downstairs.
Instead they use the shelves for their dirty dishes and Naoto stores his slablet up there, though I can’t figure out how they reach that high.

Kenta: I’m like Watchette’s canary in the gold mine. Whenever I get an uncomfortable moodlet but the room looks clean, Watchette checks all the wall shelves in the room.

Here’s a shot of everyone sitting down for dinner, except of course the newborn Karina who’s upstairs in the bassinet.
Naoto is hidden behind me, but that’s okay. You’ll see much more of him later. And by the way, Daia aged up naturally this evening and is now an adult.

Day 96 (Thu)

Kenta: Here’s Morgan’s garden on the B2 floor. She’s the only one in the house who’s allowed to garden until she clears Manual Laborer.
However, Daia and Kage are skilled enough to start taking cuttings and grafting as soon as Morgan lifts the lock.
Morgan: If this is my garden and I’m so special, why am I facing backward in this shot?
Kenta: Isn’t it obvious? That’s because Kage is mentoring his wife Daia in the foreground.  And because…reasons.

Kenta: By the way, You’re probably wondering why we bother with gardening in a house like this.
Morgan: Everyone knows that gardening is one of Watchette’s fave activities! At least until the garden’s perfected.
But that still doesn’t make me one of Watchette’s fave sims. *sulks prettily
Your dazzling beauty has not been overlooked, Morgan! I have a special “mission” in mind for you in the not-too-distant future.

Soon after everyone leaves home for school or work, Daia—who’s taken a vacation day—ages up Karina.
Karina rolls Rambunctious Scamp as her aspiration.
Which is perfect, because her role will be to clear the Athlete/Bodybuilder career!
Karina: Landlubbers, beware!

Day 97 (Fri)

Kenta: Today is Naoto’s teen birthday. He cakes up right after coming home from school and rolls the Curator aspiration.
Curator will become do-able once Siobhan unlocks Business/Investor.
Also, though the Comedian unlock allows us to have birthday parties now, Watchette wants to wait until we have a mixologist in the house.
By the way, since I’m not using clubs, I re-roll if I get the “Leader of the Pack” aspiration.

Naoto: I’m liking this crazy hair, Watchette, and this punk outfit. Too bad you couldn’t borrow a loud Hawaiian shirt from Mitch Kalani for my party wear!
I’m pretty sure those are Hawaiian T-shirts, not aloha shirts, Naoto, and only the Mitch played by Nettlejuice wears those Hawaiian tees.
Naoto: I’m going to be a Criminal Boss, yo! Can’t I get some gold chains to go wit dis outfit?

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