Murky 1.16: Going M.I.A. in Murkland

Previously in Week 4:
   • oshizu gains a second Forbidden Fruit by exploring the Portal Tree for the third time;
   • Thursday morning, she begins her five days as a PlantSim;
   • she buys a portable bar at the Murkland Mercantile Co. to stay watered;
   • On Friday, she finally harvests the Forbidden Fruit Tree then stores it away; and
   • oshizu gets closer to completing the Starter Challenge.

Week 5/Sunday

It seems like only yesterday that I lost everything and found myself in Murkland.
But, in fact, four weeks have already passed!

Life as a PlantSim has not really lived up to all the hype!

Staying outdoors to absorb sunlight is no hardship for a nature lover like me.

I’d heard that staying hydrated would prove difficult.
It’s true that dehydration progresses quickly once it begins.

But drinking two glasses of water fully hydrates me.
So, with my own bar, I don’t even need to leave home!

Vampires can learn all sorts of cool powers!

Well, okay, PlantSims also don’t have bladder issues, but we still need to sleep!
And we don’t have any super-fast teleportation power, either!

By the way, that Grand Master vampire hasn’t visited my lot but she walks by every day…

The aliens, at least, have their secret handshake!
How cool would it be if we PlantSims had one, too?

The most fun I had with the PlantSim Challenge? Collecting the magic beans!

My trash plants evolve slowly because I love to visit other Murklanders and explore the secrets of each Murkland space.
These two activities are what drives my excitement about life in Murkland!

This week, though, I’m going to make more of an effort to stay home.
Today, I have exactly 8 Excellent plants and 8 Great plants, so tracking my plants’ progress will be easy.

In the afternoon, I visit the Overgrown Library.
I hire reggikko as the barista, since I haven’t seen her around lately.

She smiles mysteriously when I ask if she’s completed the Overgrown Library Side Challenge.
I’m really looking forward to reading her books!

I’m so shocked to see Rex Turbo Pumpkin at the library that I forget to ask what he’s reading.

He’s never struck me as being a particularly intellectual Murklander, y’know?
Or is he reading about advanced pumpkin carving techniques?

To visit the library outside of its regular 10am to 6pm hours, I need to become BFFs with the librarian.
So I introduce myself to Kyra Raghavan then start making friendly with her.

So sorry, Jin!
Once I’ve completed the library’s side challenge, we’ll be BFFs again, promise!

While writing, I realize that the whole point of befriending the librarian is to come here after hours!
I’m a PlantSim for a few more days, so I should be outdoors during the daytime. Duh.

Before heading home, though, I visit the Artist Colony where I plant trash fruit in two planters.

The first time I tried this, the camp dwellers rushed over to throw away the trash piles.
This time, I neither ask for their help nor try watering the trash piles.

On the lot next door, I quickly plant trash fruit in one planter without anyone noticing.
Aspen, Trinity, and Rainy are too busy chatting with their new camphunk, Roger Chaney (by RethaSim).

When I get home, it’s already dark. Darn it, I was so trying to stay home today!


I still eat my daily trash fruit, even though my Hunger need’s been replaced by Water.
Today, I’m definitely going to try to stay home.

My weekly bill arrives. Only $525–very affordable.

But staying home is so boring!
I end up at Granite Falls because I’m running out of Elderberry. (a weak pretext…)

A little harvesting, a little fishing, a little chatting–I don’t get home until dark (again).

And even though I burned myself just now, I still throw whims to fire-dance! Yibs!
Why is it so hard to stay home?


Around noon, right in the middle of my “I’m-so-glad-to-be-a-PlantSim” shtick, I revert back.
I’m relieved, to be honest, but now I know what life as a PlantSim is like.

And I have the Forbidden Fruit tree and fruit still, so I can always do it again.
Though I’m not sure why I’d ever want to do that.


My dear friend, Jin, the poor thing! He’s been Very Embarrassed for hours!

Even after he uses the potty bush, a game bug convinces him that his bladder is full.
He wets himself in front of the tent and leaves a huge puddle!

He goes home to change and returns in clean clothes, but still Very Embarrassed.

After a yawn-inducing day at home, I take Jin to the Fire & Music Festival to cheer him up.

Whiff: I don’t think so, Fen! Nobody does that Thriller choreography anymore!

Wait! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!
Whiff almost has a little smile going on. Do you see it? Awww, she’s so cute!

I max Dancing while waiting for Whiff to look up, hoping to catch her smiling again.


Jin: Do you mind if I ask you something, oshizu?
oshizu: Sure, knock yourself out. What’s up?

Jin: Why are you fishing in your panties?
oshizu: Don’t know. I’ve been having trouble with “Change outfits” since last week.
I first noticed it when I couldn’t change into my coconut-shell bra for fire-dancing. *shrugs


Not much to share with you lately.
Mostly, I invite Jin over then stay home so the plants will grow.
Occasionally, I go fishing at Desert Bloom Park, then hold a yard sale at the gym.

But today, I’m sick and tired of staying in my neighborhood.
I visit Granite Falls for the clean air and great fishing.

Still, I don’t stay very long. I don’t even pay my respects to the hermit!

I really can’t figure out what’s going on with Rex and me. He’s such a mystery!
He’s often flirty with me but he insulted me at the gym the other night.

This week, however, I’ve had three sturgeons to sell and he’s bought every one of them.
Where’s his money coming from, anyway?

Do you think he’s somehow using my sturgeons to launder dirty money?
*doesn’t really understand how money-laundering works, obviously

Hey, Kate! Wassup?
Kate: I got a job as a bartender at the Nukecrest Out Back Bar. Why don’t I ever see you?

oshizu: Oh, you know, I decided to get serious about the trash plants this week.
Kate: You’re kidding me! You just stay home day after day with the trash plants?!

oshizu: I know, right? My plants did make a lot of progress this week.
I went from 8 Excellent and 8 Great trash plants to 16 Superb trash plants. But…
Kate: But what?

oshizu: When I play my Murkland Challenge this way, there’s nothing fun to do or write about.
This week rather spoiled all the fun I’ve been having in Murkland.
Kate: So what are you going to do?

oshizu: I’m ending this story here for now.
I want to finish the challenge, though, then go M.I.A. until the second challenge.

Probably, I’ll post my results once all my trash plants achieve perfection in, what, 2 or 3 sim-weeks?
Kate: Well, whatever you decide, be sure to drop by the Out Back Bar while I’m working!
oshizu: Thanks for lending an ear, Kate. You’re, like, the original Murkland settler! I knew you’d understand!


End of Week 5

*Completed Requirements
Primary Skills: Gardening L10, Charisma L10, Dancing L5
Friend of the World aspiration: done
Household Funds: $30,758

*Incomplete Requirements
Trash Plants: 16 Superb quality (need Perfect quality)

Other Skills: Fishing L10, Herbalism/Wellness L7, Handiness L6, Fitness L5, Cooking/Writing L3
Purchased Reward Traits: Always Welcome, Incredibly Friendly
Unused Points: 5,585 satisfaction points

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    • Sorry for my late reply! I took an 8-month break from simming and only just now saw your comment (lol, from over a year ago). Your Roger Chaney is such a hunk!
      I’m planning to start a BACC later this month. Would you mind if I added him to that story, too? 😀


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