Rivals 4.44: Just Friends

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 4 (Massimo Zanna, Part I)

Previously in Week 3:
*At 5am Saturday, Massimo moves out to the 40×20 Sandy Run lot in east Newcrest;
*His new housemates are:  Jung Storey, Morgan Fyres, Lia Zanna, and Paola Pizzaz;
*Morgan Fyres, Massimo’s “spouse,” is eating for two by 8 a.m. of the same day; and
*Massimo joins the Athlete career but, thanks to his high-school grades and the Wishing Well, ends the week as a Level 4 Dance Team Captain.


Massimo: Took you look enough to get here!
My brother Lio and I are almost out of vampire energy, so we’re both going to sleep some.
Be sure to wake me up in three hours so I can get ready for work!

Jung: To refresh your memory, Morgan, Lia, and Paola caked up right before moving in.
Morgan became a young adult, while both Lia (who changed into Lio) and Paola became teens.

Sshh, here’s a funny shot of Lio as a toddler. Don’t you dare tell him I showed you this!

Jung: Morgan gave birth to twins, which nobody expected or especially wanted.
With her traits of Good, Outgoing, and Jealous, she’s still looking for her niche in the household..

Massimo spends all his time trying to make progress in his career and aspiration.
So he’s asked Morgan to focus on childcare, gardening, and Wellness.

Jung: Paola Pizzazz is Penny’s adoptive daughter. She’s going to be a great artist!
She attends high school with Lio and paints as her contribution to the family funds.

Jung: Our household starts out this week with only around $11,500.
Despite my maxed handiness, though, I discover I never learned to carve camping mascots.
A lightning-quick trip to Granite Falls remedies that.

I meet this gorgeous sim during my brief stay at Granite Falls.
Yumiko Kobayashi is a massage therapist. Could she be a good spouse for the Gen4 Zanna heir?

Too bad she’s an Outgoing, Cheerful Kleptomaniac.
A klepto housemate’s “need to steal” would be more trouble than she’s worth.
Especially if you consider that most of a starting vampire household aren’t daywalkers.

For now, I’m the only daywalker in the house, so I do whatever I can to help out.
Of course, the others could drink Daylight Reversal Cocktails.
But daytime outings are extremely low on Massimo’s priority list right now. Understandable.

See all the metals lined up on the yard sales table at the Flea Market?
Neither do the other buyers! I buy them all while they’re still making up their minds!

The vendor is also quite pretty but I forget to ask her traits.
What!? You think it’s too early to be hunting for my daughter-in-law!?!?

Massimo: After my first day of work, I see Count Vlad strolling in our hood.
First I ask him for training, then we spar a bit.

One of the best tips my parents gave me: Start boosting vampire rank as quickly as possible!


Massimo: Except for Morgan who stays home with the kids, we all go to Desert Bloom Park after midnight.
I invite along my parents, Serena and Caleb, to train Jung and I.
I also cast Detect Personality on every sim at the park, some of them multiple times.

By daybreak, I’ve achieved Master Vampire status.
You just keep walking, Luna Villareal! You spoiled, rich girls are all alike!

We hurry home to protect my little brother Lio, who isn’t a daywalker yet.

Massimo: I don’t really understand Morgan. With no job, she has a lot of free time.
Yet she’s never autonomously productive and tries to distract others who are.

If Watchette doesn’t intervene, she will simply ignore the nooboos’ crying.
Here, she’s dropped her queue to autonomously reread a skill book below her level. Ugh.

Don’t worry, little ones. Mama doesn’t care much, but I’ll always have time for you!

I wasn’t expecting twins so I didn’t leave out a bassinet before the Big Switch last week.
That’s Vitoria on your left (yellow bassinet) and Laura on your right (pink bassinet).

But Vitoria received her “almost xx’s birthday” notice before Laura received hers.
So we know now that Vitoria is the firstborn and the Gen3 Zanna heir.
(By the way, Laura is pronounced as 3 syllables: law-ooh-ra.)

Massimo: I came home last night after a hard day’s work to find Morgan tense and uncomfortable.
And she’s stayed that way continuously up to this evening.

She’s tense because her jealousy makes her feel insecure.
She’s uncomfortable because she spills water all over the basement when she waters the garden.
Jung: I’ve never met someone who spends more time mopping up after herself than watering.

Massimo: I know readers will dislike me for my decision, but I have a race to win!
So much to do in such a short time!
I don’t have time to deal with all of Morgan’s personal drama.

That’s why I ask Morgan to be just friends tonight. Now she has nothing to feel jealous or insecure about.

Massimo: Afterward, I train her and we do a little sparring outdoors.
Then Morgan stays behind with the nooboos and the rest of us head to Desert Bloom Park.


Massimo: We spend all night at the park again to boost our vampire ranks.
Always a lot of sims and vampires at Desert Bloom Park for our Detect Personality or Spar socials.
And dueling!

When we get home soon after dawn, the girls receive their birthday notices.
Immediately, I age up the heir Vitoria while Jung ages up Laura.

I give them both new wardrobes and recolor Vitoria’s hair to black.
As you’ve noticed, I’m sure, each dynasty has its characteristic hair color.

Green for Dinero heirs, lavender for Soma heirs, and black for Zanna heirs.

My favorite pattern is Inquisitive for the heir and Independent for additional toddlers.
Just for a change, though, both girls have the Independent trait.

Around noon, I reach the highest rank of Grand Master Vampire.
The first thing I do is mix a Draught of Reconfiguration to rearrange my vampire powers.

For example, I select Mist Form to replace Bat Form.

I recently read that the Sadness Alleviation herbal remedy counteracts the Eternal Sadness weakness.
That sounds very cool.
Call me selfish, though, but I’m not willing to try that on myself!  Volunteers, anyone?

Morgan:  Due to my poor potty guidance, Vitoria is sad about her potty accident.
When I try to comfort her, she rejects me!

Dracu-Bat: Check your relationship panel, lady! You two are barely friends! Just barely!

Massimo: I finish up my daily task before my shift starts this afternoon.

I’ve already branched to the Pro Athlete career.
Let the Dineros with their reward traits, huge lots, and bags of cash do the Bodybuilder career!

And anyway, I know I’m looking fly!
I don’t need no pretentious workout threads with belt weights!

Morgan: I hire a vegetarian caterer to make food for the girls.
They aged up on the plump side but the nanny insists on making high-calorie dishes.

I’m surprised to learn that our caterer, Erika Ishikawa, works as a waitress at Nacho Mama.
Why wouldn’t she try to work there as a chef instead?

And yeah, it definitely sucks that Massimo more or less dumped me.
But, at least, I’m no longer in an emotional frenzy all the time anymore.
I don’t know. This isn’t the perfect life but it’s not the worst, either.

You know what song’s been on my mind lately?
That 1949 recording of Just Friends by Sarah Vaughn with Count Basie

Morgan (hums): Just friends, lovers no more. Just friends, but not like before…

Jung: Massimo and I have done really well today!
Massimo is very, very close to his Level 7 promotion.

Massimo: Yep, you’ll remember that Moss ended his Week 4 at Level 7 Art Critic.
So, technically, I’m ahead. Darn Megumi, how did she max her career so fast!?

Jung: As for me, I earn the new easel as part of my Level 4 painter promotion.
Then, I quit and join the Scientist career.
Thanks to the Wishing Well, I start tomorrow at Level 2!



Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures

*Incomplete requirements:
Career: Athlete (Level 6)
Master Vampire aspiration: Tier IV
Garden: (waiting on Cowplant, Dragonfruit, and Deathflower)

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements: None

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Toddler skills: L2 Potty/Movement/Thinking; L1 Communication/Imagination
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Teen career: Barista
“A” in highs school:
Aspiration: The Curator (Tier II)
Skills (2):
Good Friends: (Serena Zanna; xx, xx, and xx)
Portraits (2): (normal and dark forms)
Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)
Collection (7):

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