Rivals 5.46: Gonna Send Ya Back to Schoolin’

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 5 (Moss Dinero, Part 1/3)

Previously in Week 4:
• Moss completes all his bloodline requirements except for maxing his career.
• Jessminder learns the secret Snagglefluster recipe;
• Aaradhya gives birth to twin non-green boys named Alfonso and Jagger;
• Moss plots to marry Jagger to the Gen5 Zanna heir; and
• On Saturday, Mina the Happy Toddler ages up to a child and becomes a Whiz Kid.

Week 5/Sunday

Moss: That Massimo has really turned up the heat, but I’m not worried!
This morning, the Wishing Well grants me a full promotion to Level 8.

But the real issue is not my progress, but Mina’s progress…

By the way, Krishna’s working on Bestselling Author, as you may recall.
It’s great having someone to chat with while writing!

Moss: A little bird told me that Massimo broke up with Morgan Fyres last week.
Earlier, I’d heard he never proposed to her and wondered what was going on with them.

They haven’t let their break-up affect their children’s progress, though.
The Zanna heir, Vitoria, absolutely tore through all her requirements. Pretty amazing!

And me? I haven’t forgotten Massimo but things have been quite busy around here.
We have two more toddlers, remember?

Mina: Thank you for mentoring me, Uncle Arun!
A little more chess and I’ll only need an “A” grade to finish Whiz Kid.

Arun: Tomorrow’s your first day of school so you’ll be finished soon!
Too bad the Wishing Well hasn’t treated you generously.
Mina: I know! I keep getting the “try again later” message! Boo!

Moss: Smart move sitting in the center of the sofa, Aaradhya!
That way, the boys can sit on either side of you while you’re reading!

Aaradhya: Wait a sec, boys. I think I hear my snark alert beeping…

Aaradhya: Mina was an Inquisitive toddler, but the twins are both Independent.
Unlike Mina, the boys throw tantrums a lot and hate not doing what they want.

Those rascals even get a positive “On my own” moodlet when playing by themselves.

Mina: Papa says Krishna will go with me when I move out.
And did you know Krishna’s a geek?

I plan to max Video Gaming then become a Startup Entrepreneur, so I welcome Krishna as a roomie.
In fact, I hope I get the Geek trait when I age up, too! Then we can geek out together, for real!

By the way, I’m trying to max my Motor skill, while waiting for my “A” grade.
Too bad I’m not allowed to switch aspirations!

Moss: Late at night, we visit Mama’s home to plant the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree.
We almost plant it on our lot, but I think it’s better on a lot where it can be left out.

It grows immediately and I step inside the tree.

I emerge a little later with a Forbidden Fruit in hand, looking intense yet devilishly handsome.

Aaradhya: Is it okay for you to be saying that about yourself, darling?


Mina: Take a shot of me now before I leave for my first day of school, Watchette!
I won’t be a child much longer!

Alfonso: Check out our Papa! He’s doing it right!
He stands up to read to us, so we little ones can sit down and listen.

Moss: Aaradhya is quite happy that the boys look so much like her.
That’s Alfonso in the grey shirt and Jagger in the black cat jammies.

Moss: Look at my adorable little Jagger!
Sometimes he smiles as if he knows exactly how cute he is!

Aaradhya (dryly): Gee whiz, dear, I wonder who he gets that from?

Moss: Lately there’s been a disturbing increase in vampire break-ins.
Ayaka Mori came by last night but I immediately locked the door and she left.

Caleb was actually inside for several hours today, playing foosball and chatting.
Apparently, Jessminder (who’s a romantic hothead) flirted with Caleb in front the house.
For several hours, Caleb even got uncomfortable and we registered a break-in, but then he left.

Thanks a lot, Jessminder, for embracing Caleb in front of Arun downstairs.
Now Arun’s angry about his “flirty spouse” until tomorrow!

Tonight, Vlad comes over. I don’t know if it’s the garlic wards or the locked doors, but he’s gone.

I hear there was even a break-in at Massimo’s house last week.
What!? Yeah, we chat on the phone every now and then. Nothing wrong with that!


Mina: Early in the morning, I finally convince Papa to buy me a Motion Gaming Rig!

I’m going to need my own room with a door that locks!
Otherwise, everyone else will be fighting to play on my gaming rig! You know they will!

Moss: You already know that Arun’s maxed Writing, Gardening, Rocket Science, and the Scientist career.
He’s family-oriented, too, and the kids all love him.

Yesterday, I added “Romantic socials” to our club’s banned activities because of Jessminder.
Besides Caleb, she also flirted with me and Aaradhya at different hours of the day yesterday.

Romantic sims aren’t that helpful in a household with lots of children. *sighs

Aaradhya: For some reason, Moss treats Jagger as his personal favorite.
That’s why I spend time with Alfonso whenever he’s awake.

I think the twins really resemble me or is it just the skintone?

Mina: Now that I’m done with Whiz Kid, I could age up right away.
But since I’m already Motor 10, I finish Rambunctious Scamp first.

Mina: Everyone ignores me when I blow out the birthday candles. Poo!
Anyway, I’m now a Cheerful Geek with the Angling Ace aspiration.

Mina: First thing, I get a job in Retail at Level 2.
My next promotion requires Level 2 Charisma so I chat Krishna into becoming my BFF.

Mina: The Wishing Well boosts me to Level 3 Retail. That was quick!
I guess it’s time to start on my aspiration!

Oh, who’s that dude standing in front of our house?
Nooooo, don’t talk to him!

Mina: I catch my first fish ever, a pufferfish, at Desert Bloom Park.
Nah, you won’t need to see a lot of shots of me fishing.

But this is my first catch on the day I start my aspiration. It’s significant!


Moss: The Well gives me frequent “next time, for sure” messages but, when it comes through, it really comes through!
Thanks for the Level 10 Promotion!
From now on, I’ll focus on Mina’s portraits and Jagger’s education.

Mina: Papa’s in a really great mood because he’s done with all of his requirements.
It’s the perfect time to ask him to buy me an Insta-Lean Potion, hehe.

Thanks so much, Papa! I really can’t spare the time to work out.

Mina: I’ve made so much progress since my teen birthday yesterday!
With only three days left in the week, though, I won’t be ready to move out Saturday night.

Last week, Papa said we needn’t worry about the vampires because they have no reward traits.
But the Gen3 vampire heir became a teen 4 days before I did.
They are definitely the family to beat!

Also, I hear I’m supposed to marry Krishna. Him, really? What do you think?
Part of me wants to marry another “person of color,” you know what I mean? But who?


Status of the Dineros

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements: All done
Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, and House party
Mansion Baron Aspiration: done
Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 10 )

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements
Toddler skills: Top-Notch Toddler (Level 5 Thinking and Imagination)
Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid (and Rambunctious Scamp)
Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
“A” in High School: yes
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
Unique Aspiration: Angling Ace (Tier II)
Unique Skills: Video Gaming (L7) and Fishing (L7)
Portrait: not yet
Good Friends: (Daniela Dinero; 3 more)
Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)
Collection: fish

Rivals 5.47: Boys with No Life

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