Rivals 5.47: Boys with No Life

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Dinero (2/3)

Previously this week:
   • The household is visited by vampires four times in three days;
   • After the romantic Jessminder flirts with Moss, Caleb, and Aaradhya, Moss makes “Romantic Socials with everyone” a banned club activity;
   • Mina celebrates her teen birthday and becomes a Cheerful Geek with the Angling Ace aspiration;
   • Moss maxes the Art Critic and is done with all his requirements.;
   • Mina drinks an Insta-Lean Potion and wonders if Krishna is “The One.”

Week 5/Wednesday

Moss: Why the long face, Krishna?
Krishna: I feel like nobody understands or cares about me!
Moss: That’s not true at all! What gives you that idea!

Krishna: Well, just take the title of the last chapter, Gonna Send Ya Back to Schoolin’…
Moss: Yeah, so?
Krishna: You mean you didn’t think the title was quirky and esoterically cool?
Moss: Besides the fact that it’s a line from Led Zeppelin’s song “Whole Lotta Love”?
What the heck does that have to with our household?

Krishna: Tell me what does Mina’s name mean in Sanskrit?
Moss: Everyone in the house already knows that it means “fish.”
Krishna: And why are fish so smart? Because fish are always in schools!

Moss: By the way, Krishna, have you read that magazine filled with lame fish jokes?
Krishna: Can’t say that I have. What’s the name of the magazine?

Moss: Here, I got a copy for you.
Krishna: …

Krishna: I can’t believe how mean you are, Moss! I never knew! *sobs
Moss: Awww, Krishna! I’m so (not really) sorry!

Mina: Technically, this is not only a fishing shot.
I’m being friendly with my grandmother by inviting her to fish with me.

We need to become good friends as one of my move-out requirements so one stone, two birds!

Aaradhya: Alfonso and Jagger celebrate their birthday on Sunday of Week 6.
We’re relieved that they’re both Happy Toddlers now.

Moss: You need to step your game up, darling.
Jagger has 3 skills at Level 4, while Alfonso is just barely a Happy Toddler.

Mina: Now that I’m good friends with Grandma Daniela, I go home to play video games.
I can finish up Angling Ace later while I work on my museum items.


Mina: And this is no doubt the last you’ll see of me playing on this motion gaming rig.
Papa says, though, that he might buy us a gaming console if…if…if…

Moss: Dang it, Watchette, you’ve abandoned us for so many weeks that I forgot what I promised!
Anyway, good job on maxing Video Gaming, Mina!
Mina: And now it’s time to…erm, could I have a reminder, please?

Moss: Well, the twins Alfonso and Jagger are both Happy Toddlers now.
As much as I’d like Jagger to become a Top-Notch Toddler, we just can’t spare the time!

As the Gen3 heir, Mina, you should work on your Angling Ace aspiration and museum items next.

Jessminder: I just get home from work and what does Moss ask me to do?
Tend the garden! Sheesh, we can just hire a gardener for that!
After all my hard work gathering magic beans and chasing after the elusive Snagglefluster recipe!
Ever since I flirted with that vampire Caleb, I distinctly feel like I’ve been in the doghouse.

Aaradhya: Well, you do have a little pink bar with Caleb, you know!
Jessminder: That man and his pheromones are a public menace, Aaradhya!
I dare you to spend a little time alone with Caleb and emerge unaffected!
Aaradhya: Doubt it!

Jessminder (smirks): I’m sure your husband could tell you all about the allure of vampires…
Aaradhya: What are you talking about, Jess?
Arun: No need to go into that, Jessminder! Just mind your own business!

Aaradhya: Oh, you mean that scrawny teen vampire that showed up at Moss’s young adult birthday party?
As if he could be EVER become a serious rival for Moss’s affections!

Moss: All that gossiping really disrupts my concentration!
Hmmmph, I’m a Painter Extraodinaire and a former Art Critic, yet I didn’t paint a single masterpiece portrait!
Mina: Papa, no more portraits, please! I have more important things to do than pose for portraits!

Jessminder: After Moss, Aaradhya, and I painted a total of 25 portraits, mine had the highest value at $7,540.


Moss: Now that I’m done with portraits, I amble over to see how dear Mina’s fishing goes.
What a delightful surprise to find Massimo there fishing!

We sit down and chat, renewing our friendship.
We’re friends again in no time and I attempt a harmless romantic social to test the waters.

Mina (rolls eyes from a distance): A romantic social between two dynasty heirs can never be “harmless.” Sheesh, Papa!

Massimo: I’ll never forget that afternoon, Moss, when you read to me when I was a toddler!
But it was sad attending your birthday party and hearing that you would be getting married.

Moss: You’re one to talk, Massimo! You got married and had children right after your birthday as well.
What can we do, though? It’s our duty as dynasty heirs! *heaves a tragic sigh

Massimo: Congrats on maxing your career this week, Moss!
Moss: Hey, thanks! I hear you maxed Pro Athlete last week. I hope you’re not all muscles and bulk now. *asks to see athletic outfit
Massimo: See? I managed to maximize my body potential while keeping my slender profile!
Moss: *gawks speechlessly

Moss: Darn it, Massimo! You should have never shown me your sportswear. Now there’s no turning back!
Massimo: You’re the one who asked me to…Oh!

Moss: Now that you’re my boyfriend, Massimo, we should take a commemorative photo!
Massimo: Fine, but isn’t this all completely pointless? For one, dynasty heirs can’t marry.
Moss: Who said anything about getting married? The challenge rules forbid us from even living together, anyway.

Massimo: So, what’s the point? Am I just going to get hurt in the end?
Moss: Don’t you be giving me your sad, little innocent look, Massimo. You know we were meant to be together.
I’ve always known it has to be you, despite our dynastic destinies!

Caleb: So, I’m at home minding my own business when I’m overwhelmed by an urge to come to the Dinero neighborhood in south Newcrest.
Why do I suddenly get the sense that our entire challenge might be doomed to failure?

Moss: Okay, hot stuff, the coast is clear!

Mina: Late in the afternoon, I finally head to the Forgotten Grotto to fish.
I’ve brought along Krishna and his father as well, since they have the highest fishing skill.

Moss: I also tag along with the twins to help them squeeze in a few more hours of skilling.
We’ll leave as soon as the twins need to potty.

Krishna: I age up to a young adult while fishing in the Forgotten Grotto!
Mina: Sorry we couldn’t throw you a birthday party, Krishna.

Krishna: It’s fine. I really wanted to come help you with fishing, Mina.
Mina: I max my Fishing skill tonight and, with help from you and your father, I complete Angling Ace, too!
But I’m having rotten luck fishing for high-ticket museum items.
See that anglerfish taunting me as I reel in some seaweed?

Krishna: Even though Mina and I brought our Books of Life and moodlet solvers, we head home as soon as my father feels tired.


Mina: Frankly, I have no desire to spend another day wishing and fishing for expensive fish!
My fish collection is only worth a measly $1,353, but I’d rather be done with my collection requirement.

I’m already friends with Nora Parr, Wolfgang Munch, and Lucas Munch, so it doesn’t take long to become good friends with them.

Mina: Next, I declare Megumi Soma (the Gen2 restaurant heir) and Lio Zanna (twin brother of the Gen3 vampire heir) my enemies.
For equity, I should have become enemies with Massimo Zanna who’s the Gen2 vampire heir.
But I saw Papa carrying on with Massimo on the bench yesterday, so I chose his son Lio instead.

Moss: Jagger maxes his last skill, Thinking, while Mina is arguing with Lio Zanna.
Once he grows up and loses his baby fat, he’ll make some lady a very happy bride!

Mina: So, folks, I still need to submit my portrait and museum items to the Dinero Museum.
After that, though, I’m done with all my move-out requirements.

I’ve decided to wait until Sunday of Week 6 to move for two reasons.
One, the twins have their birthday on Sunday.
Two, I don’t want to move out too hastily but I also don’t want to cut into the next household’s time, either.
So, right after midnight of Week 6, I will begin preparations to move out.
And Watchette, please start planning to build me a marvelous new home! I’ll be moving into the 30×30 lot across from Grandma Daniela.


Week 5 Status of the Dineros

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements: All done!

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: All done!
Toddler skills: Top-Notch Toddler (Level 5 Thinking and Imagination)
Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid (and Rambunctious Scamp)
Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
“A” in high school: yes
Portrait: yes ($7,540)
Unique Skills: Video Gaming and Fishing (both maxed)
Unique Aspiration: Angling Ace
Collection: Fish x 7 ($1,353)
Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Nora Parr, Wolfgang Munch, and Lucas Munch
Enemies: Megumi Soma and Lio Zanna

Rivals 5.48: A Last-Minute Move

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