Rivals 5.48: A Last-Minute Move

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Mina Dinero (3/3)


Week 5/Saturday

Mina: Remember what I previously said about not moving out until Week 6?
Well, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right?
So, I’ve decided to move out today after all.
First, I leave for Grandma Daniela’s house to arrange my section of the Dinero Museum.

It’s so late, I don’t even stop to greet Grandma Daniela and Grandpa Salim.

Rushing home, I age up to a young adult.
Besides being a Cheerful Geek, I’m now a Vegetarian just like all the Dinero heirs.

I’m moving out  just in time! Lio Zanna manages to get inside our house (how?) and he’s still very angry about our fight!
Sorry, Papa! You’ll have to deal with Lio! He’s your boyfriend’s son, right?

I arrive alone at the 30×30 Tranquil Crescent lot, located right next to the fishing spots.
The time has come for me to start my new life as the Gen3 Dinero heir! I’m rarin’ to go!

Arun: Well, you certainly didn’t waste any time inviting us over, Mina!
Mina: Of course not! I’m counting on you both to move in with me!

Krishna: You hear that, Dad? She’s counting on us! I so love feeling needed!

Mina: I hope you don’t mind living with my twin brothers.
Papa has his heart set on Alfonso and Jagger living in active households.

Aruna: Well, thank you for inviting me without Jessminder.
After seeing her embrace Caleb right in front of me, I’ve really been wanting to get away.

Mina: I’m so relieved that you’re okay with Jessminder not moving in.
After my fight with Lio Zanna and his recent visit, I want to have as little to do with vampires as possible.
So, I don’t want Jessminder inviting vampires into our home!

Watchette quickly builds us a house that is extremely sparsely furnished.
It has the bare minimum of furnishings to last us until next week. No wall or floor coverings…

Our home doesn’t look like much yet and will need lots and lots of work.
But it has rooms for all our needs and already includes the requisite Dinero hookah lounge!

But you can guess the main reason I want to move out today instead of next week, right?
If I get pregnant on Sunday of Week 6, I won’t give birth until Wednesday that same week.

If I can conceive tonight, though, I’ll have already given birth by Sunday of Week 6.
That’s a four-day head start!!! Time for some romancing with my BFF!

Aruna: Right around the time Mina returns from the Dinero Museum, we notice the twins’ age bars are bubbling.
Since Mina and my son are “busy,” it’s my job to bake the birthday cake.

As toddlers, Alfonso was taught by his mother Aaradhya while Jagger was taught by Moss.
As you can see, Alfonso only earned Happy Toddler, but Jagger earned Top-Notch Toddler.
Looking back, I wish I had checked that Jessminder was helping Aaradhya with Alfonso. A pity, really.

Arun: In between Alfonso then Jagger blowing out their candles, Mina and Krishna try for a baby.
I’m probably just as excited about the baby as Krishna will be! A grandchild, just imagine!

Mina: After we try for a baby once, I take a pregnancy test using the toilet Watchette conveniently moved to the corner of the room.
And I’m eating for two!!!

By the way, I like how there’s a privacy screen shielding me on the left, while I sit next to a large window facing the walkway on my right.

Mina: When I tell Krishna that he’s going to be a father, he looks genuinely delighted.
I’ve known him all my life and he has such a kind soul.

Krishna and I will have a rock-solid marriage–I can just tell!
Unlike Grandma Daniela and Papa, I for one will NOT ever be consorting with a vampire!

Alfonso: Hey, guys! So my brother Jagger and I start grade school on Monday!
Jagger: Yeah! He’s a Genius and I’m Cheerful, but we’re gonna do all our aspirations together.

Alfonso: Well, maybe not Social Butterfly cuz that’s a major pain!

Mina: So, when we meet back here on Sunday next week, Krishna and I will have a Day 1 nooboo.
Next Sunday, we can also start thinking about careers, a wedding party, the twins’ schooling, and our garden!

Krishna: Even though it is highly unlikely that you’ll have twins, I’ve placed one bassinet in this corner.
Don’t forget, Mina! If we find ourselves with multiple nooboos, the one in this corner bassinet is the heir!

Mina: Why are you telling me, Krishna? You know Watchette only included this screenshot in case SHE forgets.

Ooooh, busted!

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