Rivals 5.49: Seriously Serial

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Megumi Soma (1/2)

Previously in Week 4:
   • Megumi finally marries her beloved Braddon on Sunday and gives birth to Akira, the Gen3 Soma heir;, on Wednesday;
   • Helpers Ulrike and Maaike both adopt daughters;
   • Ulrike’s daughter Jun will age up to a teen this Friday, while Maaike’s daughter Erina is still a toddler;
   • Nacho Mama is currently a 4-star restaurant with a resale value of $112,303;
   • Akira has been a toddler since last Friday; 
   • Megumi maxes her Writer/Author career on Saturday.

Week 5/Sunday

Megumi: Before we get started on our week, I’d like to give a holla to the vampire Jung Storey.
We ran out of time to acquire the fifth magic bean for the Plantsim Tree in Week 4.

But Jung stopped by the other day and wordlessly left us our missing Uncomfortable bean.
Thanks, Jung!

Megumi: I must confess that, between my career and the restaurant, I haven’t been a very hands-on mother.
How awful that, due to my poor potty guidance, Akira gets sad over his potty accident.

Braddon: It’s been so long that I no longer remember what my household goals are.
For now, my father Bradly and I look after the garden.

My father’s a Level 10 Scientist but I’ve never held a job.
I imagine I’ve been focusing on our son Akira and our Nacho Mama restaurant.

Ulrike: Parenting has been a breeze for me, since Jun was already a child when I adopted her.
I’m Level 7 in the Painter career now, so I really want my next promotion to get the nicer easel.

Maaike: I adopted a toddler, so parenting has been more time-consuming than for Ulrike.
Thankfully, Megumi’s always willing to hire a nanny!
Still, I’m taking so long to complete the Bestselling Author aspiration!

Jun: My teen birthday’s on Friday but I’ve already finished every aspiration except Social Butterfly.
When I grow up, I’m going to marry the Gen3 Soma heir, Akira.
I know he needs to rush to catch up with the other heirs.
Even so, I hope I’m already a teen by the time he’s ready to move out. I want him to choose me!

Megumi: I finish reading Akira a bedtime story when I get a text message from Papa.
News travels fast and he’s already heard about Mina Dinero picking a fight with me.
Yukio: “I hear you became enemies with Mina Dinero. That’s girl’s a jerk!”

Of course, as a teen, I did the exact same thing to Mina’s mother.
Still, it’s quite distasteful being on the receiving end. Will the vampire heir be coming after me as well? Ugh!

Braddon: I’m getting the sinking feeling that our line will lose this challenge. Today, we have only three tables full for lunch.
One table dines then pays their tab, leaving us two four-star ratings.

The Fyres show five-star ratings but Dominic has been singing for hours and won’t leave.

Mortimer Goth: After our meal arrived, Bella stood up and won’t eat.
When I go the bathroom, Nacho Mama’s owner comes in and just stands there.
It’s a little kinky, so I don’t mind. But I’ve lowered my rating to four stars, anyway.

Megumi: Darn it, the Fyres and Goths will never pay for their meals! Let’s just close until dinner time!

Bradly: The dinner shift goes relatively well.
Braddon: Oh please! Anything would be better than our lunch shift today!

Megumi: Can you believe the nerve of my very own father!?
He sits there with a four-star review, compelling me to comp their meals!


Megumi: We close a little past midnight, having eked up slightly to 4.5 stars.
I bought the Ingredient Quality perk this afternoon so we’re now offering the highest-quality organic meals.
Since we didn’t raise our prices, though, our profits sank deeply.

It wouldn’t do for Nacho Mama’s rating to keep Akira from moving out when he’s ready.

Braddon: A few hours after we arrive home, Akira is ready to age up.
Megumi: Thank you for helping Akira learn, Ulrike, while Braddon and I ran the restaurant..

Ulrike: Nothing’s too good for my future son-in-law, right?
Megumi: Sadly, Akira isn’t even a Happy Toddler, but we don’t want to wait another day!

Akira: I’m Creative with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
I’ve joined the family club and Mama has recorded my brief, but epic, saga in a Book of Life.

Wanna bet whether I’ll be done with Artistic Prodigy within  24 hours?
I’m going to do my very best to power through all my requirements and move out this week!

Bradly: I continue to look for ways to be useful to the household.
Maaike’s daughter Erina ages up on Wednesday afternoon, but Maaike is trying hard to finish Bestselling Author.

So, I’m taking a day off of work today to help Erina with her skilling.
Also, don’t let me forget! I have an ultra-important mission related to the Gen4 Soma spouse!!!

Megumi: The food critic who arrives for lunch is driving me crazy!
Every single time I go to check on his table or try to prioritize his food, he stands up!

And you, Mortimer Goth! Stop chatting with him! You are NOT helping!
Meanwhile, the Dineros sit there with their 5-star reviews and won’t leave. Aaargh!

The critic does leave us a five-star review, but this lunch shift ends at 4.5 stars. Booo!

Akira: Around 10 pm, I complete Artistic Prodigy.
Requesting a table and ordering a cake are much harder than I’d imagined.
Even after I end our club gathering, my family keeps dropping their queues to come sit at my table. Sheesh!

Mama and Papa, don’t you realize your restaurant fail is holding me back?
How can I work on my requirements if we need to keep working the restaurant?!

Megumi: It’s getting late so we close the restaurant to a 4.5-star rating.
The four diners showing 5-star review diners will not be leaving tonight, darn them!

Akira: When we arrive home, I get a makeover and return to lavender hair.
Then, I do my homework and join the retail career.  Time to start skilling!


Akira: Due to my late birthday last night, I have no school today.
Unfortunately, I have the weird skinny torso/wider hips build of Grandpa and Papa.
That’s why I choose Fitness as one of my two skills to max!

I don’t want to get all bulky like my mentor, J, but a higher buffness factor would be nice!
Behind me, Erina’s chatting with that vamp Caleb in his skimpy athletic shorts.

I wonder if he’d share pointers on how to become a babe magnet. He sure attracts the ladies!
Young or old, single or married, human or vampire, Caleb’s fans are everywhere!

Akira: Why does Mama even bother with opening Nacho Mama for lunch?
Our three tables of diners today are all lost causes!

The Fyres are sitting there without star reviews over their heads.
The standing bearded dude’s dining companion has gone jogging.
And I’m pretty sure that Serena and Caleb Zanna have withered stomachs.

Oh well, I introduce myself to Caleb and boldly ask him about woohoo.

Megumi: Here, Akira, let me transfer the leadership of Avant Gardes to you.
Akira: Thanks, Mama! I need to fill my club with teens!

I add Paola Pizzazz to my group and chat her up before my first day at work.

Maaike: I get home from work and head upstairs to work on my daily task.
Egads, Megumi! What’s happened to my work space?!

Megumi: Oh, the tree? I wanted to plant the Mystic Portal Tree on Papa’s lot at first.
But I couldn’t pick up the Magic Bean that Jung left us, so I had to plant it here.
We’ll get rid of the tree as soon as we acquire a Forbidden Fruit to plant. No worries, Maaike!

Akira: You are probably looking at me with several questions in your mind.
1. Why am I not at work?
Well, I had just left to work when Watchette suddenly got invited to do something else, so she quit the game without waiting for me to get off work.
2. Why am I kissing Paola Pizzaz when I’m supposed to be with Jun?
Before I was even born, Watchette decided that I would work on the Serial Romantic aspiration. I admit that it’s extremely awkward, since Jun lives with us already.
Wish me luck anyway?

Akira: Three first kisses, two (fake) dates, and three girlfriends later, I’m ready to go home.
Also, I’m overjoyed to report that Nacho Mama closed tonight with a five-star rating!


Akira: No rest for the wicked! We make a pit stop at home so I can make time with the Wishing Well.
Then, it’s off to start learning to play the violin. I hire my former nanny Daichi who looks dapper in his tuxedo.

You may remember that Grandpa Yukio is the one who first discovered Daichi Yoshida.
Lately, I’ve been thinking that he might make a good spouse for my future daughter.
He has worked hard enough for the Somas. I think he’s earned his place in our family.

Does the game always generate three nannies?
If Daichi were to become a dynasty spouse, would the game spawn a new nanny to replace him?

Erina: This afternoon, I blow out my birthday candles and age up to a child.
Auntie Megumi says I’m the prettiest little girl she’s ever seen, which makes me really happy.

I’ve earned the Top-Notch Toddler trait and now I’m Cheerful.
Since it’s only Wednesday, Auntie Megumi advises me to start with the Whiz Kid aspiration.

Megumi: We’ve been alternating between female and male heirs up to now, Akira.
Akira: I know exactly what you’re thinking, Mama. Erina’s so pretty that I should have a son instead of a daughter, right?
Megumi: Exactly! And she even has violet eyes, remember?

Akira: I’m a B student and it’s only Wednesday so I take a vacation day from school.
If things go smoothly, after this boy, I’ll only need 5 more kisses and 3 more girl/boyfriends.

In case you’re wondering what’s going on with Jun, she’s not a teen until Friday.
After her birthday, I plan for Jun to be my 10th kiss and eighth girlfriend.
Then, I can finish this darn aspiration by going on three gold-medal dates with Jun!

Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Completed bloodline requirements:
Museum Portrait: yes
Career: Writer/Author (Level 10)
Restaurant: Nacho Mama, resale value = $122,535
Incomplete bloodline requirements:
Star Rating: 5 stars (2/3 days)

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Toddler Skills: Level 3 Potty; Level 5 Communication/Imagination
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Completed move-out requirements: None
Incomplete move-out requirements
Aspiration: Serial Romantic (Tier III)
A in High School: B
Ten Job: Retail (Level 2)
Museum Portrait: not yet
Skills: Fitness (Level 5) and Violin (Level 4)
Good Friends: (Yukio Soma); J Worthington III, 2 more
Enemies: (Dinero and Zanna)
Collection: $0

Rivals 5.50: Takin’ Care of Bizness

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