Rivals 5.50: Takin’ Care of Bizness

Rival Cowfolks of Newcrest: Akira Soma (2/2)

Previously this week:
• Akira (Gen3 Soma heir) ages up to a child around 3 am Monday, then has his teen birthday  late Monday night;
• Nacho Mama closes with a 5-star rating on both Tuesday and Wednesday;
• While his parents run Nacho Mama, Akira hangs out across the street to start his Serial Romantic aspiration.
• Nacho Mama is currently a 4-star restaurant with a resale value of $112,303;
• Erina ages up to a child late Wednesday morning, and Jun looks forward to her teen birthday on Friday.

Week 5/Wednesday

Maaike: Eager to regain my workspace, I venture forth into the Mystic Portal Tree.
I’ve returned with a Forbidden Fruit, Megumi! Would you get rid of this tree now?

Megumi: That’s when we learn that the blasted tree can’t be deleted.
Because half of the  full-grown tree is off the lot?

Akira: As I kiss my soon-to-be sixth boyfriend, I wonder what holds Wolfgang back from finding true love.
His mean trait or his gloomy trait?
Curiously, he’s been the Good Friend of two out of four heirs so far.

Akira: Well, that was certainly one dreary evening!
Thanks to the Well, though, it’s my only day at work! Good-bye mindless retail job!

Akira: I never realized before that all the premade male teens are rather second-rate spousal candidates.
Wealthy Hugo Villareal has rad cooking skills but is a tad chubby.
Malcolm Landgraab isn’t bad-looking but  players tend to avoid him because of his Evil trait.

Hugo was my seventh boyfriend, so I only need a ninth kiss? The question is: Who?

Lio: My heart soars to know that I, too, have found a love of my own!
Akira: Kissing Lio is supremely awkward, considering that he’s a member of the Zanna bloodline.

Lio: Whaaaatt!? You kiss me then immediately want to become just friends?

Akira (internally): I briefly consider becoming enemies right now.
But I’ve heard that, with the vampires, it’s best to wait until the last minute to make enemies.


Jun: Whose brilliant idea was it to place this electronic keyboard overlooking the front yard?
From here, I’ve watched my Akira kissing a half dozen teens I’ve never seen before.
When Auntie Megumi found me crying this morning, she explained about Akira’s aspiration.

My heart feels lighter now, knowing that he’s waiting for my teen birthday.
I was not his first girlfriend, but I’m making DARN SURE that I’ll be his last!

Jun: Oh look! There’s the current vampire heir, Massimo Zanna.
I’ve heard whispers that he’s found his one true love, so why does he look so utterly dejected, Uncle Braddon?

Braddon: Massimo is profoundly unlucky, sweet Jun. Yes, he’s found his true love.
And his lover, Moss, returns his love even more fiercely, but they’re both dynasty heirs.
Their love can never be. *cues tragic violin music
Jun: Awwww, that’s too sad, Uncle Braddon. My situation isn’t so bad after all.
I just need to be patient and wait until tomorrow!

Akira: Today’s the day I bring home that A grade from high school!
Luckily, Nacho Mama enjoyed its third straight day at 5 stars this afternoon!
Megumi: When everyone’s home from work, I sell Nacho Mama and bulldoze the lot.

Akira: And what’s left for me? My Serial Romantic aspiration, 2 maxed skills, 3 more good friends, 2 enemies, and my museum items.
Wow, I’m really going to push hard to get all that done by Saturday midnight!

Braddon: Why am I mentoring you in Handiness, son? What about Fitness and Violin?
Akira: I’ve switched careers, skills, and museum items with the Gen5 heir, hehe.
I’m the catch-up sim, so I can’t be maxing a skill that won’t produce museum items!


Akira: What’s the hold up, Grandpa Bradly? It’s been an hour since I hit L7 Handiness.
Aren’t we going to jet up to Granite Falls?
Bradly: You’ve been so focused that you haven’t noticed, but a vampire broke in and so we can’t leave!

Vlad: Who the heck builds a stupid house like this?
I’m allowed to walk up the side staircase to find only a child who I can’t feed from.
Meanwhile, all the adults are in locked rooms with their skilling objects! *sighs

Jun: The vampire listens to me playing the piano for a while, which is so creepy.
He seems to stay forever but finally leaves around 6 a.m.!

Akira: At last, I can travel to Granite Falls to learn to craft the camping mascots.
Jun: I’m so happy, Akira, that you choose to take only ME with you to Granite Falls!

Jun: As soon as we return from Granite Falls, I get my birthday notice!
I’m finally going to be the same age as Akira!

Braddon: Who was the idiot who watered the Mystic Portal Tree next to the house?
Megumi: That would be me, dear.
Braddon: And it can never be deleted?
Megumi: Nope, never ever.

Akira: I have been waiting on you to finish my Serial Romantic aspiration, Jun.
Do you realize how impatient I am to make you mine?
Jun: *tries not to show her excitement…

Jun (internally): Wow, my first kiss, ever!
Akira (internally): Wow, my first kiss with someone I truly care about! What a difference!

Jun: I must confess, Akira. I’ve been so very, very worried.
I feared you’d meet someone you like better than me.
Paola, Sofia, Luna, and Cassandra are all so pretty!

Akira: I’m all yours now, Jun. And I always have been.

Akira: I’ve completed Serial Romantic and maxed Charisma, then you became my girlfriend.
I think that calls for a commemorative snapshot, yes?

And now, sweet Jun, I need to work on my remaining move-out requirements.
I’m aiming for Saturday midnight, so you should start preparing to move out, too!


Ulrike: Akira’s done with his museum collection but I’m struggling with his portrait.
Have I lost my touch? I’ve painted over twenty portraits of Akira so far.
But the most valuable one is $5,231!

Akira: Why have I never met you before, Grandpa Yukio?
Yukio: Well, your mother was not very clever about that.
She needed to invite me over to spend time with you from your toddler stage.

Akira: Another thing, I’m your grandson and yet I don’t look much like you.
Yukio: Yes, I noticed that right away. I have a long, slightly upturned nose and rosebud lips.
You, unfortunately, got your father’s flat nose and wide mouth.
Akira: Boooooo!

Akira: Thanks for being a sport, Cassandra!
Cassandra: I’m a bit bummed that I’m not your girlfriend anymore but, okay, I’ll be your good friend.
Sofia Bjergsen tells me you’re good friends with her, too… Well, see ya!

Akira: It’s a little before 3 pm and all I need now are my museum portrait and two enemies.

Akira: Making an enemy is so much harder than making a good friend!
I really dislike having to be mean to Moss Dinero.

Just look at him! Every time I stop to take a breath, Moss is all smiles and sweetness.
If only Moss and I could be friends instead of enemies. *declares Moss my enemy

Akira: Auntie Ulrike paints a portrait worth $6,157. This will have to do!
My museum space had been designed with paintings in mind.
Whatever! I just line up my camping mascots on the floor.

I’ve been putting off making an enemy in the vampire line, but the time has come.

Akira: Since I liked Moss Dinero so much, I decide against seeking out Massimo Zanna.
Instead, I go for his son Lio, an uncouth vampire with uncontrolled appetites.
While we’re arguing, he suddenly flies off in bat form to feed off a nearby sim.

When he’s done, I take our fight into a public bathroom, because he seems to be frying.
I’m not trying to kill him; I need to make him my enemy.

Notice how I’m fighting with Lio at the park to keep him away from my home.
Now that we’re enemies, I better rush home and move out before he tries to break in!

Akira: I blow out my candles, age up to a young adult, then move into the lot next door.
But in my haste, I forget to bake a cake to take with me when I move out.
So I quickly buy what I need to make a cake on my empty lot.

Of course, that jerk Lio arrives and drinks from both my father and grandfather.
He drank from someone at the park a few hours ago, so I know he’s not even thirsty.
He’s just being a vindictive scumbag! Grrrr!

Akira: When my cake is done, Jun ages up to a young adult then Erina ages up to a teen.
Then I ask my new household to move in: Jun, Ulrike, Maaike, and Erina.

I buy the same residential shell used by Mama and furnish it sparingly for now.
And while everyone else starts planting the garden, Jun and I try for a baby.

Jun: Akira, Akira! You’re going to be a papa!
Akira: That’s so fantastic, Jun! I can’t wait to meet our nooboo!

Jun: We need to start reading parenting books, Akira! I’m going to try to be the best mother ever!
Akira: We managed to catch up with the other Gen3 heirs! I’ve been rallying the troops ever since my child birthday, you know.
After I join a career, I’m going to go catch up on my sleep!

Week 5 Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Completed bloodline requirements: All done!
Museum Portrait: yes
Career: Writer/Author (Level 10)
Restaurant: Nacho Mama, resale value = $101,147
Star Rating: 5 stars (3/3 days) (Week 5: Tue/Wed/Thu)

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Toddler Skills: Level 3 Potty; Level 5 Communication/Imagination
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Completed move-out requirements: All done!
Ten Job: Retail (Level 3)
A in High School: B
Aspiration: Serial Romantic (done)
Skills: Charisma and Handiness (both maxed)
Collection: Camping mascots/$26,765 ($4418, 4336, 3901, 3815, 3694, 3373, 3228)
Museum Portrait: $6,157
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; J Worthington III, Sofia Bjergsen, Cassandra Goth
Enemies: Moss Dinero and Lio Zanna
Spouse: Jun Shiomi (pregnant)
Incomplete Bloodline requirements: All.

Gen4 Heir: Mint Soma
Just a bun in the oven.
Future Spouse: Erina Haas

Rivals 5.51: Massimo’s Bait and Switch

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